Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Giveaway and Review: Ever Enough by Stacy Borel


What happens when the man you thought was the one, ends up being the one that got away?

When Finley breaks her heart on graduation night, eighteen year old Emilyn is left alone to pick up the pieces of her life. After muddling through the next ten years-including immersing herself in a lifeless marriage-she is brought to her knees when she encounters Finley at her high school reunion. Long ago buried emotions and feelings bubble to the surface and when Finley kisses her, Emilyn flees the scene. Arriving home to find her husband in the arms of another woman, Emilyn is forced to return to her hometown and start again. But is it possible to start afresh when the past just won’t seem to let you go?

Finley has spent the ten years since high school focused on his career. As a songwriter, he has never had a problem getting women. But when he realizes that the woman he let go a decade ago could be his happy ever after, he decides to do whatever it takes to get her back. But are some hurdles too great to


4.5 Star Review Guest Reviewer Nicole Lorenzo

When Finley leaves Emilyn in the parking lot on graduation night, he walks away with her dreams, goals, self-confidence and every piece of her broken heart. Devastated and alone Emilyn tries to put back the pieces of her life, but finds herself still not fully happy even 10 years later. Looking forward to getting away from her failing marriage for a few days, Emilyn heads back to her hometown to her high school reunion.  There she encounters Finley, and her memories and feelings for him come back to her in a rush of emotion she is not prepared for. After an earth shattering kiss that she knows she will never forget, Emilyn returns home to her husband. Arriving home early, Emilyn is confronted with more devastation when she finds her husband of 8 years in their bed with another woman.  Back in her hometown, Emilyn once again finds herself trying to put her life back together. She is thankfully surrounded by her family and best friend, who she will need now more than ever. When Finley gets word that she’s back in town he comes barreling back into her life, making it hard for to keep her feelings for him at bay. Trying to deny the depth of her love for him is next to impossible, but can she trust him with her heart again?
“I couldn’t even give my own husband my whole heart, because it was with you!”
Finley made the biggest mistake of his life a decade ago when he walked away from Emilyn on graduation night. He has a great career as a songwriter and women to fill his loneliness but he isn’t truly happy, and he broke the heart of the one person who can fix that.  He goes to their high school reunion with the sole purpose of seeing Emilyn again, and when he does, he can’t help but kiss her, even though it sends her running back to her husband. When her marriage falls apart and she comes back to town to get her life in order, Finley knows this is his chance to prove to Emilyn that he never stopped loving her. He wants her and he will do everything in his power to get her, but Emilyn wont hand over the pieces of her shattered heart so willingly. 
“You are mine. Do you understand me? Mine! And if I have to spend the rest of my life finding every single piece of your broken heart, I will.”
Ever Enough was very well written and once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. Emilyn and Finley’s story tugged at my heartstrings. It was heartbreaking and, sweet and sexy I loved the real range of emotions I went through while reading this. I laughed out loud quite a few times, got the fan out for the steamy sex scenes and teared up during others.  Emilyn, the poor girl was put through the wringer, and I was so happy when things were finally looking up for her. Her best friend Harper is a hoot and I love the angsty relationship between her and Kyler, Finley’s best friend. Finley tries so hard to make up for his past actions and he definitely redeems himself. He’s gorgeous, sweet and the perfect book boyfriend material. I loved this debut novel by Stacy Borel and I cannot wait to get to see what happens with Harper and Kyler in her next book!

*I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Great synopsis and review, this sounds like a tremendous read. Good luck on your debut, Stacy!!


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