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Blog Tour: Dark Poison by Bec Botefuhr


This book was previously titled Dark Passion.

This book contains adult content 18+

Willow didn’t have an easy life. Her Mother’s in a mental institution and her Father’s dead. When she finally feels like she’s moving on, darkness invades.
Jagger is part of what Willow likes to consider a gang. When he captures her and reveals that her Father is alive and is holding vital information, everything she ever believed is turned upside down.

Now she’s trapped, put in the middle of a gang war and being held captive by a dazzling and beautiful man. Jagger has the power to change everything she’s become, but he also has the power to destroy it…

So what happens when Dark Passion ignites between them?

4 Star Review 

One evening Willow goes out to the bar with her friends and wakes up the next morning in a room with bars on the windows and a locked keypad on the door.    All she remembers is dancing with Johnny and drinking.   
Jagger and his band of brothers are involved in a gang war and the middle piece to the puzzle is Willow’s father who died a couple years ago.  Now Willow is informed that her father really didn’t die and Willow’s life is in danger.  They have kidnapped her for their benefit and also for her own safety.  Once her father comes out of hiding because of the word of her kidnapping, they will let her go. 
During the weeks they are waiting for her father to appear, Willow and Jagger develop a desire for one another.  Once Willow is released and she goes home she wrestles with her feelings for Jagger wondering if they are real or if it was because of her being his captive and he was taking care of her.  Jagger bears his heart and soul out for her.


“I can only promise you that I’ll give you every ounce of my heart and soul, and hope that it’s enough.”  {{swoon}}


Once she accepts her feelings as real, their time together is short as deceit happens upon Willow and Jagger meets up with his past. 

 “You wouldn’t fight for me if it came down to it, you just want to run, like you always do.”

 Jagger was a complex man.  On the outside he appeared stoic and strong, but he was able to put his heart on the table for Willow.  I loved seeing his emotional side come out and at one point after sex he told her to quit using him as a toy because he had feelings too.  I loved that he was able to convey that he was a real person that could be hurt just like anybody else. 

I have read several of author Bec Botefuhr’s book and I have never been disappointed.  Her writing keeps the reader enthralled with the suspense, romance, steamy scenes and cliffhangers. I am anxiously awaiting Book 2 because I did not see that cliffhanger coming.


I stare at him for the longest moment, unsure if I should go over and touch him or not. I want to, everything inside me screams to comfort him, but I still doubt myself. What if this isn’t what I think? What if this is just a mental attraction? I don’t want to think about it, I just want to go with what I know.

What I know right now, is that Jagger makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. What I know is I have to trust myself enough to know these feelings are real. I know it’s a bad situation, heck, I know I should hate him but I don’t. Maybe I do have an illness, but right now, in this moment, I want him and that’s enough for me. I step forward and when I reach him, I place my hands on his naked back. He shudders but doesn’t turn. I run my fingertips up and down his skin, feeling him shiver lightly beneath my touch. I trace little circles, and then move my hands lower and over his perfect, firm backside. He sucks in a breath, but still doesn’t turn. I press myself closer to him, crushing my breasts against his back and reaching around to cup his abdomen. My fingers play and stroke his firm muscles, and I enjoy feeling them move with every stroke. I press my lips to the skin on his shoulder blades and he groans lightly. I slide my hands up and over his pecks, and then I tweak his nipples lightly. He stiffens and closes his hands over mine, stopping me. Doesn’t he want this? I kiss his back, refusing to stop. His breathing becomes deeper and finally he turns. I keep my head against his skin, and when I feel his chest beneath my lips, I suckle and lick until he’s panting.


“I didn’t mean it Jagger, you’re not a monster.”

“This is wrong,”

“I don’t care anymore, I want you.”

The song booms loudly behind us, and then comes to a stop. I stare into those beautiful blue eyes and I’m lost. My feelings for this man are real, they may be crazy, insane and idiotic but they’re real. He strokes my cheek, and when the next song comes on, he pushes me out into the middle of the living room and wraps his arms around me. Before I know it, we’re dancing.  I don’t dare speak, afraid to ruin this beautiful moment between us. Our bodies are moving together and our eyes are locked. It’s the moment where everything comes together and begins to make sense. I know as crazy as it is, my life will never be the same again after knowing this man.

The thought both scares and excites me at the same time. I swallow when Jagger moves his head down, capturing my lips in a gentle caress. I whimper, as pleasure begins shooting through my body. My lips mould with his and he’s moving them over mine gently, softly - bringing me to heights I never thought I could find. He pulls me closer, and I tangle my fingers into the curl of hair at the base of his neck.

“I need you, take me to bed Jagger, please…”

About the Author:

G'day, I'm Bec Botefuhr and I'm a 25 year old Aussie girl. I love writing, I love horses, I love the outback. I am Australian born and bred and proud! I came up with my books from dreams and I love each and every one of them, I know my characters and I live them each day. My belief is that all Authors are great, no matter what they write.

"True blue, is it me and you? Is it mum and dad? Is it a cockatoo? Is it standing by your mate, when she's in a fight? Or just Vegemite? True blue."

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