Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Wind Chime Point by Sherryl Woods

When life gets complicated, New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods proves family—and love—can make all the difference.  Facing a personal crisis, ambitious and driven Gabriella Castle retreats to the welcoming arms of her family. Everything she's worked for has been yanked out from under her, and she seeks the serenity of her grandmother's home on the North Carolina coast. With difficult decisions to make about her future, the last thing she wants is an unexpected love.

Wade Johnson fell for Gabi the first time he saw her. It's not the only time he's found himself in the role of knight in shining armor, but Gabi isn't looking for a rescuer. To get her to stay, Wade will need a whole lot of patience and gentle persuasion …and maybe the soothing sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze.

4 Star Review
Gabi Castle finds herself pregnant, unemployed and alone. After years of working as a public relations executive, once her boss discovered she was pregnant, a hide her behind the scenes plan was proposed. She opted to take the severance package that was offered as an alternative. Gabi’s longtime boyfriend can’t believe he is the father (guess no one told him even the best birth control isn’t 100% foolproof) and declares if Gabi wants to keep this baby, count him out. Her sister Samantha, tells her to go to the family home in Sand Castle Bay, NC and talk to her dad. She also mentions Wade Johnson’s name, the carpenter who pitched in to help their grandmother after the hurricane damaged her restaurant. She casually mentions that Wade seemed interested in her, when they were all there for the cleanup. Sam assures her that her other sister, Emily, and her fiancĂ© Boone, would love to see her soon.

Wade Johnson adores his sister Lou and her brood pack. Two years ago he lost his very pregnant wife in an accident. Although he feels an attraction towards Gabi, he figures it’s pretty one sided. Until she turns up in Sand Castle Bay. He seizes his chance to chat her up, finds out she’s been dumped by the baby daddy and finds a way to invite her out.

Having insured that Paul, her former boyfriend, is out of her baby’s life for good, Gabi is still not sure that putting the baby up for adoption is not the best thing for everyone. She enjoys Wade’s company, but tries to keep herself from relying on him. Wade knows where his heart lies, although he has yet to wrestle with the demons that plague him from his past loss.

Can Wade ever come to peace with his wife’s death? Can Gabi ever accept a man like Wade could love her and see beyond the mistakes she has made? Can two people so torn and wounded, ever find their way together? Woods’ book is a sweet read which soothes the soul and restores your faith that life sometimes gives us a second chance if we will only open our hearts to it. 

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