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Interview with Hope and Mason from Sometimes Never by Cheryl Mcintyre

"Hope and Mason, this is a great little restaurant, Jennifer says. "The pizza smells delicious! Thank you so much for meeting us here today and for taking the time out of your busy schedules to do this interview with us. I'm Jennifer and this is Lisa and Kristie, and we're the Three Chicks. Your story is very inspirational. Shall we get started?"

Three Chicks:  Congratulations! Can we assume that the wedding went off without any surprises?

Hope: You know what they say about assuming…?

Mason: Thank you. *chuckles* I don’t think Hope and I can pull anything off without running into a few surprises, but that’s a story for another time.

Three Chicks:  Hope, how does it feel being Mrs. Hope Love-Patel?

Hope: A-freaking-mazing! Have you seen his abs? That’s mine—every day.

Mason: I’m more than a piece of meat.

Hope: You love when I treat you like a piece of meat.

Mason: I love you.

Hope: *winks*

Three Chicks:  Where are you living?

Hope: In an apartment.

Mason: We’re still in Chicago.

Three Chicks:  We think it’s fantastic that you want to open a center that specializes in art therapy for children. When will that be happening?

Hope: *sighs* Not for a long time. I have a lot more schooling to do first.

Mason: Yeah, but the goal is in sight. That’s all that matters. We’ll get there.

Three Chicks:  Hope, before you met Mason, did you feel you had to stay with Park because of what he knew? Did you truly believe that Park was in the relationship with the same intentions as you?

Hope: I realize now that Park and I were not on board the same ship. We cared about each other a lot and we always will, but there was something missing. I think… I was never with Park just because he knew I self-harmed. We got each other. He was far from perfect and I was even farther away. We had this silent understanding. He kept my secret. I kept his. *shrugs*

Three Chicks:  Mason, how important is it for you to put down permanent roots with Hope, given your past of constantly moving around with your family?

Mason: Honestly? It used to be the only thing I dreamed of. But…I grew up. My dreams have changed with my priorities. I don’t give a shit where we live as long as we’re together.

Hope: Awe. He’s sweeter than candy.

Three Chicks:  Hope, why didn't you confide in Guy once Park had found out your secret?

Hope: Mostly because I didn’t want him to tell me to stop. Also, it’s Guy. I couldn’t look at him every day and see the disappointment on his face.

Three Chicks:  Mason, what were your thoughts when you first saw Hope's inner thigh?

Mason: When Park said she cut, my first reaction was to call bullshit. I thought he was just being a dick. But the look on Hope’s face…I knew it was true. It was one of those moments where the truth is right there, slapping you in the face, but you hold out hope that it isn’t really happening. That’s why I looked. I wanted to prove to myself that I was wrong. When I saw—it was a mix of things, I guess. I wasn’t surprised. I was…

Hope: Repulsed.

Mason: No. Not at all. After years of therapy you would think she would know I love everything about her… *to Hope* I think your scars are as beautiful as you are. I could never be repulsed by anything you do. I think mostly I was terrified. I knew right then that I would do anything I could to help her.

Hope: And you did.

Mason: *grins* We helped each other.

Three Chicks:  Hope, can you explain why doing what you did to yourself was a coping mechanism for you?  It’s hard as outsiders to understand how that behavior can actually be a way to calm yourself down.

Hope: It’s not easy to explain. For me, a big part of it was control. I finally could control something in my life. I think—if I was going to have to be in pain anyway then at least I could decide when and how.

Three Chicks:  Hope, it took a serious car accident that almost took two people you care for and LOVE to make you realize what you were doing to yourself was wrong and dangerous? What went through your mind when it "clicked"?

Hope: I ALWAYS knew self-harming was wrong and dangerous. That’s why I hid it. It clicked the day Chase and I went to see Park after he got released from lock-up. Park made me realize what it was doing to the people I care about. He did something he knew could hurt himself and potentially someone else when he got behind the wheel drunk. It occurred to me that I was doing the same thing. I was hurting Mason, and Guy, and everybody that cared about me. He used a car. I used a razor blade. I decided I couldn’t be like that anymore. I had to stop being selfish. But I don’t know if I would’ve actually gotten help though, if Mason hadn’t set it up for me. Support is a huge factor in the healing process. I have an awesome support team.

Three Chicks:  Mason, why not be upfront with your Mom about Hope from the beginning or at least once Kellin had found out? Don't you think her reaction might've been a little less dramatic if she didn't think you were hiding it from her?

Mason: Wow. Those are hard questions. I didn’t tell Mom because I wanted to fix it on my own. And I was afraid she would freak out. I didn’t want to lose Hope. I think a lot of it was our age, too. We were young. Stupid. It’s ingrained to keep your mouth shut. Nobody wants to be a nark. It sounds ridiculous now, but at the time… No, I knew it was ridiculous then, too. But I truly thought I could do it on my own—our love was going to be enough to save her. That was dangerous judgment. We got lucky it worked out all right.

