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Interview: Ollie, Jared and Layla from Bound Together by Marie Coulson

“I can't believe that Ollie Green, Layla Jennings and Jared Garrett are coming here! Ladies, do you like my green shirt and my hat?" Kristie says, smiling like a kid in a candy store, her hat reads Team Ollie. Jennifer is laughing and Lisa glares and says, "Well, check out my shirt! Team Jared all the way baby." Jennifer looks at them both and says, "You two are acting like star struck teenagers but... check this out!" We look and she has created a shirt where half says Team Ollie and the other half says Team Jared. Lisa and Kristie burst out laughing. Jen shrugs her shoulders saying, "I like them both, it was impossible for me to choose so I’m Team Both." Kristie glances at the clock and says, "They will be here any minute now. Marie mentioned the "tension" between all of them so maybe I should sit next to Ollie, Lisa you can sit next to Jared who will be GLUED to Layla and Jen if you don't mind you can sit next to Layla- we need to keep those guys separated." At the sound of the doorbell Jen answers and says, "Welcome Ollie, thanks for coming. I’m Jen, the frozen one over there is Kristie and that’s Lisa, we’re the Three Chicks and it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Ollie smiles and winks at Kristie. Thanks for inviting me.”

Kristie snaps out of it and is quickly by Ollie's side. "Please make yourself at home, can I get you anything?"

Ollie shakes his head and says “I think I’m good. Thanks anyway.” 

There is another knock at the door, this time Lisa jumps up to answer it. When she opens the door we hear her say, "Jared, Layla, so nice to meet you, please come in and get comfortable." We notice Ollie stiffen a bit, Jen and Kristie look at each other then we look over at Jared and Layla. 

Jared’s eyes immediately land on Ollie and then dart to Layla who shifts uncomfortably and avoids looking in Ollie’s direction. It’s pistols at dawn.  

Jen whispers to Kristie, “See, now you know why I’m Team Both, they are both hot!" I look at her and we stand to greet Jared and Layla. Lisa asks them to have a seat. Jared’s eyes are constantly locked onto Ollie who is glaring back at him. We all sit in an uncomfortable silence then Kristie clears her throat and states, "Ok guys, let's get started alright?" Everyone anxiously nods in agreement...

Three Chicks:  Layla, you were instantly attracted to Ollie and became fast friends. Had he made his move first do you think it would be you two together now?

Layla:  *glances at Jared and then Ollie, who is refusing to make eye contact with her. She stares at the ground and shrugs*   I don’t know. I guess if it’s meant to be between two people, then it will be. I don’t think it matters about who gets there first. It’s about what the heart wants.

Jared:   *places a protective hand on her knee and Ollie snorts a laugh from his corner of the room.  Jared glares at him*  Something you need to say?

Ollie:   *shakes his head*   Not to you.

Layla shifts uncomfortably in her seat and rolls her eyes.

Three Chicks:  Layla, you broke Ollie's heart via text message. (Kristie sighs and mumbles, "Well Ollie, say the word and I’m so ready to go away with you.") Lisa and Jen's eyes pop open and they shoot glares at Kristie who is smiling at Ollie and says, "Sorry, but Ollie deserved better." Lisa says, "Sorry about that back to the question." He was a good friend to you first and foremost, why didn't you tell him to his face?

Layla:   *Finally looks over at Ollie who is staring at the floor, ignoring her*  It was cold and totally unfair but goodbye was always hard for me to say. I guess I was scared. But I never intended to hurt him. Ever.

Ollie:  *snorts again and laughs a little*   Bullshit. 

Layla:   *looks wounded*   Ollie… 

Jared squeezes her knee tightly in warning and shakes his head. She nods.

Ollie:   *looks at us*  Next question?

Three Chicks:  Layla, after everything you went through with Jared, do you trust him? He is not very forthcoming with information.

Layla:  *gives Jared a loving look and smiles*   It takes time and communication. We’ve both learned a lot from our past and we’re working on it.

Jared smiles back at her. 

