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Blog Tour: Faithful by Kelly Elliott


No matter how faithful love can be…it takes only one moment to change it all.

After Heather Lambert’s parents died in a tragic car accident her senior year of high school, she refuses to let anyone into her heart for fear of being hurt again. Focusing only on school to follow her dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, the last thing Heather intends to do is fall in love with Josh Hayes.

Josh knows the moment he lays eyes on Heather that she is the one he’s been waiting for. During months of obstacles and denied feelings, he is rejected by her time and time again.When he finally wins her love, Josh and Heather start planning their future together…until Heather receives one bit of news she never wanted to hear again.

There has been a car accident.

Josh wakes up with no memory of Heather, and his ex-girlfriend, Victoria, is his nurse. Heather must decide if she’ll risk being hurt again and fight for the one man she loves with all her heart.

Will Josh remember Heather when she needs him the most? Or will Victoria take advantage of this opportunity, pushing Heather away from Josh for good?

Faithful is the third book in the Wanted series by Kelly Elliott.

4 Star review by Jen Hagen

Faithful is the third book in the Wanted Series.  The first being titled Wanted, followed by Saved, and now Faithful.  At the end of Saved, we were treated to an epilogue of epic proportions that left us all picking our jaws up off the floor and setting our countdown clock for Faithful to arrive.   The happiness that Josh and Heather had finally achieved was being threatened and we all wanted to know what had happened.

Faithful begins by giving us a look into the past of both Heather and Josh’s life and how this past will effect their future.  Then it proceeds to the present and brings us up to date with the accident with Josh.  Josh is in the hospital following injuries from his accident.  He has survived the accident, but unfortunately has lost his memory of the last 4 years and has no idea who Heather is.   Even though he has no recollection of who Heather is and how important she is to him, he can’t fight the magnetism that remains between the two of them.

I smiled at the idea of being with this girl. There was something about her that made me feel…different, and I sure as sh*t couldn’t wait to figure out what it was.

Although we are in the present time, Josh feels like he is back in his college days because a girl from his past is his nurse.  Victoria didn’t want to let go of him back then and she sees this as her opportunity to  gain back his affection.  Whereas Rebecca was the evil girl in Saved, Victoria has easily stepped up to the be villain in this book.  There is nothing good about Victoria.  She only wants to cause trouble for Heather and Josh.  Josh is a very kindhearted man who doesn’t see when people are trying to manipulate him.  Case in point:  Lynda and Victoria.  He is too trusting and doesn’t see what they are trying to do.

Luckily Heather loves Josh too much to let any other woman push their way into Josh’s life.   Josh’s parents are supporting Heather and will do anything to help Heather and Josh find their way back to each other. 

The gang is all here again.  Gunnar and Jeff continue with their humorous banter between each other.  Jeff still loves his Ford truck and manipulates Josh into buying a Ford to replace the Dodge that was destroyed in the accident (I found this quite humorous!).  Gunnar and Ellie are happy in their lives with baby Alex, Gunnar’s parents and grandparents.  Ellie is treated to a visit from her past and this left me holding my breath…in the end it brought me to tears.  Brad and Amanda have a difficult storyline that brought the angst level up a notch to where I could feel my heart beating through my chest,  but this is exactly what I like in a book.  Speaking of angst…there’s always angst at the end of Kelly’s books that leaves us wanting more and I’m happy to say she did not disappoint us.  There’s a new guy in the gang that will be getting his book next and his name is Scott.  You may remember him from Saved, he was always messing with Jeff making him jealous by flirting with Ari.  I think Jeff and Ari will always be my favorite couple and there is plenty of Jeff and Ari in Faithful.
As for Heather and Josh…will they find their way back to each other?  Was their love strong enough to hold Josh to Heather even when he couldn’t remember her?  Will he really find happiness with Victoria?  You just have to have faith that Josh and Heather have  “...a love that will forever and always remain faithful.”

Here is a bonus scene from Fatiful

The Honeymoon

As we pulled up to the hotel I let out a small gasp. It was perfect. “Josh, this is…”


I looked at him and smiled. “Yes. More than perfect, it’s breathtaking. How in the world did you find this hotel in such a quaint little town?”

