Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Defiance by Stephanie Tyler

Rebelling against her legacy as the MC's princess, Tru Tennyson escaped the ruthless, male-dominated culture of the Defiance motorcycle club. Three years later, her newfound freedom is ripped away, thanks to a massive hybrid storm that killed millions. Now, in the post-Chaos world of semi-darkness and near-total anarchy where gangs rule, she discovers the dangerous world of Defiance may be the one thing that can keep her safe.

Tru is at the MC's mercy when she's dragged back to her former home … and to the only man she's ever pictured a future with. Caspar is the bastard son of the club's leader, her safe haven when life got rough — and her onetime lover the night she left. When Tru refuses to trade sex for power and be claimed by a rival club leader, she also dares to announce she wants Caspar instead, throwing the MC into turmoil.

Tru's brazen revolt could start a gang war and destroy the club from within. Now both Tru and the MC must wait for Caspar's response … and the inevitable fallout.

3.5 Star Review 

The rules had always been simple here- you lived and died by your MC. Men were in charge, women weren't.

Prior to a massive hybrid storms that killed millions of people, Tru Tennyson grew up in the MC world. She was the MC's princess. She was dating the MC Prince, He didn't treat her good but he didn't treat her great either and she knew she would have to bond with him. In this male dominated place some of the men were ruthless. She wanted no part of it. Abused by her very own father she was certain that it wouldn't stop there. Tru turned to the only man at the Defiance motorcycle club she trusts and loves with all her heart to help her escape. The world outside the MC was everything she wanted. She took classes, she waitressed at a diner, she apprenticed at a tattoo shop learning the trade from a women by the name of Louise. Then the Chaos hit, meteors, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Tsunamis, crazy weather and all the lights went out that included the sun. Three years later the world is in post- chaos and still left in the semi darkness, gangs pretty much rule. Tru finds herself in trouble and has no choice to return home to Defiance and no choice but to believe that it will protect her, that he will protect her.

Caspar is the bastard son of the club's leader, Lance. He is the top enforcer and he is also the man that helped her escape three and half years ago, little did she know that she left with his heart. Caspar had survived well; being ex- military and a cage fighter and smart he did well. Although he has a scar along his cheek that made him look scary, he was extremely handsome. He could have any unbounded woman he wanted.

"I'm not going to survive you. I've made it through war, the Chaos...but you've always been my goddamned Kryptonite. So what do you think, Tru?"

It took him twelve years to get into this place and he is so close to reaching his personal goals here at Defiance and no one was getting in his way including Tru.
Now that she is back, everyone is weary and on edge. She has refused to bond with a rival club leader Paddy, who is now demanding her death. Making matters worse she learns that she will have to bond with Roan and the thought of bonding with him makes her sick. The all hell breaks loose when she announces that she wants to bond with Caspar. Tru's choices have started a gang war and an uproar within the walls of Defiance. When the truths are revealed it will be up to Caspar to decide if he wants her by his side or six feet under.

This book did pull me in right away. It took me a few chapters before I was able to connect with the characters. It took a bit but Caspar grew on me and I ended up really liking him. He was scary because of his scar, intense, good looking and well respected and smart. I adored his friends Bishop and Mathias. They were a great pair and kept the story entertaining. Tru is beautiful and smart and the decisions she had to make to survive got her into trouble but regardless Caspar is the man she has loved since she was a little girl. When she returns she has to prove to Caspar that she won't run and that she is there to stay by his side. Like all relationships they hit a few snags here and there and in the end they are able to open up and communicate to each other.

This post- apocalyptic love story is an easy and entertaining read. There are a few steamy scenes that will definitely get your blood pumping. The MC world still proves to be a rough environment, one that still intrigues me and besides it is hard to resist a motorcycle club bad boy.

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  1. Sounds great. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.


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