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Our 4 Star Review for The Devil's Eye Series by Jennifer Loren

**This review contains spoilers**

The Devil’s Eyes (The Devil's Eyes #1)

4 Stars
I always enjoy a great story of revenge but I especially enjoy it when it gets complicated.
Kayla Donovan has been studying Nick for years. Driven by the hate she has for him. Oh yeah, did I mention he dated her sister she feel head over heels in love with him, she was controlled by him and died. The only person that cared for her, that loved her was killed and Kayla knows he is responsible for her death, and she wants payback. Kayla finally has her chance and knows exactly how to get his attention but what she wasn’t prepared for was how attractive and alluring he is, especially his devilish eyes. She needs to gain his trust and most of all his heart so she can destroy it before he destroys her. She does whatever it takes to get there, even if it means having to deal with the devil himself in some criminal activities.

Nichoals Jayzon has made a name for himself by stealing, duping and charming his way to the top practically owning the city. He is where he is because he is smart, he plans things out and pays attention to everything. Most fear him and almost everyone owe’s him favors. Then there’s the women, they fall to his feet. Not one woman has ever been able to resist his charms until he met Kayla. She is strong, smart, witty and doesn’t listen to a damn thing he asks of her. She intrigues him and he wants her. He test’s her every step of the way and she continuously shocks him with every step she takes. *Can I have your attention please- Let the battle of wits begin!* 

This book is suspenseful, a bit dark and romantic.  Kayla is trying to better herself from her past while Nick has to battle the cruel realities of the present. With danger in every corner and no one to really trust, they learn to trust each other. Enemies who want to take Nick’s place are out for blood. When an unknown high ranking city official frames Kayla, he realizes no matter what he does those he has come to love will always be in danger and he will do anything and everything to protect her. When the truths comes out it is shocking but it always makes them stronger. 

I have to admit, this book started off a little slow for me but then WOW, once it took off, I couldn’t stop reading.. Kayla and Nick’s chemistry is explosive! I love their bantering and I love that fact that he was ALWAYS there for her even when she didn’t know it. At some points in the story it was a bit predictable for me but it didn’t ruin anything and the ending leaves you hanging.

The Devil’s Revenge (The Devil's Eyes #2)

4 Stars

Kayla’s life has fallen apart. She has lost the man that she loves and is devastated, angry. She and her son are in hiding.  Ryan made a promise to Nick that he would protect them. Due to events , Kayla is forced out of hiding and to keep Nick’s legacy going, she takes control of the business.

 A power hungry city official has framed Kayla in her husband’s death and will stop at nothing to see her and the empire Nick has built destroyed.   The DA has requested the death penalty. At her hearing, Nick shows up alive and well and the case against her crumbles and she is set free. 

With Nick back home, Kayla is relieved but PISSED. Let’s just say, Nick has a lot of groveling to do.
When the enemy strikes again and goes for his children, Nick and Kayla are dead set on revenge. Getting help from unlikely allies, and learning to trust each other again. They do whatever it takes to save their family. Nick has a secret that will give Kayla some closure on her past and poor Kayla, her world is jumbled yet again.

The Devil’s Son (The Devil's Eyes #3)

4 Stars

The last book left us hanging, Nick is back his happiness is short lived, people from his past come back and threaten his future. With his sister’s fiancĂ© (who happens to be the Chief of police) dead set on killing Dennis Savage, the very man who murdered his family. 

Nick will do anything to protect them, even if it means dancing with the devi . Nick’s father warned him of Mr. Savage and Mr. Savage has wanted Nick from the time he was little. New enemies come out of the shadows and again, threaten to take Kayla and his son’s away. They are no longer safe anywhere they go, especially his son Nicky.

The truth about Mr. Savage comes to light, along with Nick’s family history *can I just say WOW* With a trip down memory lane things are explained, the pull he has had with Kayla, the power he has over people.  Kayla stumbles upon a picture with a name that she has heard before. With help from her dad and Brady, she searches for information on the mystery women. While preparing to find a safe place for his family he gets help from his mother and he finds important papers that maybe the key to saving his family and himself.

When Savage bursts into his home hurting Kayla and threatening the rest of his family, Nick has no choice but to work for him, the same person his father protected him from and the only person Nick has ever feared. 

This book brings to light a ton of information (jaw dropping information), especially when it comes to Nick and his family. The future is now completely unknown for the Jayzon family.  It leaves you hanging and wanting more.  This series has been suspenseful, sometimes humorous, mysterious and downright sexy. It is a mix of The Sopranos meets The Devil’s Advocate, meets the intense love/romance of The Notebook...

I look forward to seeing what’s will happen to Nick and his newfound information in The Devil's Masquerade: The Poison (The Devil's Eyes, #4) and then seeing what happens in The Devil's Masquerade: The Remedy (The Devil's Eyes, #5). 

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