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Interview: Eva from Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

"You feeling this Lisa?" Jennifer and Kristie look over at her as she nods and knocks on the door. Deuce and Eva’s home is a gorgeous log cabin house. Eva answers the door and Lisa shakes her hand and says, "I’m Lisa and this is Jen and Kristie, and we’re the Three Chicks. Thanks for inviting us over to do the interview.”  Eva invites us in and we have a look around. There’s a beautiful chandelier hanging from a spacious two story foyer. We follow Eva into the family room area, and have a seat on one of the wide comfortable couches.  Eva tells us that Deuce needed to have “a word” with his boys at the MC and the kids took Ivy to the park. Lisa looks disappointed and Jen and Kristie look at each other relieved. "You ready to start Eva?" Lisa asks and begins....

Three Chicks:  Eva, there have been a handful of men in your life who have shaped you, changed you just as much as you have changed them; Deuce, your father, Frankie and even Chase. What if anything have you learned from them?

Eva:  *smiles sadly*  All the men in my life…She sighs and closes her eyes. If anything, they taught me strength, perseverance and, each of them in their own way, taught me love. 

Three Chicks:  How did you know that you loved Deuce when you first met him when you were only 5 years old? Most kids can't even tie their shoes yet!

Eva:  *laughs* “Well, I could tie my shoes! But, really, I didn’t have a clue what love was but there was something about him, the way my hand felt inside his, the way his eyes smiled at me. I just knew he was special, but I had no idea how special he truly was, how important he would come to be in my life, not until much later.

Three Chicks:  When you were a child and your father was in jail, you stayed with your Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Joe. Your Uncle Joe was in the MC so you found yourself at the MC often. What is your earliest memory of club life?

Eva:  Dancing on a pool table.  She laughs.  I was three at the time, the boys were throwing a party, the music was loud and I was dancing around the room. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising came on and Tiny picked me up, put me on the pool table and everyone gathered around me, cheering and clapping, while I danced my little butt off.

Three Chicks:  Did you save your V-card because you knew in your heart that you would see Deuce again?

Eva:   *turns a little red and closes her eyes, obviously embarrassed.*  Not exactly.  *She hedges* I
just…never had much interest in boys…unless that boy, um, man, was Deuce. He made me feel things no one else could.

Three Chicks:  Have you ever heard from or about your mother, Deborah “Darling” Reynolds?

Eva:  Nope. And I don’t want to. Anyone who leaves their child, I don’t want to know. 

Three Chicks:  Deuce has a tattoo sleeve of his ex-wife. Has Deuce added a tattoo of you to his body? Do you think Deuce loved his wife or was he hoping to fill the space of his heart that you captured at a young age?

Eva:  I really hate that tattoo, *wrinkling up her nose*  and that woman. As for why he got it, I think he was trying as hard as he could to love her, to be the man she wanted but because the feelings were never there, it never worked.  *She shrugs and grins* And there isn’t a whole lot of space left on that big body for a tattoo of me. Not that I care. That man is mine; I’ve branded him in every other way possible. 

Three Chicks:  Until you saw Ivy's eyes, and her "old man's lopsided grin", were there doubts that Deuce was her father?

Eva:  Wow, you guys are determined to ask all the hard questions, huh? Yes, there were doubts but it didn’t matter to me who her biological father was. She was mine.

Three Chicks:  Do you think Deuce believed Ivy was his or was he going to accept her because she was yours?

Eva:  He wanted to but he didn’t. Not at first. I think after Chase died, and the threat of losing Ivy was gone, he felt it was safer to let her into his heart. Of course with those damn dimples he couldn’t deny she is his even if he wanted to.

Three Chicks:  Did you, in your own way, love Chase?

Eva:  I did.  *She whispers, looking away* Just not the way he wanted me to.

Three Chicks:  When you were with Chase and living the BDSM lifestyle he dragged you into-did you enjoy it? Was it a sort of self punishment for you? 

Eva:  I enjoyed it in the sense that I felt like I was hurting Frankie by being with Chase. I’d spent so long in Frankie’s cage that Chase felt like freedom. But I was so far gone, what I didn’t realize was that I was still denying myself what I’d always wanted. Deuce.

Three Chicks:  Kami is your best friend, did you ever feel like you were breaking the girlfriend code by screwing her husband, even if she couldn’t stand him?

Eva:  Yes and no. Chase and Kami…were every bit as screwed up as Frankie and I were. There was no love lost between them, only resentment. Kami likes to think it was because of me that she was finally able to end her sham of a marriage. What killed me was lying to her for so long. She was the one person I could always count on and when I needed her the most, I hid from her. It just further proves to me how truly fucked up I was.

Three Chicks:  When Frankie kidnapped you from Deuce's, he forced you to have sex in front of Deuce; he basically raped you. Were you angry or ashamed of your body for betraying itself by responding to him?

Eva:   I can’t change what happened. Was I ashamed? No. With Frankie all the lines were blurred so long ago I hardly remember a time when Frankie didn’t take what he wanted.  I only regret that Deuce was hurt so badly by it.

Three Chicks:  Why did you get married to Frankie?

Eva:  Because he needed me. Because I didn’t feel that there was any other way. Because… I loved him.

