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Interview with author Joanna Wylde and Horse from Reaper's Property

Three Chicks had the pleasure of sitting down with Marcus "Horse" McDonnell & author Joanna Wylde for an interview. Hope you all enjoy!

"Lisa, you knock on the door." Lisa looks over at Jen bugged eyed "Heck no, you do it, Horse may be HOT but he scares me!" "Hell no, I am not knocking on the door, I don't care how sexy Horse is." Kristie is shaking her head back and forth laughing and says "Fine-move over, I'll do it!" Suddenly the door is pulled open and all 6'6" of Horse fills the doorway, piercing green eyes staring. "Umm, hello I am Kristie and this is Lisa and Jennifer- we are the Three Chicks here to do your interview." Marie comes to the door.. "Come on in ladies. Let's have a seat in the kitchen, I'm baking some bread." We follow them into the kitchen and it is gorgeous! We take a seat on the bar stools. Joanna is already seated and stands to greet us.  Kristie says,  "Horse and Marie, thanks so much for having us today. Your home is beautiful!" "Joanna, thank you for meeting us here as well.  Shall we start?"

Three Chicks:  What were your very first thoughts when you got to know Marie?

Horse:  When I first saw her or got to know her? ‘Cause that’s two different things. Not gonna lie, when I saw her I wanted to fuck her. Got to know her, realized fuckin’ her wouldn’t do it for me, because I needed more. I’d always planned on having an old lady some day, definitely want a pack of kids, but before Marie I couldn’t see any woman in my house for more than a night. That all changed.

Three Chicks:  Ok.. Your explanation of how the MC community works was horrid and seriously lacking. Not to mention your explanation of "Old lady" and "Reaper's Property". We don't mean to offend you but seriously, we were waiting for you to drag Marie away by the hair grunting and banging your chest. Did you even stop to think about how this sounded to her? Someone who had NEVER been exposed to anything like this? We had the same reaction she did. You were so quick to judge her?

Horse:  Did I stop to think? Nope. Wish I had, things might not have gotten so fucked up. I’ve been in the MC my whole life, dad was in the club, that’s the way it is in my world. Her brother’s the one who came to us, you know, not the other way around. I offered her everything I had to give.  I tried to explain that to her -- more than once -- but she was more worried about labels than giving us a shot, even though it was so goddamn obvious we had something real building. It pissed me off.
And she was pretty fuckin’ quick to judge me, too.

Three Chicks:  Your trip to the hot springs was FANTASTIC and ROMANTIC and then it went to shit! You do realize that you could have saved yourself all of this trouble and heartache had you not called her a Sweet Butt to begin with?

Horse:  To begin with, that’s all I thought she was, just another piece of ass hanging around. Not proud of that, but there you have it. I may be a dick, but I’m an honest dick. I figured it out otherwise pretty fast, no question, but if you could’ve seen the way she got all pissed off and glared at me every time I said it, you’d get why I kept it up. Fuckin’ hot. And yeah, I think we already covered that I fucked things up. We all got talents. Mine’s being an asshole. It is what it is.

Three Chicks:  You served two tours in Afghanistan with Special Forces, you are an intelligent man, you are gorgeous but please forgive us for being blunt- but you suck ass at wooing a woman, especially one you love and respect. WHY?

Horse:  You know how much training there is to be in Special Forces? Fucking years’ worth. Years I spent with those guys, lives on the line, building plans for every possible situation we could think of. Not like it just happened overnight, we had to work our asses off and had the entire corps behind us, too. And when I came home, I didn’t magically wake up one day as an accountant. I got a fuckin’ college degree, and despite what you might think, not even a Reaper’s cut gets you a diploma without an ass-load of work.  Before Marie I never gave two shits about “wooing” – which, I might add, is a word I don’t use because I don’t have a fuckin’ pussy – any woman. I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes you just wing it. Obviously, I could have done better. But seeing as Marie’d cut off my balls if I ever looked at another woman, this “wooing” shit’s a moot point anyway. I’m taken and could give two shits about any other girl.

Three Chicks: Were you shocked to learn of how you were betrayed?  Whatever happened with the Jacks?

Horse:  I don’t think shocked is the right word. Marie’s brother – and I’m gonna be polite here, because I love her and she loved him – was a liar and a junkie. We knew this, tried to save the situation, but you know how that went. Once you start dealing with junkies, nothing is a surprise. The bigger surprise is if they don’t fuck you over, because that’s what meth does to a person. I don’t judge, but that shit is toxic and only a fuckin’ idiot uses it. That’s a fact. Guy in our club touches it, we got a problem. Not gonna talk about the Jacks, though, that’s club business and it’s still in play.

Three Chicks:  How did that first meeting go when you introduced Marie to your parents?

Horse:  My dad’s dead, but my mom fuckin’ loves her. She wants grandbabies and Marie is the kind of girl you want carrying your kids, you know? I think my dad would’ve liked her. She’s strong. He respected strong women. Said fighting with my mom was always worth it, which was too much information for me back then, but I get it now.