Hope: But you did save me. Not the way you wanted to, but if anything had happened differently, I’d probably still be hurting myself. It wasn’t luck. It was fate.

Mason: Yeah, but I could have done better.

Hope: We can always do better. My point is that you did your best at the time. You were there when I needed you. You always are. You are my hero.

Mason: *hugs Hope* This is why I love her.

Three Chicks:  Hope, it is obvious that people care and love you (Guy, Mason, the kids and Park). How did you not see it?

Hope: I didn’t think I deserved it. I still have days like that. Like I’m not good enough. Some days are better than others, but it’s an ongoing struggle. Thankfully I know some pretty determined people who like to remind me they’re there for me.

Mason: Always.

Three Chicks:  Mason, when your mother told you that you were just like your late father because you were trying to save Hope, what did she mean?

Mason: Dad always looked out for everyone. He died doing just that… I’m proud to be compared to him and I pray I can always live up to his memory.

Three Chicks:  Hope, it has been a difficult road for you. Do you still have a craving to cut yourself?

Hope: Yes. It’s gotten less frequent over time, but it is always there. I’ve learned some great coping techniques that I use. That helps a lot, but—yeah, it’s still there. I’m an addict. I’ll fight it for life just like an alcoholic fights their addiction.

Three Chicks:  Hope, I love "cheese and rice," where did it originate?

Hope: Uncle Ben’s?

Mason: *chuckles* Always a smart ass.

Three Chicks:  Mason, why did you allow Hope to make incorrect assumptions about your future plans? We were just heartbroken for her.

Mason: Hell. I don’t know what was going through my head. I wanted to have it all set up when I told her and then she found out on her own and assumed the worst—

Hope: There’s that assuming again. *grins*

Mason: *laughs* I should have told her right then, but she was slipping inside of herself. When she hit me, I knew if I tried to tell her right then, she wouldn’t hear it. Shit. Honestly, my only defense is that I’m a guy. It’s widely known we aren’t the brightest.

Three Chicks:  Hope, how is your relationship with Annie?

Hope: Annie’s still a bitch, but we’re cool. We’re family.

Three Chicks:  Mason, that song Hope wrote for you was WOW! What were you thinking after you read it?

Mason: The first time she sang it—I’m man enough to admit there may have been a tear or two. It was like she put everything I was feeling into words. It’s my favorite song.

Three Chicks:  Hope, do you still have your blog? Where did the “pairing” come from; chalk and eraser, enter and back space keys, ink and white out. Explain what you mean by “something that can amend the mistakes of the other”?”

Hope: Ah, the blog. *sighs* Yeah. I still have it. I’m not on it like I used to be, but I like to get on from time to time. The shipping objects… I don’t remember how it started. But I think it’s beautiful how a mistake doesn’t always have to be permanent. If you have the right pair, they even each other out.

Mason: You said beautiful.

Hope: I did.

Mason: *winks*

Three Chicks:  Did Kell and Misty ever hook up?

Mason: Well—

Hope: That’s not our story to tell.

Three Chicks:  Hope, do you talk to Park anymore?

Hope: Yes. His girl and I are really good friends.

Mason: Ironically, Park and I are good friends, too.

Three Chicks:  How is Guy? What is he up to these days?

Hope: He’s good. He hasn’t grown much since high school, but I think he’s up to six foot.

Mason: *shakes head*

Three Chicks:  Hope, do you still have the Beatles shirt you wore when you graduated from college, the same one that you wore when Mason fell in love with you?

Hope: *smiles*

Mason: She has it.

Hope: It’s kind of become my version of lingerie.

Mason: *grins*

Three Chicks:  Now that the two of you are married, do you plan on having kids in the future? How many?

Mason: Absolutely.

Hope: I want a big family, but right now we’re waiting until I get my Masters Degree.

Mason: I’m looking forward to the process. We’ve been practicing a lot.

Hope: The Beatles shirt definitely gets a workout.

Thank you again for an amazing and insightful interview. We have a belated wedding present for the happy couple, congratulations you two! Jennifer hands them a medium sized box.  Mason reads the card while Hope opens their gift. Hope immediately starts laughing as she pulls out 6 packages of Double Stuffed Oreo cookies and two bags of Skittles. Lisa states, "We know it isn't fancy but we had a feeling you two would love it."


  1. I love these two!

    There was some hinting around about Kell and Misty. Now I'm curious!

    Thanks for a great interview!

  2. Thank you ladies-these two are too cute aren't they? xxxoxo


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