Three Chicks:  There is no doubt that you loved Frankie, but you had such a complicated, clusterf@#k of a relationship. Why did you feel it was your job to keep him safe, even after you found out he had a contract out on you? 

Eva:  If I didn’t, who else would have? No one else had any sort of control over him.

Three Chicks:  How did you make peace with killing Frankie? 

Eva:  I’m not sure I ever will. But, Frankie wasn’t just hurting me anymore, he was hurting everyone I loved, including himself. I had to stop him, I had to protect my family and I had to save him.

Three Chicks:  How did you forgive Deuce for all the cheating? Have you forgiven him for Miranda and the other club whores? If he did it again, would you be able to forgive him?

Eva:  You have to understand the lifestyle. What Deuce did isn’t uncommon. I grew up around it, I saw it every day and I also saw how much some of the men loved their families despite their “on the road” behaviors.  Would I forgive him if he did it again? I guess it would depend on why he did it. It’s probably not the answer any self respecting woman reading this wants to hear but this is my life and my marriage and the only people who need to understand are the two people in it. Me and Deuce.

Three Chicks:  Why did you and Deuce get married? Wasn’t it enough to be his ‘old lady”? Whose idea was it? 

Eva:  I can’t tell you.   *grinning*  Wouldn’t want to give away anything important from “UnBeautifully”.

Three Chicks:  Why weren't you on birth control? You were going to get the morning after pill when Frankie raped you the first time, and then you let Chase take the lead on the whole condom thing (pinholes and all). So why didn’t you just go on the pill and not have to worry about getting pregnant? 

Eva:  Honestly, I never really gave it much thought. Frankie and I were always careful and I’d been under the impression that Chase and I were using “hole free” protection.  Deuce…well…who thinks about protection when a man like Deuce is all over you? I don’t. *Eva bursts out laughing*  I still don’t. 

Three Chicks:  Not that Deuce is known for his talking abilities, he's more of a "You feel me" kind of guy, but he blamed himself for everything that happened with Frankie. How did you help him get past those feelings of guilt that Frankie had forced himself on you and left you unprotected and that it was you that had to kill him?

Eva *shakes her head* You’ll have to wait and see…all will be revealed in Danny’s story. 

Three Chicks:  Is Deuce more hands on with Ivy than he was with his other kids?

Eva:  He has his moments with all his children. But Deuce is and will always be a protector rather than a hands on type father. 

Three Chicks:  Do you want any more children?

Eva:  Deuce does. *smiling*  So…we shall see. 

Three Chicks:  Ever since you got "Deuce" tattooed above your ass, he's been f@#king you on your knees. Are you tired of that position? 

Eva:   *grins*  You’d have to know Deuce to know, that with him, you’d never tire of any which way he wants it.

Three Chicks:  What one word would you use to describe Deuce?

Eva:   Strong.   *she says softly*   The strongest man I know. 

We all stand up to leave. Jen walks over and gives Eva a hug and says, "Thanks so much for inviting us to your home."  Kristie follows suit, "Yes, thank you. We had a great time talking with you." Lisa is last to hug Eva and she says "I hope we weren’t too hard on you with our questions, you are such a strong kick ass woman, and we just wanted to get inside your head a little bit.”  

Eva laughs and says, “Good luck with that!”  

We walk to the car and Kristie looks back at the house and says, "I’ve never seen a log cabin look like that- it was really cool!" Jen nods in agreement, "It's too bad Deuce wasn't here, I really wanted to see him you know?"  Lisa unlocks the car and says, “You were hoping he was going to take you for a ride on his bike and that was never going to happen-that seat’s reserved for his girls! Come on, let’s get going.”

Our 4.5 star review

Man, I'm not surprised that Madeline Sheehan warns that this book is not for everyone.  All I can say is buckle up because you are in for the ride of your life! Deuce, what can I say about Deuce? He is the "prez" of his MC, a man whore, and totally in love with Eva Fox. Eva has had Deuce in her heart and soul and brain since she was a toddler. Throw in his crazy ex-wife, her nut job foster brother, an obsessed best friend's husband and all that adds up to one messed up soup. Not to mention the drugs, guns, skanks and rampant cheating. In spite of all of that, or maybe because of it, this book "works". It sucks you dry, it drives you over the edge and then plops you down, right back into that vortex.  Knocks you to the ground and steals your lunch money. All of this takes place over 30 years. When I was done reading, I needed to just catch my breath and think about what the hell I had just read. Maybe it isn't for everyone-but me-I can't wait for the sequel!

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  1. Thank you Lisa,Kristie and Jennifer for the Awesome interview with Eva!! Loved it!
    I'm with Lisa on being disappointed on not getting to here from Deuce!!
    I am so having Deuce withdrawals!!lol
    I am reading Undeniable for the 6th time!!
    I am so ready for “UnBeautifully”.((Can't wait))
    Hugs ~Teresa~

    1. Thanks so much Teresa-you know I was hoping for a Deuce sighting...(Lisa).We can not wait for Unbeautifully!!

  2. I Loved/Hated this book but I have to say I Loved every minute of my LOVE/Hate relationship with this book.... By Far my favorite book I have read this year!!!

    1. that's exactly how I felt!!! but in the end i fucking loved this book!!!!!! and can't wait for “UnBeautifully”.


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