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Our 4 Star review for Defiance Rising (Rising Trilogy #1) by Amy Miles


Review for Defiance Rising (Rising Trilogy #1) by Amy Miles

4 Stars

 I can’t take this. Eamon is pulling from one side and Bastien the other. Both sides are miserable as I am. How can this be my path, to hurt everyone I love?

Illyria is living in a place where Caldonians have taken over, where sky ships land each night scouring the woods for humans. This place used to be her parent’s earth, it has been lost to the past. She must face the skeletal remains of the city, a place she has to explore, to find the truth so that they will have a chance to survive.

Illyria grew up in the Rebellion. It is the only world she knows. She also knows how to fight, survive and trust her instincts.  The leaders of the rebellion (their parents) have been killed, leaving her and her friends in charge to protect the elderly and the young. Toren has stepped up to lead. Eamon, her best friend has always been there for her, protected her, trained her and loves her. She loves him, loves them all. Her BFF Aminah, is the motherly one and Toren’s girlfriend. Then there is Zahra, always trying to get Eamon’s attentions and has been nothing but a thorn in her side. Regardless, they are all she has left and they are her family. It is up to them to fight a war which seems far from over with a dismal chance of winning. 

Running low on ammo, medical supplies, clothing and food, she had no choice but to search in the forbidden City for answers. The tremors are getting worse and he Caldonians are searching for something and she needs to know what that something is. Following her instincts, she leaves her grounds without telling anyone. She ventures into the City, which is unfamiliar to her, a place deemed off limits and very dangerous. This place has memorized her. *Insert sexy rebel survivor here* Illyria runs into Bastien. He is annoyingly gorgeous, strong and stubborn. Denying her attraction for him is harder than she thought. She can’t get him out of her mind and he has somehow managed to sneak into to her heart. *insert love triangle here* 

Bastien grew up in the city, lost his parents and learned to survive. When he runs into Illyria *insert intense attraction and let off some fireworks here* WOW… There is an unexplainable connection he feels towards her. She is beautiful, stubborn, strong and fearless. He is enamored with her and will risk his life to protect her.

I’ve gone head-to-head with a wolf while hunting, dove off the Cascades to satisfy a teenage dare and entered the forbidden City. alone, but I’ve never let a guy get this close. If I had known kissing would be this intense, I would have done it a lot sooner

When Bastien is captured and his life threatened, something takes over her and unexplainable things happen but she was able to set him free. When she is almost captured herself, she runs into a Caldonian solider, Kyan. He isn’t what he appears to be and Illyria will have no choice but to trust him.

His lips press into a tight line, but he nods in understanding. “You can’t outrun your destiny forever, Illyria.”
“Watch me.” I shoot off one final round, severing the wire that holds the ceiling fan aloft and sprint for the hall.

Commander Drakon is hot on their tail. Illyria and her friends with have to fight to the death. She will also have to make the toughest decision of her life, a decision that will affect the fate of the world as she knows it. If she chooses to be with the one her hearts wants; desires and needs, her people will suffer, the world will suffer. If she chooses to be with her soulmate; the one she feels at home with and deeply cares for, she will lose the love of her life the one man she gave her whole heart to, the one her heart knows it belongs to.

I am too young for this, Kyan. How can I save the world when I’m only eighteen?
I know this is not the path you would have chosen for yourself, he thinks, glancing at me from the end of the table, but we do not choose our destiny. It is chosen for us.

This book had a few surprises, great action, a little bit of angst, drama, sadness and a few steamy scenes. The characters were all fantastic. Each had their roles and they made the book that much better.

Yeah, that’s the past that sucks. I sink my chin into my palm

Illyria is a beautiful, strong, stubborn, adventurous 18 year old. All she knows how to do is survive. With the fate of the world in her hands, she has to make the biggest choice of her life. Eamon is handsome and sexy; the one who plays it safe, who is dedicated and reliable. He is your home, your comfort, you can’t help but love him. Definitely swoonworthy *sighs* Bastien, is the bad boy; gorgeous, adventurous, yet protective. Intense and honest- doesn’t stand for any shinanigans. He pushes the limits but is soft and caring under his tough exterior.  He is a panty melter for sure! *fans self-off*

Amy Miles left me hanging and wanting even more. It didn’t end quite the way I would have hoped but I am keeping my fingers crossed that things will change for our heroine, Illyria, in the upcoming book Relinquish (book # 2) due out this fall.

Amy has written the beginning of a successful trilogy with the Rising series. A fantastic job!

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