Three Chicks:  How do you get along with Marie's mom?  

Horse:  She’s batshit crazy and I love every minute with her. Having said that, I’m real careful not to let her get close to my bike. She’s made some comments about stealing it and I don’t think she was joking. She’s got her new man wrapped around her little finger and living the life. Could be a hell of a lot worse.

Three Chicks:  We do have to give you props for that proposal. Who'd have thought that getting a .38 special could be so freakin' romantic! We know why the gun inspired you but how did you pick out the ring?

Horse:  Marie saw a picture of one like it in a magazine and loved it, something about a princess in England with one? No fuckin’ idea. Anyway, my sister, Dancer, told me about it, and I liked it because it’s different. Wanted something on her finger that you can’t find just anywhere. Had to go to Seattle to get it. Made Dancer come with me, figured I’d fuck it up on my own.

Three Chicks:  Where will you guys be living?

Horse:  My place. She’s making me get a real dining room table and shit. I guess we all gotta grow up sometime. I draw the line at the TV, though. It stays in the living room.

Three Chicks:   Did Marie's divorce get finalized? How is she doing in school?

Horse:  Divorce is final, and a damned good thing, too. Only connection we have left with dickwad is their old house, which is on the market. Real estate sucks right now, so who knows how long that will take. Wasn’t too stressful, though. Gary wants to live, he’ll stay the fuck away from Marie and he knows it. Kinda hope he forgets, wouldn’t mind having another little chat with him about it…

Three Chicks:  Is there a date for the wedding?

Horse:  Not yet. I’d do it tomorrow, but she wants to finalize selling the house and shit first. Doesn’t want to drag me into her troubles. That’s bullshit, of course. She has a problem, it’s my problem. But it’s her decision to make. She’s in my bed and on my bike. I’ll take it.

Three Chicks:  At what point did you realize that Marie was capable of taking care of herself?

Horse:  Well, I got hints all along. I mean, she turned me down cold. There are grown men too chickenshit to look me in the eye, but Marie always stands her ground. Pisses me off, turns me on, love it and hate it at the same time. Of course, you know how things went down in the end, pretty safe to say when shit got real, she proved her point.  They’re still calling me her bitch at the clubhouse sometimes. Cocksuckers. Fuckin’ proud of that girl.

Three Chicks:  Will there be babies in the future? If so how many?

Horse:  Told her I wanted ten and she tried to kick me in the balls. Now we’re in “negotiations.” She definitely wants to finish school first, and I want that for her, too. Way too fuckin’ smart to stop now, that’s for damned sure.

Three Chicks:  We have all been educated when it comes to the birds and the bees. How could you HONESTLY tell her that the chances of her getting pregnant because you didn’t use a condom were slim?.. It only takes one time! Also, you WANTED to get her pregnant, right?

Horse:  Fuck yeah, I wanted her pregnant. After that morning I almost had her the first time, you honestly think I’d forget condoms? Not stupid, babe. And not my fault she forgot to bring it up. 

Three Chicks:  Do you plan on staying in the MC forever? How will you explain to your kids your job at the MC?

Horse:  Reapers are forever. You don’t leave the club. But where the club goes is up to us, could be a lot of things different in ten years. But I’ll explain it to my kids the same way my dad explained it to me. This is our club, these are our people. We make our own rules and we follow our own laws. I won’t tell my kids how to live, but if we have boys, I hope they’ll at least consider the Reapers. I’m happy with my life, that’s for damned sure. I’ll tell you this, though. I love Marie and a lot of my brothers love their old ladies, too. They don’t fuck around on them because they respect their women and want to keep them. Other guys, not so much. I have a daughter and she hooks up with someone in a club, I’ll be watching him. Anyway, I gotta go. Marie’s cooking dinner in a few and then we’re off to some place in Spokane she wants to check out. Dueling pianos, or some such shit. Sounds stupid as fuck to me, but if she has a good time, I get happy drunk sex later tonight. Nothing quite like happy drunk sex. Girl comes up with all kinds of crazy shit, she gets like that. Gotta have priorities, you know? Thanks for having me.

Our Interview with Joanna

Three Chicks:  Where ever did you come up with this one (Horse)?

Joanna:  I have no idea. I just woke up one morning and started writing. I think Horse may have created himself, LOL. He just came out -- it was almost scary. I’ve had a lot of fun with him, and love how readers have responded. I know he’s crazy and over the top, but sometimes it’s fun to chase a romantic fantasy, you know?

Three Chicks:  Do you have personal experience when it comes to motorcycle clubs?

