Friday, March 15, 2013

Our 4 Star Review for Hard to Resist by Shanora Williams

4 Stars

Clutching the door knob, I stared in horror while chocking on my next breath and wishing that I had never gone upstairs. My hands began to tremble but I couldn’t pull my sight away for it.
Natalie Carmichael was loving life. Just graduating from high school, she and her best friend are off to a party, a party that ends up changing her life forever.  Natalie’s world crumbles down when she catches her boyfriend Bryson, of four years cheating on her with her mortal enemy. Shocked, crushed and broken hearted, Natalie decides she needs a fresh start. She packs up her belongings and heads to Miami to live with her best friend Harper.  Aside from her writing poetry which helps her deal with her feelings, Natalie feels Miami will help her get over everything. What Nat wasn’t ready for was Nolan Young. 

“One chance, Natalie. That is all I ask for. If you don’t like it, then I’ll leave you alone for good because at least I had the opportunity of getting to know you.”

“It’s obvious that I want you and I find it beyond obvious that you want me. You can only resist my offer for so long. I want you to fall for me, just like I want to fall for you. I can already feel it happening. I want to change.”

Nolan Young is gorgeous, with his perfectly chiseled face, his grey eyes and dark brown hair, dazzling smile and perfect body. He also has a past, he has openly admitted to picking up a lot of women. He has admitted to having his heart broken so bad the he ends up hurting women in his relationships before they have a chance to hurt him, he admits to being just like Bryson. 

Natalie is conflicted, the chemistry they share is definitely obvious but she is scared. Nolan is like Bryson and Natalie know her heart can’t suffer another blow. Nolan as determined as he is wiggles his way into Nat’s life and into her heart. Together they learn to love and to trust again and that what they share together is definitely hard to resist!

Shanora Williams wrote a fantastic love story. You could relate to her characters. You felt the emotions of betrayal, hurt, lust and love.  A must read! Nolan is totally swoon worthy, definite book boyfriend material.

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