Monday, March 4, 2013

Blog tour: Infatuation (Club Destiny #4) by Nicole Edwards


At what point does infatuation turn into obsession? McKenna Thorne doesn't have the answer to that question, but she’s dangerously close to finding out. When it comes to Tag, she learns that her body knows no limits. But neither does her heart.

He’s content with the nontraditional aspect to his relationships and he always has been. Until McKenna unexpectedly walks into his life. Now Tag Murphy has only one goal: to see how fast he can make her pulse race

Excerpt from Infatuation (Club Destiny, #4)

“I do.” Setting her glass back on the cloth covered table, McKenna seemed to be watching him. “It’s no different than what the McCoy brother’s do.”

There was a substantial difference, but Tag wasn’t about to explain the two. He merely cocked his eyebrow, waiting for her to continue.

“Ok, so maybe there’s a slight difference. But yes, to answer your question, I do make money talking about sex. I give people what they want.”

“And people want to know about whether I keep toys in my dungeon?” He still had a hard time believing that one.

“Women lust after sexy, successful men. And you fit that profile, so yes. They want to know your dirty secrets.”

“It doesn’t bother you to share people’s personal information with the world?”

“Well, technically, my reach isn’t quite that far. And it’s not as if I share all of the information I receive.”


“No,” McKenna stated firmly but didn’t elaborate.

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