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Interview: Ella and Micha from The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

"This is a cute coffeehouse. So glad that Ella and Micha are able to meet us here for their interview,” Lisa says as we walk in.  The sound of a guitar stops our conversation as we listen.  We realize it’s Micha singing, his voice low and strong.  We recognize the words and realize he’s singing ‘What No One Ever Sees’. We follow his gaze as he sings and we see Ella watching him. We let out a sigh and grab a couple of chairs to sit on. When he finishes they both walk over to us.  "Here they come, man Micha is seriously sexy,” Kristie says. Lisa and Jen look over at them. "Ella is just as gorgeous! WOW!", Lisa says. We stand, introduce ourselves as the Three Chicks and wait while they get situated.  Jennifer says, "We know you both have busy schedules so how about we get this started?"

Three Chicks:  Micha, for years when you “hooked up” you told Ella it was all fun and you were killing time until she gave into her inner desire to be with you.  Is that really what was going on?

Micha:  Absolutely. It took me a little while to realize it, but when I look back at those years now I can see why it felt so empty and that I was just waiting around for Ella.

Three Chicks:  Ella, how did running from Micha and closing him out help you maintain control? Control over what?

Ella:  Control over life. My feelings. When I lost my mom, I felt like I’d lost control over everything and I hated how it made me feel. I never wanted to feel that way again if I lost someone close to me. And since Micha’s the most important person in my life, I thought at the time, that it'd be easier to shut him out. That way if something did happen, it wouldn’t hurt as much.

Three Chicks:  Micha your nickname for Ella is "pretty girl" when did you come up with it and is the fact that Ella doesn't like it part of the appeal? Ella, why don't you like it?

Micha:  I’ve been calling her that for a while.  At first I kept doing it because she’d get so pissed off, but then it kind of stuck. And it’s a fitting nickname for her.

Ella:  The nickname’s worn on me now, but back before we were dating, it got on my nerves and made me feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to be known as the “pretty girl.”

Three Chicks:  Ella, what does the bridge represent to you?

Ella:  The bridge is a place that holds a lot of painful memories, not just with my mom but also with myself. I really try not to think about what it represents because it’s gets too painful sometimes.

Three Chicks:  Micha, face it, you are swoon worthy gorgeous (all Three Chicks sigh and blush). How are you dealing with the temptations of being on the road?

Micha:  Honestly, it’s been easy.  Doing anything on the road basically means going back to that place I was in before Ella and I started dating. And I don’t want to go back to that at all.

Three Chicks:  Ella, how is your relationship with your brother and his fiancĂ©? How is your dad doing?

Ella:  My relationship with Dean is about the same and my dad’s doing okay.

Three Chicks:  Micha, what happened with the money your grandfather left you? Has your father tried to contact you since you walked out on him?

Micha:  I never took the money from my grandfather and I’m glad I didn’t—I don’t want it. As for my dad, I’ve heard from him a few times but he’s pretty much the same.

Three Chicks:  Ella, how would running away and changing your appearance have prevented you from having bipolar disorder?

Ella:  Changing my appearance was my attempt to try and hide from who I was on the inside. For a while I really believed I could turn into someone else who wouldn’t have any problems. I realize now that life doesn’t work that way.

Three Chicks:  Micha, did it ever cross your mind those 8 months without Ella that she might not come back?  Having located her what was your plan if she hadn’t come back?

Micha:  Yeah, it crossed my mind a lot of times, even though I didn’t want to think it.  Once I found out she was in Vegas I was ready to drive down there and force her to at least talk to me. I lucked out though because she came back.

Three Chicks:  Ella, that night on the bridge, Micha was about to tell you he loved you but you kissed him before he could finish. Did you know you were leaving and you couldn’t bear to hear him say those words?

Ella:  When I was standing on the bridge I had no clue what was going to happen five minutes into the future.  The kiss, as good of a kiss as it was, scared the heck out of me and made me feel things I wasn’t comfortable with and I think it kind of shoved me in that direction.

Three Chicks:  Micha, when you took Ella to the coffee house to play for the first time in ages, Phil asked if you would be coming back on a regular basis. You told him, No, that you had places to go and people to see. What were you referring to?

Micha:  That was just me talking. I wanted to move forward with my music and didn’t want to get wrapped up at playing at the coffeehouse on a frequent basis.