Three Chicks:  Layla, are you and Jared working on the honesty thing? A relationship can't truly work without honesty. Are you making progress?

Layla:  *gives Jared a long, hard stare and there is clearly something to be said but they aren’t sharing. They give each other a knowing look and Jared clears his throat*  

Jared:  It’s a work in progress.

Three Chicks:  Layla, I know this is a bit uncomfortable but after things fell apart with Jared, Ollie was there for you and you two became an item. If you knew in your heart you couldn't give him more, why even try? Why lead him on?

Ollie:  *pipes up from his corner*  I can answer that! To piss him off and to dick around with my feelings.

Layla:  *looks hurt and Jared is almost on his feet but Layla quickly grabs his arm and urges him to stay seated*  It wasn’t like that at all. I can’t really give you an answer to that. In the end, if you never try, how will you ever know?

Ollie:  *shakes his head and slumps back in his chair* Whatever. Next.

Three Chicks:  Layla, are piercings as good as everyone says they are? (All Three Chicks lean forward in anticipation of her answer. Kristie looks over to Ollie and blushes)

Ollie has a grin on his face as he stares over at Layla. His eyes gleam beneath his deep black hair. Jared raises an eyebrow as Layla squirms in her seat. Biting her lip she glances at Ollie before looking at us and nodding, smiling as she does.

Three Chicks:  Jared, Layla is beautiful, dramatic, stubborn and smart. Was it the fact that she didn't fall at your feet the thing that attracted you to her?

Jared:  *The corner of his mouth curls up*  She certainly wasn’t what I expect and it was definitely not what I was used to. I’m accustomed to women falling at my feet and jumping through hoops for me. Layla was a breath of fresh air. She didn’t know anything about me and I liked that about her. Whatever she felt for me wasn’t based on what she could get or my status.

Layla:   *giggles and leans in to us*  He was still a jack ass though. And a huge cry baby. It was only a little nudge.

Jared:   *laughs*  A nudge? My nose will never be the same.

Ollie:  *groans*  And yet you have trouble keeping it clean and out of everyone’s business. Or relationships when they’re away for a weekend in Utah.

Layla sinks in her chair and blushes as Jared glares at Ollie.

Three Chicks:  Jared, why didn't you trust Layla enough to fill her in on what was going on with your sister? You could have saved everyone the heartache.

Jared:  It would have been worse, far worse if she knew. I didn’t know it was Felix after my sister at the time, but I knew whoever it was, they were dangerous. People will try and hurt me any way they can and Layla would have been an instant target. It was better if she knew nothing, that way no one could use her.
*He hold Layla’s hand tightly, lacing their fingers together*

Three Chicks:  Jared, are you jealous of the bond that Ollie and Layla share
? Especially when it comes to music?

Jared:  *He gives us a small smirk*   Bonds can be broken. Besides, I have the bondage that really matters.

Three Chicks:  Jared, why did you take your anger and frustration out on Layla in the bedroom? (Lisa whispers, "I wouldn't mind him taking his anger out on me in the bedroom." Kristie and Jen look at her shocked, Lisa just shrugs and Jen continues with the question). Even when she wasn't technically at fault?

Jared:  *He raises that eyebrow again*  I’m an impulsive man. I want what I want, when I want it and how I want it. When things don’t go my way, I get frustrated. Nothing quite like a good slow tease followed by a long hard f@*k to relieve stress. Besides, I’m never cruel to her and she always has her cease and desist word. 

Layla mouths the word “Coffee” to us and winks.

Three Chicks:  Jared, do you prefer Leather or Lace? (Lisa gazes at him like a lovesick fool, Kristie shakes her head back and forth in disapproval and Jennifer just giggles)

Jared:  *He grins at them*  Both. There’s nothing quite like lacy underwear and leather belts.

 Layla rubs her wrists gently and we can see she knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Three Chicks:  Jared, for someone who likes power and to be in control, why were you so insecure about losing Layla to Ollie? She had already professed her undying love to you.

Jared:  *He shifts uncomfortably*  She’s the one thing I possess that I cannot control.

