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Blog Tour: Now or Never by Jamie Canosa


To move on,
Leave the past behind,
And build a new life with Jay.

That’s all Em wanted. After everything they’d been through together, they were both overdue their ‘happily ever after’. Too bad the world doesn’t work that way. Memories last longer than dreams and Em’s fears continue to plague her both day and night, interfering with that new life she so desperately craves.

To start over,
Secure a future,
And give Em the life she deserves.

That was Jay’s plan, but the past isn’t done with them, yet. While Em still struggles to overcome the ghosts of her past, Jay is forced to come face to face with his. When the skeletons in his closet step back into the light, Jay must decide what he will do—and what he will sacrifice—to protect Em from them.

Against all odds, Em and Jay are on the verge of having everything they’ve ever wanted. They’ve fought for it before, but is their love strong enough to endure any more heartache? The time has come for each of them to choose for themselves whether or not they will allow the past to continue to corrupt their future.

And, together, they must decide, will it be . . . NOW OR NEVER?

4 star review by Jen Hagen

Jay and Em deserve a happily ever after.  They found strength in each other on the streets and thought they had found their happily ever after when Jay came upon an inheritance and was able to purchase a small home and a rickety old pick-up truck.  They were living the American Dream.  Even though they have a roof over their heads and jobs, it’s still difficult to make ends meet. 

Everything had seemed so bright, shiny, and new the day he’d swooped in to Em’s rescue and taken her away.  A new beginning full of promise. They’d been so na├»ve. Without high school diplomas or any sort of references, they’d been turned down right and left until the last of his inheritance was spent trying to keep them fed.

Both Em and Jay suffer from nightmares depicting images of their past lives that they escaped.  Jay continues to be a protector of Em.  I don’t think either of them would survive in this life if Jay didn’t see himself as a protector and Em didn’t have him to look after her.  They are a perfect fit for each other.

The past comes knocking on Jay’s door and this sets in motion the precedence of the story.  Jay thinks that he has to give Em protection from him and his past and the only way to do this is if Em isn’t in his life.  It hurts him, but he has to let her go.

“I took you in when you had no one. Before me, you had no one. And no one since. Don’t you see? You have nothing to compare me to. No idea of what else is out there. What you’re missing. What you deserve. Things are different now. You’re safe now.”

For being only 19, Jay has had a lifetime of worries.  This new worry has him working double and triple shifts at the diner, but still not able to make the past disappear.  He sees Em practically every day at the diner that they both work at and he sees that she has been beat down by his choice to let her go.  He has essentially pushed her into the arms of another man and it hurts him to see her moving on, but in his eyes it was the only thing to do as he is a protector and he will protect Em at any cost…even if it costs him his happiness.

Em has difficulties moving forward in her life.  She has a setback in her progression from the past and feels guilty for not doing anything to prevent hurt being transferred onto others.  She falls into her own world of blackness and needs help finding her way into the brightness of the world again, but without Jay beside her she sinks further down.

Missing Jay was like missing a body part. Something essential, like an arm or a leg. Functioning without him was difficult and awkward.

Both Jay and Em are being haunted by their pasts and we struggle to see them move forward.  Jay tries so hard to keep his past away from Em, but even with pushing her away it still manages to find her.  Jay is at a standstill as to how to move forward in life without his past constantly showing up at his door.

He’d done everything he could think of, given up everything he had – including the one thing he loved more than anything else in the godforsaken world:  her—and still it wasn’t enough.  What the hell did this life want from him?  He had nothing left to give.

Em knows that her past has kept  her and Jay’s relationship from moving forward sexually.  When Jay essentially pushes Em away from him she rationalizes that it is because of her fear to let go of the painful past.   She needs strength and she needs courage to make certain that her uncle faces charges for Em’s violations.  Em needs Jay beside her to be strong.

“We’re not strong enough alone.  And that’s okay, because we’re not alone.  I have you, and you have me, and nothing is going to change that.  Apart, we’re like broken mirrors, reflecting back these warped and skewed images of ourselves.”  -- Em

 I have enjoyed reading Em and Jay’s journey taking them from the gruesome memories of their pasts, to the streets, and finally to a place they can call home together. 

Author Bio:
Jamie Canosa is a full time author of YA literature, which she absolutely loves. When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in a book. She currently resides in Ravena, NY with her wonderful husband and three crazy kids . . . plus the dog, the bird and the rabbit.

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  1. Sounds intense with 2 people desperately in love with each other but not knowing how to be together and handle the demons from their past. Added to my TBR ... thanks for sharing!

  2. Jay and Em's story sounds entreating and can't wait to read it. thank you for the giveaway chance and sharing.

  3. Can't wait. Placed on my TBR which just keeps growing with amazing books. Thanks for the giveaway!


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