Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hot Pick of the Week: Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle


Scarlett MacGregor has lived a very sheltered life courtesy of her over-the-top controlling parents. Having never been to a co-ed party, much less on a date, Scarlett has relied on her books, her music, and living vicariously through her best friend Evie to keep her sanity as she's patiently awaited her freedom from their rule.

When Scarlett and Evie go away to college, Scarlett quickly meets Ashton, Dylan, and later, Mason, and is thrown into a crash course of like, love, and lust. With Evie's help, she must figure out the difference in the three and which one she wants before she ends up without any of them.

Metamorphosis is the story of Scarlett's transformation from a young, naive girl to a strong, mature young woman and her search for self-discovery and true love.

Recommended for readers 17+ due to sexual content and harsh language.

Our 4 star review by Guest Reviewer Allison East

"The Greek name for a butterfly is Psyche, and the same word means the soul."
Scarlett MacGregor is our heroine in this story of love triangles, life, and book boyfriends. She is a freshman in college and has been sheltered by her overprotective parents. She has never been to a party, with boys. And has yet to even go on a first date. But all that is about to change with the help of her closest friend Evie, whom I love!
Scarlett and Evie go off to college together bound and determined to date some boys that are much like the boyfriends from their books. On their first night, after a great makeover for Scarlett, they attend a party with Evie's cousin and her roommates and here is where she meets Ash. Ash is the quintessential bad boy player. Although Scarlett is warned, she is drawn to Ash. (as was I!) At the party she also meets Dylan who is comparable to Brandon from Taking Chances. Erin also references this book quite a bit, as well as many other books! Eventually Scarlett meets Mason, the rocker bad boy and she ends up falling for not only Ash, but Dylan and Mason as well.
We follow Scarlett on her quest for a good life. To fill it with love, lust, friends, heartache and most of all experiences.
What I loved about this book was it reminded me of a lot of my favorite books tied into one. It had a bit of Beautiful Disaster, Taking Chances, a little of Thoughtless/Effortless, had some of The Edge of Never, but mostly it reminded me of Metamorphosis! It was a great story all on its own. Metamorphosis literally means a complete change of character or appearance and Scarlett does just that.
I'm happy to say that there will be a second book- Ambrosia. Erin is working very hard on it and will be providing different points of view, which I love. I can't wait and if you enjoyed any of the books I mentioned you will love this one as well.


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