Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: All the Way by Jennifer Probst

Our 4 star review

I loved the Billionaire Series by Jennifer Probst and couldn't wait to read All the Way.  She definitely didn't disappoint with this one.  All the Way is about forgiveness, second chances and finding love again.

Miranda is a successful food critic who doesn't realize that the restaurant that she is currently at with her best friend Andy, is owned by her ex-boyfriend's family.  The ex-boyfriend that left her three years ago and broke her heart.  When she sees Gavin for the first time all the emotions come back to her.  She loved him once with everything she had, but he chose his career over her and broke her heart when he left.  While she may still have those feeling for him that she doesn't want to admit, right now she feels one thing, and that is anger.  She wants revenge and at the advice of her supporting friend Andy, she does was she knows best....She gives his restaurant a bad review.

Gavin Luciano left his family and Miranda behind three years ago to pursue his dreams.  But just because he left Miranda, it doesn't meant he stopped thinking about her.  He regretted leaving her but at the time his career and love of traveling was more important.  Now he is back home for 3 months to help save his family's restaurant.  Seeing Miranda again has brought back feelings of regret for Gavin.  When he sees her bad review of his family's restaurant he is determined to do two things, get Miranda to write a second review and prove to her that he deserves a second chance. 

I loved the chemistry between Miranda and Gavin, despite the way Miranda felt and how hurt she was she couldn't deny what her body was telling her.  She still wanted him, but was afraid to give her heart to him again.  She eventually gives in, deciding to go with it for now and deal with the consequences later,  but what happens when his three months is up?  Can she stand to get her heart broken again, or will Gavin choose love over his career?

All the Way was fun, very sexy and heart warming.  It had just the right amount of angst and drama.  I loved the supporting characters in this book, Gavin's family and Miranda's best friend Andy.  They brought some fun and laughter to the story and were also a great support system for both main characters.  Jennifer Probst has written another heart warming love story that will make you smile and laugh .  The sexual chemistry between Gavin and Miranda was hot!  This is definitely a must read. 

I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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