Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Battle Born Love by Lynda Bailey

Our 4 star review

Battle Born Love is the first book that I have read by author Lynda Bailey and I honestly loved it.  It is the story of two people from opposite sides of the tracks finding love when least expected.

Rory Dawson is the owner of her own repo shop.  She is a strong and confident business woman who has no problem sticking up for herself.  Her biggest weakness though  is her father.  She has been her father's caretaker for quite some time. Her father is an alcoholic and has just landed himself in jail.  She knows that giving him a roof over his head and bailing him out of jail is just enabling him to continue the lifestyle he has been living.  But the guilt from her past won't allow her to turn her back on him.  With her father recently landing himself in jail, Rory finds herself coming up with ways to bail him out.  She certainly doesn't have the money and is in the process of weighing her options when Kane Williams walks in her shop.  Not knowing it at the time, but Kane Williams walking into her shop that day will change her life.

Kane Williams is rich and handsome and after being dumped by his girlfriend he is at the moment, very single.  For most of his life Kane has tried to prove himself to his grandfather.  Having lost his father when he was younger, Kane always felt like he had to live up to his grandfather's expectations.  He is up for a big promotion at work, and getting this promotion would hopefully mean some acceptance from his grandfather. With a big work event coming up soon, his grandfather advises that in order to impress the big people in charge, he needs to bring a date to the party.  Kane knows exactly who he wants to be by his side and knows just what to do the get her to agree.

Kane offers Rory a proposition that she cannot refuse.  She pretends to be his girlfriend until the promotion is announced and she gets the money to bail out her father.  It's a win/win situation for the both of them.  Kane and Rory from and unlikely friendship which leads to a more intimate relationship that neither of them expected. Kane and Rory come from opposite sides of the tracks, and in her heart Rory knows that it could never work between them.  She accepts the relationship for what it is at the moment, knowing then when their arrangement is up, they will go their separate ways.  Kane is falling for Rory just as hard and has every intention of making her his when their whole arrangement is over.  But what happens when a few twists are thrown their way and decisions need to be made.  They love each other and deserve to be happy together, but Kane comes from a very wealthy family, whereas Rory is struggling to make ends meet and dealing with her alcoholic father.  So can two people who come from opposite sides of the tracks make it work and find the happiness that they deserve?  Will the love they have for each other be enough for their relationship to survive?

The chemistry between Rory and Kane was hot!!   I loved the two of them together,  but I have to say that loved Rory as the heroine.  She was smart, confident and a tough cookie.  Kane was sexy and sweet and after finding out more of his past and his real motivation for wanting that promotion, you couldn't help but love him.   I really enjoyed the roller coaster ride that Lynda Bailey took me on with this story. There was everything I look for in a book, it made me laugh, at times shed a tear or two, and had the right amount of drama and angst.   There were twists and turns in the story that kept you wondering where Rory and Kane would end up.  The ending was simply beautiful and was a wonderful way of wrapping up their story.  It will make you smile and possibly even shed a tear.  A job well done by Ms. Bailey!


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