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Our 4.5 Star review of Down London Road by Samantha Young

Review for Down London Road by Samantha Young

4.5 Stars

24 year old Johanna Walker has always been the one to take care of her family, especially her younger brother, Cole. With a father that has been M.I.A. and a mother who is worthless, the adult responsibilities have become her problems to bare.  Working her tail off at two jobs, she does what she can to make ends meet. She is even picky about the men in her life and dates them according to their financial stability and their willingness to help provide for her family. She doesn’t have time to deal with whether or not there is attraction or if there is that rush or excitement. You know the typical butterflies you get. She doesn’t have time for that or at least she didn’t think she did until Cameron MacCabe, judgmentally, came into her life.

“Well, I guess that makes us a pair. I’m a brainless, morally corrupt, money-grabbing bimbo and you’re a jumped-up pretentious artsyfartsy know-it-all dickhead.”

Cameron MacCabe is a gorgeous, tattooed out of work graphic designer. Looking for a job anywhere. At this point the last thing he expected was the beautiful, smart Johanna to help him get a job Club 39. When he tries to get close to Jo, he realizes her suit of armor is nearly impossible to penetrate. He wants to know what secret she is keeping and he also finds himself wanting her. When he ends up moving into the flat below Jo’s, their attraction for each other becomes impossible to deny and for the first time ever, Jo really wants to put her needs first. 

“Can I trust you with her?” Cam heaved a deep sigh, but he answered Cole as if he was speaking to a man on equal footing. “I know I deserve that, but I promise from now on I’ll treat your sister with the respect she deserves.”

Slowly Jo and Cam get to know one another and Cam suddenly realizes how wrong he was about her. Jo is happy that for once in her life things seem stable. The thing neither one of them expected was to fall head over heels in love. Like all relationships, there are bumps in the road and people from the past that threaten their future. Will Jo finally give her heart a chance or stick with what she feels best and go with her head?

“Hush.” His breath whispered against my lips and he lowered his hands until they circled my waist. “You feel this too. You’ve felt it since the night we met.”
Johanna hasn’t had an easy life and likes to keep things buried deep. Never putting herself first, Jo really doesn’t even know who she really is or what she really wants, that is until Cam. Cam is able to bring the real Jo to light. He helps her take some of the weight off her shoulders she has bared for years just by being her friend, someone to confide in and trust. Soon that friendship turns into so much more than she could have imagined. Jo finally understands and experiences what she truly has been missing out in life. 

Cam has some secrets as well but he never expected Jo to be the one to teach him a few lessons along the way. One lesson -never judge a book by its cover. The one thing Cam knows is that Jo is the most selfless person he has ever met. Seriously what person would get someone a job after being a complete 100% jerk towards you? That is one of many reasons Cam is intrigued by her.

Jo is such a strong character and the chemistry between Cam and Jo is electrifying. We all know what it feels like to be insecure, to pretend to be happy and to bare responsibilities that we shouldn’t have to bare. I loved being able to read about such familiar characters like Joss, Braden and the gang. The life lessons that teach us you don’t have to be blood related to have people in your life that you consider family.

Samantha Young gave us a hit with Joss and Braden on Dublin Street and now she has given us a TKO with Jo and Cam with Down London Road.

Beautiful, heartfelt, emotional and wonderfully written!  

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