Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Giveaway: Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Body by Jennie Marts

Sunny’s not sure she’s even looking for Mr. Maybe, when her friends decide to find her Mr. Right. Sunny Vale considers herself a dog-loving, romance-reading homebody. But her life goes from dull to deadly when her book club fires her from her own love life and sets her up on six blind dates--one of whom might be with a murderer.

More trouble arrives in the dead of night, in the form of Jake Landon, a mysterious stranger, who breaks into her neighbor’s house and possibly her heart. But Jake is packing more than a loaded gun in his well-fitting Levi’s. He brings an arsenal of secrets and plenty of heat to Sunny’s ho-hum summer.

Jake Landon finds himself caught up in the capers of the sexy blonde in the house next door. But he has his own agenda which doesn’t involve playing hero to a curvy second-grade teacher and babysitting her panty-puking puppy. He's got other problems like fiery explosions, a missing person...and a parade of jerks Sunny insists on dating. Could Sunny’s Mr. Right be right under her nose? Even though Jake is gorgeous, likes her dog, and has abs she can crack an egg on, can she really go out with him if he’s just murdered her next door neighbor?

Women of all ages will enjoy this tale of humorous, women's fiction that also has a touch of cozy mystery in this small town love story.

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  1. Hey Three Chicks! Thanks for having me! Your blog is so cute! This is Jennie and I will be around for the next few hours of the giveaway if anyone wants to chat about my book. Or how hot it is this summer. Or how addictive Cheetos are. Whatever. :) I'm around.

  2. This story looks fun! Thanks for the chance to read it!


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