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Blog Tour: Pretending She's His by Kelsie Leverich


New York Times bestselling author Kelsie Leverich continues her series in her new Hard Feelings novella, where a tempting little lie turns into so much more…

Eva Riley is the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding and it just so happens that her ex is the best man. Eva’s a straight shooter and definitely not the damsel-in-distress type. But with her pride on the line and her ex’s heart on his sleeve, there might not be enough champagne in the world to get her through this weekend…

Trevor Owens may be one hell of a good friend to Eva, but he’s always wanted to get the fiery redhead between the sheets. So he swoops in and offers a solution to her ex problem: they can pretend to be together—just for the weekend. But when their little game of make-believe is over, will they be able to tell what’s real and what’s only pretend?

4 star review by Jen Skewes

I loved Eva and Trevor when we first met them in Feel the Rush.  An honestly going into this book I knew it was Eva's story but had no idea that the we were also getting more of Trevor.  Pretending She's His is a quick, enjoyable, sexy read about friends to lovers.

Eva's BFF Meagan is getting married and Eva is the maid of honor.  And the best man is none other than Eva's ex boyfriend Luke.  Eva ande is  Luke broke up a while ago but things between them ended badly.  He wanted more and she didn't.  Eva doesn't do relationships or love.  She is all about the sex and nothing more.  She is a very feisty woman with a lot of attitude.  Luke dumped her because she didn't feel the same way about her.  But now that they are face to face again Luke is have regrets, and wants to start things up again with Eva, but she has not interest.  So of course Trevor swoops in and aves the day with his brilliant plan.  Pretend that him and Eva are dating so Luke will back off.  But Eva isn't so sure she wants to go along with that plan.

Trevor is Meagan's other best friend.  They have known each other since high school.  Trevor and Eva met through Meagan and have since become very close friends as well.  Trevor is a ladies man, ok he is a man whore.  He is sexy and charming and knows how to get all the ladies.  But he is also seet, caring and is always there for Meagan and Eva when they need him.  He is honestly an amazing guy and best friend.  He has always secretly wanted Eva.  So when he comes up with this plan to pretend that Eva is his he is doing it to help her but also for himself as well.  But when happens when this game that they are playing stops being pretend and turns into so much more?  

Trevor and Eva are alike in so many ways.  Particularly when it comes to relationships.  They both have the same views.  Neither of them are looking for love or anything more than sex.  But during this little game of pretend they both find that their feelings for each other have changed.  An they both start to wonder what will happen if they crossed that line.  Can they become more than just friends?  

I loved Trevor and Eva together.  They were meant to be together.  Together they are fun and just down right sexy, especially Trevor.  You will completely fall in love with Trevor.  He is just so yummy and totally swoon worthy.  The way he takes care of Meagan and is always there for her and even Eva.    And the moments when he is "pretending" with Eva are so sweet, caring, and oh so sexy.  Pretending She's His is a novella so it is a very quick read.  I loved every minute of this book and to be honest was sad to see it end.  I love these two together and just want more of them.  Great job by Kelsie Leverich.

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