Ollie:  Thank f@*k  *Ollie mumbles from his corner*

Jared:  *shakes his head*  But in the end, I didn’t need to. She makes her own choices and evidently, she made the right one.

 Ollie:   *laughs*  Ha! That’s your opinion.

Layla looks VERY uncomfortable.

Three Chicks:  Ollie, did you feel as if Layla used you after she and Jared broke up? 

Ollie:  *He shakes his head*   No. We were at her parents' place and I told her how I felt. She was honest with me and I knew what I was getting into. I just wanted a chance.

Three Chicks:  Ollie, what is the one thing about Layla that you love the most?

Ollie: One thing? You can’t love just one thing about her. I love that she’s Layla. She makes me laugh, I love the way she watches horror flicks through her fingers as she hides her eyes, I love how she cares about her friends and her sense of fun.

Jared’s jaw is clenched as he glares at Ollie, who notices how irritated he’s making Jared.

Ollie:  *grins and licks his bottom lip* And I really love the way she moans, groans, runs her fingers through my hair and bites my lip ring when she’s about to come.

Jared is instantly on his feet and Layla has to quickly leap up to stop him from leaping at Ollie. Ollie stands and squares up to Jared as Layla places a hand on each of their chests, keeping them apart. She stands between them and growls.

Layla:  You promised Marie. Both of you. Stop it! 

Jared takes her hand on his chest and lifts it to his lips. He presses a kiss to her palm and leads her back to her seat. Ollie watches them and for a brief moment, his and Layla’s eyes meet before she quickly looks away.

Three Chicks:  Ollie, what are your plans with the D.O.A? How are things going for the band? (Kristie turns to Ollie and says, "And before I forget, slap Nick on the back of the head for me for what he did to my friend on Twitter.") Ollie winks and continues to answer, Jen and Lisa are again laughing at her...

Ollie:  Haha! Nick is a dick. But he’s a hell of a drummer. D.O.A are doing great. I don’t get to jam with them much anymore but I’ve been writing a lot of new material for us. I’m always hopeful that we’ll make it someday but for now, I’m happy just having a great bunch of guys to play the music I love with.

Three Chicks:  Ollie, if you could change anything that has happened in the past with Layla, would you?

Ollie:  *He shakes his head*   Not a damn thing.

Three Chicks:  Ollie, any exciting plans in the near future?  

Ollie:  *He grins and bites his lip ring*   That would be telling.

Three Chicks:  Ollie, you have been with a ton of women, what made Layla so different that you changed your um, ways?

Ollie:  *runs his fingers through his hair and looks anxiously at Layla*  For the record, it’s not tons. It’s…a few. But they were before. She’s just different. She gets me and we just, I don’t know, click? It just fit. First time I saw her I felt like I was struck by lightning. I’ve been buzzing on that electricity since.

Three Chicks:  This question is for both Jared and Ollie: Why do you hate each other so much, is Layla the only reason?

Ollie:  He’s a dick. *Ollie spits*  He takes what he wants and doesn’t give a s@*t who he hurts when he does it. He lies to her, keeps secrets and I lost count the amount of tears she cried over him. He doesn’t deserve her.

Jared:   *snorts a laugh*  And you do? So she can look forward to a life living in your mother's garage while your band struggles to find gigs bigger than that dive of a bar. Excellent prospects. You don’t know what love is. Love is protecting her and doing what you have to no matter how it might hurt.

Ollie:  *stands and yells across at him* “No, loving HER, is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Because when you love someone, you let them make their own choice and that meant losing her. THAT is love.

Layla stares at Ollie and then back at Jared whose jaw is tightly clenched.

"Well that was umm, fun," Jen says nervously. We all stand and Lisa says, "We know how hard it is for all of you and we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us."

Ollie sits back down and watches as Layla and Jared stand to leave. Layla glances quickly at him but he looks away. We each give Layla a hug goodbye, shake hands with Jared but Lisa jumps at the opportunity to hug him, a little too long. We start to laugh and Ollie rolls his eyes. Kristie turns to Ollie and gives his a ginormous hug and whispers in his ear, "I have your back my handsome friend- Team Ollie forever, she quickly gives him a kiss on the cheek and they exchange a big hug. 

