Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: The One Place by Laurel Ulene Curtis

Our 5 star review by Guest Reviewer Melanie Grossi

So we're two months into the year, I've read more than 50 books, this book has risen towards the top of my favorite reads of 2013 so far, and it's likely going to take a lot to push it out of my top ten for year.

Meet Natalie Dalton, pretty, smart, but there's something dark in her eyes, like a storm she's hiding. She's living with a very bad man, and to protect her family and keep his secret she's shut herself off from the world. Andrew, her fiance, and her now deceased best friends husband is evil incarnate, the classic abuser he's got her well wedged under his thumb. But our Talie is smart, and she's been making a plan and looking for the perfect opportunity to escape.

Her opportunity comes with a bang, and she runs, and boy howdy does she, taking the first bus the farthest, and then taking another long bus ride from there, she ends up in Joplin, TN. As out of the way and hidden as she could possibly be, right? She is taken aback by the small town hospitality and kindness. Before she knows it she has an apartment, a job and a new best friend and is going to Zumba. A best friend, Ruthie, who seems to be living the life Talie has fought hard to leave.

And then there's Tuck, Tucker Cody, he's handsome, a little rough around the edges and appears to be the town's resident Eagle Scout, helping find lost cattle, clean gutters and help little old ladies across the street. He's sees Talie and he's smitten, lock stock and smoking barrel, she is a shot to his solar plexus. But he sees she's skittish, and owning a ranch he knows how to deal with a skittish foal, so he gentles to her, showing up, and putting things in place for her without her knowing to keep her safe, in town and under his protective care. She bristles at his attention, using her snark to try and push him away, she doesn't want to see how amazing he could be, he knows she's full of shit.

Their tipping point comes like a shot of lightning to Talie and they spark like a house on fire, passion, and hot lovin' abound.

They both open up about their pasts, each holding a little back, but enough is out in the open that their love can bloom.

But seldom is there constant peace and happiness in life... and things explode, and it hit me like a fist in the gut, I didn't see it coming until it was just around the next page. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. It will be pushed to the top of whatever my TBR queue is the day it goes live on Amazon.

Seriously, buy the book, read the book, love the book.

5 stars and a comet :-) Because if she keeps up this momentum and level of writing she's going to be a shooting star in no time.

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