Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blog Tour for Ella Frank's BLIND OBSESSION

4.5 Stars

Love looks not with the eyes

But with the mind,

And, therefore, is winged cupid painted blind

Phillip Tibideau was once the artist that everyone wanted a piece of. Then he fell madly in love with her. His love for her and her beauty inspired him to create a critically acclaimed series .Then one night his world comes crashing down. Now he is a man living a secluded life and has left his passion for art behind.

Almost as if she could feel his eyes on her, she turned around, looking up to the window where he was standing. As their eyes met, he felt something in the air change. Desire, he thought as he gripped the window frame. Strange, intense, and unexplainable desire.

Chantel Rosenberg, a beautiful young woman, with a passion for music was spending time in Bordeaux France. When she catches the eye of an artist; feelings arise, desires were awakened and her life would never be the same.

“In wine country in Bordeaux, France, I met a man. Yes, today out in wine country, I met a man, and something about that man moved me. Something about that man changed me.

Gemma Harris is an up and coming journalist. She is driven to find the truth and will stop at nothing to get it that includes leaving her home for several months to stay at the very place her story takes place…Chateau Tibideau

“What is this?” I ask the obvious question. “It’s a journal. You’ll need that for any of this to make sense.”

Phillipe Tibideau is a tortured man, a haunted man. Living in seclusion he has never spoken of her. The public labeled him the “beautiful monster”. Gemma has been hired to get his side of the story. Phillip proves to be a complicated man. When he gives Gemma her journal, their worlds collide for the passionate lovers, desire for the truth and the love for art and music.

“When I fu#k you, Gemma, I want your eyes open, looking right at me. I’ve never hidden who I am from anyone I’ve touched, and I won’t start with you.”

This book is an intense love triangle. One minute you are sucked into the moment and then next you are feeling haunted. The sex scenes are incredibly steamy *fans self*. Phillipe is intense, intimidating, a little bit scary but oh so gorgeous. Gemma is beautiful, smart and caring and consistently surprising him with her questions.Trying to understand his love, his obsession for her, Gemma can’t help feeling a similar attraction to the both of them. Things get a bit complicated, lines are crossed. His past with her is messing with the possibility of a future for them. 

WOW, just WOW….I enjoyed the journey this book took me on. Making this novel an interactive one is pure genius! I was able to see the art work depicted throughout the book.  I could also click on links that took me to a companion site so I was able to experience the music that the book refers to throughout the novel. Being able to experience a book this way made the story feel more real; made me really feel the emotions going on at that point in the story. It helped set the mood, my imagination and definitely pulled me in. 

Ella Frank has outdone herself with this one. I was wowed from the first page until the last. It definitely isn’t a typical love story.  This story has it all; beauty, love, heartache, art, music, ghosts of the past, angst, suspense, a unique love triangle and hot passionate sex. 

Blind Obsession is a must read! I guarantee that this is an experience you will never forget.
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