“Research. Google and I became very good friends.”

“How old is this hotel?” I asked as Josh pulled in and parked.

“It’s only a few years old, four maybe.” He said with a laugh.

I spun around and looked at him. “It looks older. I can’t wait to see the inside.”

Josh got out, quickly walking around the car to open my door before the gentlemen coming out of the hotel could get it. I had to giggle and shake my head. I wanted to remind him Gunner was nowhere near us. I got out of the car and took a look around.

My god. It’s beautiful, with nothing but mountains and ocean everywhere you look.

We walked into the reception area and I was shocked at how old it looked. “Look at the rock and the wood.” I whispered.

Josh walked up the reception desk and the girl behind the counter immediately began batting her eyelashes and didn’t even give me a second look.

“Buon pomeriggio!” she said.

Josh turned and looked at me.

“Good afternoon.” I said as she turned and glanced at me. “Parli inglese?”

She looked back towards Josh and then smiled. “Yes. I speak English. How may I help you?”

Josh smiled and grabbed my hand. “Josh and Heather Hayes. We’re here on our honeymoon.”

She smiled bigger and looked at me as she raised her eyebrow and winked at me.

“Well welcome to Hotel Bia Maore. You picked the perfect spot for your honeymoon. We only have eleven rooms, each decorated with handmade furniture.”

She began typing and smiled as she looked back up at us. “Yes. We have you in our most romantic room. It has a small balcony with a panoramic terrace overlooking the Gulf of Arbatax and Ogliastra mountains. It’s very nice…very romantic.”

Josh squeezed my hand and my heart started pounding. After the long flight and then getting over to Sardinia, I was exhausted but I was aching for his touch. He looked down at me and gave me that crooked smile of his. I instantly felt my cheeks blush just from thinking of the things I wanted him to do to me.

He leaned down and put his lips up against my ear. His hot breath made my knees weak. “I’m going to guess by the flush on your cheeks, you’re thinking the same thing I am.” He whispered.

I let out a giggle and nodded my head. “I want to bury myself deep inside you, princess.”

Oh god. I needed him. Now.

“Philip will bring your luggage to your room. It might take about five minutes.” The hotel clerk said as she handed Josh our room key.

Josh took it from her as she told us about the full breakfast that is available each morning.

“I don’t think we’ll be getting out of bed that early.” He said with a wink. I smacked him on the arm.

“Come on princess, let’s go step out onto the terrace while we wait on our luggage.” As we walked out towards the open terrace, Josh placed his hand on my lower back and guided me out the door. I shook my head as I looked at the view. So incredibly beautiful.

“I’d forgotten how breathtaking Italy is.” I turned and looked at him. “Thank you, Josh. Thank you so much for doing all of this.”

He pulled me into his arms as he captured my lips with his. His kiss was full of so much love I could feel it pouring into my body.

“I love you, Heather. I’d do anything to make you happy.”

I reached up and ran my hand down the side of his face. “You loving me makes me happy, so very happy.”

I woke up to the sun shining through the window.  I looked around our room and couldn’t believe how perfect it was. The walls were a light yellow and there was just a simple bed and desk.  It was so simple but also so romantic with all the fresh flowers in the room. The bathroom was gorgeous. I closed my eyes and thought about how Josh had made love to me in the shower only a few hours ago. Every time with him felt like the first time. I smiled and could almost feel his lips covering my body with soft kisses.

I gently crawled out of bed, grabbed my robe and walked out onto the terrace. We were only staying here for three days and then heading to Rome so I wanted to take in every moment I could to look at the mountains and ocean. The breeze was amazing. I pulled my robe around me tighter as I felt a chill running through my whole body. The terrace was huge and had a few lounge chairs and a table on it. I was surprised at how private it was.

My body instantly heated as I felt Josh pull me up against him. “Good morning, princess.” He moved his hand up and under my robe has he slid his hand around to my stomach. Everywhere his hand touched my skin tingled.

“Good morning babies.”

I smiled and leaned my head back against his chest. “It’s so beautiful, I don’t want to leave.”

Josh let out a laugh. “It is beautiful. Just like you.” I giggled as I turned to look at him.

