Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Blessed Tragedy by HB Heinzer

The Synopsis: 

When Maddie Neumann graduated from High School she was determined to leave her parent’s house and make her dreams of becoming a rock star come true. The day she stepped foot on that bus is the day that Maddie was laid to rest and in her place she became Rain Maxwell, a bad ass rocker who lived by her own rules and one of those rules was to NEVER get romantically involved with her band mates.
Colton Bradford loved Rain the moment her met her. He knew how special she is and because of her strong belief in the no dating policy that left him her best friend and he was ok with that.
Rain had made her dreams come true. She is in the successful band, Blessed Tragedy. While on tour Rain’s world comes crumbling down when she receives a phone call from one of her estranged brothers. She must return home and when she does everything she thought she knew about her family changes and the truth comes out. Colton and the rest of her band are there for her every step of the way.
Having a hard time dealing with loss and finding truths, Rain becomes very aware that her feelings for Colton run much deeper than being just friends. Colton tries everything he can to convince her that they belong together but the problem he has is convincing her to take that chance on love. When a past mistake comes back to haunt Rain, it will truly put her faith and the faith others have in her to the test.

Our 4 star review:
Why I enjoyed this book:
It is tragic and amazing what death can do to people. It will either tear people apart or it will bring them together. This story is about Maddie/Rain’s journey of letting go of the past, experiencing the dynamics of being a family and how complicated and simple things can be. It is learning to open your heart to love and to trust without questions or second guessing.
We can all relate to being hurt by the ones you love but when the ones who are supposed to know you best start to question you, it leaves you feeling lost, hurt, disappointed and angry, especially when it is the one who has been fighting for your love since the beginning.
I love when a story takes me on an emotional journey and I am able to experience the happiness, the loss, heart aches and the frustrations. It is amazingly satisfying, especially when you are able to connect with the characters. There was a point in the story where I was so pissed off and momentarily heart broken. I found myself cursing at my kindle.
HB Heinzer wrote a beautifully but different type of rock n roll story and I have to tell you how refreshing it is.
I look forward to reading and experiencing more of her stories. She is definitely on my radar of author’s to watch out for!

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