Ollie smiles and pecks her on the cheek. “Thanks.” 

Layla and Jared head out the door while Ollie gives Jen and Lisa hugs too, then he leaves. "Wow, you could have cut the tension in this room with a knife, it was so thick," Jen says and Lisa and Kristie are quick to agree. "In spite of that, I can't wait to have them back, maybe Marie can join us too," Lisa says hopefully.

Our 4 star review

What do you get with two extremely hot guys and a beautiful young woman? Nothing but broken hearts..

Layla is 19 years old. Her parents divorced 7 years ago and she chose to say with her father and her best friend, Mel, in Pasadena. Her mother relocated to San Francisco where she is a nurse. Layla has a good relationship with both of her parents. Layla is excited to be going off to college in Long Beach. Not too far from home but far enough. She is excited to be on her own, make her own way and to have her own life. While moving things into her dorm room, she literally ends up on her ass after blindly bumping into Ollie. Ollie Green is a fellow college student who is in a band called D.O.A.. He is gorgeous, funny, laid back, honest and happens to live directly across from her. We are introduced to Amy, Layla’s roommate. She is the complete opposite of Layla, and they hit it off.

Amy helps Layla get a job at a local coffee shop. On her first day of work, Layla is late as she is backing up to the door while searching for her apron, the door slams into Jared causing his nose to bleed and coffee to spill all over. Jared, is a sexy “Adonis” hunk of a man. He is 22 and has his own successful business. He is smart, caring, loving, protective, controlling and short tempered and very secretive. There is no denying the attraction they have for each other. Jared asks her out and she accepts. They have intense chemistry. She knows that he will crush her heart but she can’t stay away from him; the heart wants what it wants and it wants Jared. Their relationship gets serious fast and Ollie is very vocal when it comes to his feelings for Jared and for her. All Layla wants from Ollie is his friendship, he is one of her best friends and she doesn’t want to lose him.

While Jared and Layla’s relationship heats up and man does it ever, the secrets he keeps from her are beginning to take a toll on their relationship as well as their lack of trust. Then things fall apart and Layla’s heart is crushed. Ollie is there to help her pick up the pieces. The lines of their friendship begin to blur and things get even more complicated. Knowing her heart will forever belong to only one man, she can’t risk losing the other. When she realizes her love for both, she is beyond confused. When she learns the secrets that Jared kept from her and the reasons why- she is devastated.
They both make her an offer. This means she has to choose and she knows that by choosing one, she will lose the other. If she doesn’t make that choice, she will lose them both forever. She takes her mother’s advice and follows her heart.

I have to say this book gave me angst the whole time. The love scenes were steamy hot and a little kinky. Jared is a *sexycontrollingsecretivekinkybutloving* kind of man. The way he handles things in the bedroom is umm, well let’s just say, a leather belt has never been sexier. He will do anything to protect the ones he loves. Although he is beyond rich and has a lot of power, I also loved when he showed his vulnerable side, which to me made him more attractive.

Then we have Layla, a *beautifuloverdramaticspitfireloving* woman. I found her to be endearing at times and frustrating at others. She is young and stuck in the middle of two fantastic men. (Poor girl, right?) Finally we have Ollie, the *gorgeouspiercedlaidbackwearshisheartonhissleeverocker* I LOVED Ollie! He if sexy, funny and a great friend. He knows what he wants and he will fight tooth and nail to get it. Marie Coulson has created a frustratingly sexy love triangle. Cheers to you Marie for a job well done!

Whether you are Team Jared or Team Ollie, you really can’t help but love both.

I look forward to seeing where Layla’s decision takes her in the upcoming book Burning Up..


  1. Thank you for the fun interview! I just finished Bound Together yesterday and this was an awesome bonus!

  2. I loved the review and interview! Just finished the book and holy hell! I love Ollie but for Layla I am team Jared


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