Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Flat Out Matt by Jessica Park

Our 4.5 star review

I am a big fan of Flat Out Love by Jessica Park and loved Matty.  And yes he is a little geeky and I admit not the typical book boyfriend that I fall for, but there was just something about his geekiness that I loved.  So when I heard that Jessica was writing some of my favorite scenes from Matt's POV I was super excited.  Jessica definitely did not disappoint with Flat Out Matt, and if possible I think I have fallen in love with Matty even more.

Flat Out Matt starts as a prequel to Flat Out Love, with Matt and Finn together.  I loved seeing a glimpse of their relationship and seeing the carefree side of Matt that we didn't get to see in FOL.  Then Jessica takes us through some of the best Matt and Julie moments through his point of view.  You get to see the moment he realized he was in love with her, what really happened on his date with Dana, and how he really felt about the lie that his family continued to live.  One of my favorite moments in Flat Out Love was the "under the tree" scene and to see if from Matt's POV was amazing!

Of course Celeste is just as much a part of Flat Out Matt as she was the first one.  I always loved Celeste and I think she adds such a fun and interesting dynamic to the book.  Some of the moments that she had with Matt will just make you laugh.   It was also great to see how much he loved Celeste but also see his feelings on the relationship that they had.  What I absolutely loved the most about this book was the ending.  There is the bonus chapter that continues from where Flat Out Love left off.  We see them taking their relationship to the next level and Matty is sweet, and patient, and caring with Julie.  And we also got to see a sexy side of Matt, yes I said it, to me there was a sexy side of Matt that you see in this book and it made me love him even more.  The bonus scene was simply amazing, beautiful, and the perfect end to their story.

Fall in love with me, Julie, as I fell in love with you, he willed her. Fall in love, fall in love, fall in love.

Jessica Park has done an amazing job with this companion novella.  We get to see why Matt kept the charade going, got to see his adventurous side and see how much Julie meant to him.  We got to see the struggles that he went through and really get inside his head to see what conflicted him, and the feelings he had for those around him.   If you liked Matt in Flat Out Love you will fall in love with him even more in this book.  My only complaint is that it ended.  This is a definitely a must read!

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