Three Chicks:  Ella, why do you think you can’t remember telling Micha you loved him after the bridge incident?

Ella:  I think it was the combination of medication and a high level of an anxiety. I was really out of it.

Three Chicks:  Micha, why did you stop playing your music and racing cars when Ella left?

Micha:  Because those were the things I’d always done with Ella and they reminded me too much of her.

Three Chicks:  Ella, why do you think you are broken? Did the fact that Grady kept the broken vase make you realize that it’s okay to make mistakes and that you are not responsible for your mother’s actions?

Ella:  I thought I was broken because that’s how I felt on the inside. I thought I was this horrible person that did more harm to the people, then I did help. I’m not going to lie and say that I’m perfectly fine now and that I know I’m not responsible for my mother’s death. I have my good days and my bad one’s, but knowing that it’s okay to have good days and bad days makes things easier.

Three Chicks:  We know you have loved each other for quite some time. Micha, why didn’t you tell Ella you were going on the road with Naomi sooner?  Why wait until the day after you made love for the first time, her FIRST time ever- and you tell her you are leaving in a couple of days?? Ella, how did that make you feel?

Micha:  I didn’t wait to tell her that morning—I decided that morning. I told her as soon as I made my decision. The only reason I couldn’t say yes to Naomi was because I was so afraid that if I went, I’d lose Ella.  But the day after we made love, I realized that that wasn’t going to happen.

Ella:  I’ll admit it was scary when Micha told me he was leaving and I was a little bit surprised, but I understood and wanted him to go. I never want him to give up his dreams because of me.

Three Chicks:  Ella, were you always an adrenaline junkie?

Ella:  Yeah, pretty much.

Three Chicks:  Ella, deep down, don’t you think you always wanted Micha to be your first lover?

Ella:  Looking back at it now, I think so, but I was too afraid to admit it to myself.

Three Chicks:  It seems that you will be separated more than you will be together, what do you plan to do to make it work and not let the separation tear you apart? 

Micha:  We call each other ever day, I’ve gone to visit Ella in Vegas. It’s tough, but we’ve been okay.

Three Chicks:  What is your favorite thing about each other?

Micha:  Her big beautiful eyes and her spitfire personality, although I’m not sure everyone would agree with me on the latter.

Ella:  His eyes, the way he understands me and can make me feel better when I’m having an extremely bad day. And that he’s a genuinely nice person.

"That was great! Thanks again for meeting us at the coffeehouse, such wonderful memories here for the two of you," Jennifer says, while standing. Lisa and Kristie follow suit as does Ella and Micha. Kristie walks over to Ella and gives her a big hug then turns to Micha and does the same, Lisa and Jen join in.  "We hope you have a great visit with your family and friends and we hope to talk to you again in the future," Lisa says, as we all walk to the door. The three of us watch Ella and Micha drive away. Kristie turns to Jennifer and Lisa stating, "That was fun, they make a great couple. What do you say we check out Back Road and see if anyone’s racing up at The Hitch?” Lisa and Jen laugh but nod in agreement. "They both shout, “Sounds like fun! Let's do it!"

 Our 4.5 star review

Micha and Ella have been friends since childhood, living next door to each other. They have seen the best and worst of each other; they have been best friends and treasured soul mates. That is until one tragic night that forever changed their lives. Ella blames herself for the consequences and finds she can no longer live with the reality of her life as it exists. She literally leaves Micha on a bridge one night and starts a new life, in a new town. She refuses to look back. She immerses herself in college and begins to reinvent herself.  She has buried her emotions inside and has become a different person. She has escaped the life she left behind,
and this includes the life she had with Micha. He has searched for her, but has not been able to locate her. For eight months both have lived a life unnatural for them; Ella reinventing herself, Micha, searching for her and trying to pick up the pieces she left behind.

When Ella returns, their connection is just as strong and powerful as ever. Can Ella forgive herself; can she open her heart and admit that she loves Micha? Micha refuses to be forgotten, and forces Ella into admitting feelings she has long suppressed. This new straight laced uptight college student finds she wants and needs Micha; the tattooed, lip ringed, musician bad boy with a heart of gold. Can they overcome their past, and learn to make peace with the devastation that tore them apart? Sorensen has written a beautifully simple, yet utterly heartwarming novel of two individuals that fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It is only when all the pieces are together that the picture is complete.

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