Joanna:  Not growing up. I got hooked on Sons of Anarchy and then started reading more about biker culture. One thing led to another, and I started the book, which took a ton of research. Fortunately, I’m a former journalist and giant nerd, so learning about interesting people and getting to know them is one of my favorite things to do. I read everything I could get my hands on, which was fascinating, but a lot of what’s been written is about clubs thirty or forty years ago. I wanted to find out what was happening in clubs right now, and that’s when I started looking for real guys living club life to talk to. I’ve met quite a few now, ranging from the not-so-hardcore to pretty hardcore, and it’s been fascinating. Everyone I have talked to has been very gracious toward me. It’s important to remember that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to MC culture. There are horrible, hardened criminals, guys who just like to ride and everything in between.  I cleaned things up a bit for my Reapers, because it’s a romance and a fantasy, but I tried to get the basic structure and attitude down to the best of my ability. I’m not an expert, but I did my best.

Three Chicks:  Do you come from a military family?

Joanna:  Many of the people in my family have served, far too many to list. I’m very proud of my father, a Vietnam vet, my grandfathers (WWII) and of those in my family who have served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, while I was writing the book, a woman I went to school with lost her son in the army. I wouldn’t want to intrude on her privacy with details or imply I have a right to grieve over her loss (it’s not my loss or my story), but I will tell you that it was very disturbing to me to go to the store the next day and see just how normal and untouched life remains for the bulk of us in this country. We’ve been at war for ten years, and most days we don’t even notice. We’re all guilty of it. I certainly am. Writing Cookie’s story was probably a way of processing what happened – it was the one part of the book I didn’t plan at all. It seems to have touched a lot of readers, so I guess I’m not the only person thinking about these issues.

Three Chicks:   How many books do you have planned for this series?

Joanna:  Good question! I don’t know yet. I guess it will come down to how many stories I find and how many people are willing to read. I’m still stunned so many people have liked this one, it’s a little surreal to me.

Three Chicks:  Who is your next book about?

Joanna:  The next book in the Reapers series will be about Ruger. I had been telling people it would be about Painter and Em, but I hit a complication on that one, LOL. I am also planning stories for Picnic, Cookie, Maggs and Bolt, and perhaps some of the Silver Bastards.

Three Chicks:  Will Horse and Marie be in it?

Joanna:  Yes. The book won’t be about them, but they will definitely be in it. People seem to want to hear more of their story, and I’m thrilled to give it to them.

Three Chicks:  Were you ever repulsed by some of the sexual acts in Reapers Property? Where did the idea come from for those scenes?

Joanne:  Yes, there is one scene that really sticks out for me, but I put it in for a reason. There’s a scene at a very wild party where a woman takes on two men at once. At the end she tries to kiss one of the men, and he shoves her away. He’s used her and he’s done with her, and he has no interest in any kind of emotional or social connection with her. It’s despicable (and also pulled directly from my research – in some clubs, women really are little more than objects, and are routinely pimped out – my Reapers won’t ever do that). I wrote that scene for two reasons. One was to give Horse an opportunity to expose Marie to the full darkness of the club, while reassuring her that he didn’t see her as an object to be used and that he’d always protect her. The second was to show that even the lowest of the women involved with the club are still human beings. The woman in that scene obviously had very serious self-esteem issues – she engages in risky behavior, chooses dangerous partners and obviously has zero respect for herself. But when things go horribly wrong at the party and there’s a shooting, she and Marie find themselves holding each other for comfort, all differences forgotten. There’s another scene later in the book where a woman in similar circumstances comes through in a crisis, and I wrote it for the same reasons. I guess I wanted to show that even women who have serious problems, and who would be considered the lowest of the low, can still be beautiful human beings. When life falls to shit, we’re all in it together. I worked at a homeless shelter for women for several years and have seen just how low women can fall. Even at the bottom, they’re still real people and they can still change and grow. We forget that sometimes. I know some people have been bothered by how certain women are portrayed in my book, and have even suggested that it’s not believable that they could willingly participate in such activities. I think it is, though, because I’ve met women who have done similar things, survived and turned out pretty well. There’s hope for all of us, LOL.

Three Chicks: What is the significance of the patch Horse has on his cut (vest)-a bright red diamond that has a number one with a percent sign next to it?

Joanna: The diamond patch described in the book is significant because it identifies Horse as a one percenter. Wearing this patch is a real practice in MC culture, and a man wearing a 1%er patch is openly declaring that the rules of society don’t apply to him. Cops describe one percenters as dangerous, violent organized violent criminals. There’s something to that, for sure. Some of them are truly evil men. One size doesn’t fit all. But there’s another way of looking at them, which I think matches what I’ve seen online and my own personal experiences with sources. According to Throttle (paraphrased here), the old lady who wrote The Biker Babe’s Bible, if you want to know the difference between a one percenter and everyone else, picture a big crowd of people at a public event. Suddenly some drunken asshole in the crowd starts harassing people. Some people will ignore it, some people will tell him to stop, some people may even call the cops. A one percenter will just go punch the fucker out. He’s following a different set of rules.

I think we have a wrap!. Thanks again for your time. We had a blast with you! We hope we can chat again in the future? We all shake hands and head towards the door, Lisa whispers to Jen "I wonder if he would give me a ride on his motorcycle?" Laughing ensues.... Once outside Jen looks at both Kristie and Lisa, "Well that was intense." Kristie and Lisa agree... "Ok ladies, let's head home."

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