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Review: Until I Break by M.Leighton

Review for Until I Break by M. Leighton

4.5 Stars

What happens when two people who have traumatic pasts and secrets get together; a roller coaster of emotions, heart ache and triumph and a beautiful dark love story.

“The things I’m going to do to you, the things I’m going to show you have nothing to do with your job or your family or where you spend your time, It’s just about you. And me. And all the pleasure we can give each other.”

Samantha Jansen is a beautiful, smart, shy and very insecure woman. She is damaged by her past, one she can’t seem to let go of.  She dreams of her main character she created, Mason Straight; her broken hero, her wildest fantasy and her greatest fear. Yes, Sam is also the famous author Laura Drake. The sexy, confident, sharp and in control author who is topping the charts with her paranormal romance novels and she doesn’t really exist. Only Ari, her publicist and Chris, her sister know the truth. Having a few failed relationships and a worried sister, Sam finally decides to “talk” with a professional via computer sessions. While on a book signing Laura’s life will change forever, as her fantasy character “Mason”, appears before her very eyes asking her some very complicated questions. *Insert dangerously sexy stranger here* A stranger who seems to see right through her.

Translucent jade eyes never leave mine as the stranger leans forward, extending his hand. It seems he’s introducing himself to me rather than answering Ari’s question. What I don’t think this man realizes is that he’s giving my dreams- and my nightmares- a new name. “Brand. Alex Brand.”

Alec Brand is a gorgeous, mysterious, intense and a little bit dangerous man. He doesn’t do relationships and he makes that very clear from the get go. He screams sex and he is on the prowl. Completely fascinated by the author, he shows up to her book signings and is pleased to see she is taken aback by him. He can’t fight his urges or his attraction for her, he needs her but he also knows he should stay away.

Savvy author of vampire romance novels, possessed of an intriguing mind and a more intriguing past? Or shy, possibly repressed woman I saw staring back at me from behind those glasses? Which is the real Laura Drake? And how do I get close enough to find out?

Sam and Alec get to know each other better in more ways than one. When he exposes her to his world and she freaks out, he is confused and hurt. How could he have read her so wrong? Alec makes a deal with Sam to help her out with her issues and along the way they manage to get into each other’s hearts. *insert bump in the road and the man high tailing it outta there* Alec battles his feelings for Sam, he knows her demons but his are so dark that if exposed he chances ruining the both of them.

“I was dead before I met you and I will be dead again if you ever leave me,” I told Samantha.

You have two incredible and damaged main characters, who hide behind a mask. They work together to overcome their fears. Although Alec believes he is helping Sam (which he is) he doesn’t realize just how much Sam is helping him and just how much he needs her. That is the beauty of it. They rescue each other. I fell in love with Alec because of HIS FEAR to LOVE again and his need to be in control since he felt he lost control that one time. He feels unworthy and he MAKES himself the monster he believes he is which we all know he isn’t *insert angst and heartache*.

I loved that Sam felt she needed to become this author to be a sexual person. As Sam she was so vulnerable and felt so helpless but becoming author Laura Drake, she felt more in control and very confident. I loved that she FEARED having an orgasm because she DOES enjoy sex a little rough- she feared what that would make her, plus with her witnessing her mother’s indiscretions , these are things that a child/teenager should never be exposed to. Imagine living your entire life believing you could only receive pleasure from pain. *insert trauma and issues here*

This book was amazing. Suspenseful, Sexy, Shocking, EROTIC, kinky and Dark but so romantic and the freaking epilogues(one from each of their POV's).... I was WOW’D!

The sex scenes *fanning self-off* was freaking kinky with ties, candle wax and oh did I mention that I will forever have a goofy grin when it comes to ice cubes*smirking*. The scenes were written with class and sensitivity. 

M. Leighton has another winner with this one! A job well done.

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