Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Dark Passion (The Dark Brother Series Book 1) by Bec Botefuhr

Our 4 star review by Guest Reviewer Jennifer Hagen

One evening Willow goes out to the bar with her friends and wakes up the next morning in a room with bars on the windows and a locked keypad on the door.    All she remembers is dancing with Johnny and drinking.   

Jagger and his band of brothers are involved in a gang war and the middle piece to the puzzle is Willow’s father who died a couple years ago.  Now Willow is informed that her father really didn’t die and Willow’s life is in danger.  They have kidnapped her for their benefit and also for her own safety.  Once her father comes out of hiding because of the word of her kidnapping, they will let her go. 

During the weeks they are waiting for her father to appear, Willow and Jagger develop a desire for one another.  Once Willow is released and she goes home she wrestles with her feelings for Jagger wondering if they are real or if it was because of her being his captive and he was taking care of her.  Jagger bears his heart and soul out for her.

“I can only promise you that I’ll give you every ounce of my heart and soul, and hope that it’s enough.”  {{swoon}}

Once she accepts her feelings as real, their time together is short as deceit happens upon Willow and Jagger meets up with his past. 

“You wouldn’t fight for me if it came down to it, you just want to run, like you always do.”

Jagger was a complex man.  On the outside he appeared stoic and strong, but he was able to put his heart on the table for Willow.  I loved seeing his emotional side come out and at one point after sex he told her to quit using him as a toy because he had feelings too.  I loved that he was able to convey that he was a real person that could be hurt just like anybody else. 

I have read several of author Bec Botefuhr’s book and I have never been disappointed.  Her writing keeps the reader enthralled with the suspense, romance, steamy scenes and cliffhangers.  

I am anxiously awaiting Book 2 because I did not see that cliffhanger coming.

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