“So, what’s the plan for today or are we just winging it?” I asked with a wink.

He threw his head back and laughed. “Nope. I have a plan of action. First thing, I need to feed you and my babies. Then it’s down to the beach for a picnic. I’ve already made arrangements to have a picnic there waiting for us.”

My heart started beating faster. “What’s the name of the beach?”

“Cala Mariolu.” He said with a smile.

My heart dropped to my stomach. “Josh.” I whispered. “I had a feeling you had to have known about Cala Mariolu when I found out where we were staying.” I felt the tears building in my eyes.

Cala Mariolu was the beach where my parents and I were planning on visiting after graduation. I was going to put the flower petals in the water with them to celebrate the start of a new phase in my life.

“I love you, Heather. This was important to you and your parents. That makes it important to me as well.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I started to cry as I fell into his arms. He held me so close as I just let it all out. I’d tried so hard not to cry as we made our way to Italy, knowing that I should have made this trip with my parents. They should have been at my high school graduation, and my wedding. The birth of my babies. I couldn’t help but cry harder standing here without them.

“I miss them so much, Josh. I just miss them so much.”

Josh ran his hand up and down my back as he held me. “I know baby. I’m so sorry.”

I pulled back and looked at him. The love in his eyes caused me to catch my breath.

“Make love to me.” I said as I pulled the towel that he had wrapped around his waist off.

He smiled as he began to untie my robe. He used his hands to gently push the robe off my shoulders. His eyes traveled up and down my body as he licked his lips.

Jesus…the way he was looking at me had my body on fire. He looked into my eyes as took his thumbs and wiped away my tears. He cupped my face and kissed me so passionately. He reached down and picked me up as he made his way over to one of the lounge chairs. Before I knew it, he was taking me to heaven and back with his sweet love making. I didn’t even care that we were out on the terrace making love.

It was just the two of us…lost in each other’s arms.

I stood at the edge of the water looking out at the crystal clear blue water. Cala Mariolu was even more beautiful in person that any picture I’d ever seen.

Daddy…mommy…you’d loved it here. It’s the perfect spot.

“They’re with you, princess.” Josh said as he walked up and wrapped his arms around me.

I nodded my head as I wiped the tears away. “I know they are. I feel them with me.”

“Did you get enough to eat?” Josh asked as he gently placed kisses along the back of neck.

I let out a laugh. “Yes! I think the babies are pretty satisfied as well.”

We stood there for a few minutes in silence, just staring out over the ocean.

Josh moved his hand around and held out the pouch that contained the flower petals. I closed my eyes as I reached for it. I turned and looked into the eyes of the man who had made all my dreams come true and literally rescued me from all the hurt and pain. I thought about our wedding song. The song he had picked out.

“I think my parents brought you into my life. The first moment I saw you…something happened to my heart and I fought it for so long out of nothing but fear. But then it hit me. We were meant to be together…you and me. Always.”

Josh smiled as he took my hand. “For infinity.”

I nodded my head. “My father wanted to celebrate me moving on in my life and starting a new phase. You are my new life, Josh. Will you do this with me, together?”

I watched as the tears pooled in Josh’s eyes. He nodded his head as we turned and walked a little further out into the water. I opened the pouch and the smell of the flower petals hit me as I felt a warm feeling move through my whole body.

I picked up Josh’s hand and poured some of the petals in his hand and then the rest in my hand. I looked up at him and smiled as I reached up and wiped away the tear that was rolling down his face.

“Ready?” I asked. He nodded his head as we both bent down and gently placed the flower petals into the water. As I slowly stood up, I watched as they drifted further out to sea…being carried away by the current…guided by my parents.

I took a deep breath and turned to see Josh’s eyes watching the petals. Then it dawned on me.

“Josh.”  I whispered.

He turned and looked at me as a smile slowly spread across his face. “Our wedding day.”
I nodded. “We’ve already started our new life.” I said as he grabbed me and brought his lips down to mine. The way he way he was kissing me had me gasping for air. When he pulled away we were both practically panting for our next breath. As we smiled at each other a total sense of peace engulfed my whole body.

“Are you ready Princess?” he asked as he took my hand and we walked out of the ocean and towards our future together.



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