Monday, May 6, 2013

Giveaway and Review: Anything You Ask by Lynn Kellan


Widow Danielle Cooper doesn't know how she'll support her two young sons and a 400-acre farm. Her prodigal brother-in-law offers an unusual solution. He'll pay off her debt in exchange for the deed. She agrees to a temporary marriage to transfer the farm, but can she trust a man with too many secrets?

Thrown off the farm by his father, Hale vows to reclaim the land where he was raised. Helping Danielle provides a perfect way to redeem himself, but his feelings complicate matters. He wants to make their marriage a real one. Problem is, Danielle won't tolerate any more secrets, and he can't tell her why his family disowned him.

Now more is on the line than just the farm. Staying together will require a special kind of courage. Are they strong enough to let go of their painful past and embrace the future?

4.5 Star Review Guest Reviewer Nicole Lorenzo

When Danielle Cooper’s husband Mark dies due to an accident on the farm, she is left struggling to feed her five year- old twin boys and make ends meet. Barely keeping their heads above water, and watching the farm fall apart before her eyes, Danielle pushes aside her pride and asks for help from the only man that can restore the farm to what it once was. It’s been six years since she has seen Hale Cooper who was once her closest friend and now her brother- in- law.  When Hale shows up he offers to help her, but only if she temporarily marries him, to get the farm out of debt. Afraid and out of options, Danielle agrees, but she’s scared to trust another Cooper man with her life and most of all her heart.

Hale Cooper always loved his family’s farm, but leaves it behind when he takes the blame for something he didn’t commit.  Six years after his father threw him out, Hale returns, but only for Dani. His brother died and left the farm and her life in ruins. He jumps at this opportunity to claim back the land he deserves and the girl he has always loved. But can she trust and love him when she discovers all his secrets?

        “I want this farm. Even more than that, I want you.”

This Novella by Lynn Kellan is short and sweet but leaves a lasting impression!  I was sucked into this story from the moment I picked it up!  Danielle and Hale are both trying to put their lives back in order. Together they have to save the farm while navigating through their feelings of guilt, regret, anger, love and hope.  It’s an endearing story that packs a lot of punch for only being 120 pages!
“I stop hurting when you hold me. Of course, I want you.”

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  1. I loved this book and recommended it to all my friends on Goodreads and Facebook. Your glowing review is well deserved.



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