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Blog Tour: Saving Dallas Series Kim Jones

Saving Dallas Synopsis:

When the self-righteous, millionaire bachelorette, Dallas Knox walks into Hattiesburg’s largest night club she is looking for one thing – a one night stand with no strings attached. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself at the mercy of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club and their President-Luke Carmical.

Luke is dangerous, sexy, and dark. The life he lives is far different from the privileged life Dallas is accustomed to.

Can she accept the lifestyle of an MC?

Can she handle the domineering nature of Luke?

Or is it too late to save Dallas from the path she has chosen…

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4.5 Star Review by Amy Bustard

Dallas Knox-beautiful, stuck up rich bitch is looking for a damsel- in –distress
moment with the hope her cheating ex-boyfriend Jeff will come along and save her.
Deciding to go out to a Dive bar only to hide in a corner drinking alone until she
meets a drunken grabby “Cowboy” who turns her Damsel-in-distress thoughts into
reality when the cowboy won’t take no for an answer.

Problem is Jeff doesn’t come to her rescue when Dallas ends up flat on her ass
banging her head on the hardwood floor with drunken cowboy on top.

Strong arms grabbed me and hauled me to my feet. Without even opening my eyes, I knew by the feel of his shoulders he had the sexiest arms that had ever held me. I opened my eyes and held back a gasp. He was perfect.

“Like what you see?” He asks.

Luke Carmichael- The Knight in shining leather, President of Devils Reaper MC, sexy and arrogant.

Little does Dallas know- she truly is a Damsel-in-Distress since her life changed tragically as a teen. Dallas just doesn’t know how serious things are and needs Luke and his MC to protect her. Will she allow it or continue to fight it.

“I don’t know where this is going or if it’s anything, but I swore the next bitch that broke his heart will eat thru a straw for a week. You look like the heartbreaking kind. I’ve watched you in here all night. I know you came looking for something and I hope you get it. If Luke is the one to give it to you then you are one lucky girl. But just remember, you f#uc* him over- I’m gonna f#uc* you up.”

Kim Jones did an excellent job writing this book. The story line sucked me in from start to finish and never strayed. Every character in the story played such an important part and not only added angst but also added to my curiosity. What was in the past that put Dallas in such danger?  How could these two come from different styles of life yet have so much in common and what does the future hold for Luke and Dallas? 

Making the Cut Synopsis:

She went searching for a one night stand and ended up falling in love with Luke Carmical, President of the Devil’s Renegades Motorcycle Club. Now she must decide how to handle the aftermath of Frankie’s brutal assault and the knowledge that Luke has been lying to her- about everything.

Secrets are revealed and more lies exposed as Dallas Knox, CEO of Knox Companies, becomes more involved in the MC. She wonders if this life is enough for her, if this family is really what she wants.

When circumstances present her with an unusual twist of fate, Dallas knows without a doubt, that this is the family she has longed for. New problems occur, traumatic events take place and lives hang in the balance as Dallas has to decide what is really most important in life.

The journey is long.

The outcome is uncertain.

Can she make the cut?

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4.5 Star Review by Amy Bustard

Another well written book by Kim Jones; the sequel to Saving Dallas. As in the 1st book, the story line kept on track. A lot of love, heartache, twist and suspense. I want from disliking characters in the first book to feeling for them in this book.

 I truly loved this story and give it another 4.5 stars.

Dallas Knox- the snotty rich bitch damsel in distress and Luke Carmichael –the beautiful arrogant knight in black leather, President of Devils Renegades, come from two different worlds.

One buys what she wants and does what she wants and refuses to be told what to do while the other has a responsibility to his club and will not allow her to interfere with the way he runs things. Is the love they share worth changing who they are?

“I can’t just make you my ol’ lady. I refuse to do that. In the position I’m in and with the shit we have going on right now in the club, I will not bring someone in who will complicate shit. The choice is entirely up to you. I will train you, the girls will help you, but you have to know that this is my lifestyle. I won’t have you around as just my girlfriend. I want you as my supporter and I want you to agree to this life and make it your life, too.”

“That includes Maddie, and some of the girls you have met before. Any hang-arounds or women the club keeps around for private entertainment. The guys will be there and we need bitches to show them a good time. Is that going to be a problem for you?"

“I don’t know what I what,” I said a little too bitchy.

Afraid to be molded into someone she is not sure she is or not, Dallas must question and make decisions- is her love for Luke worth the dangers and complications these two face?

Secrets are revealed about who Maddie is and what her relationship is to Luke and the club.
Luke will have to make the ultimate decision over choosing club family over love when his club is put in jeopardy over Dallas’ past and Frankie's need for revenge.  Dallas will have to make the ultimate sacrifice if she wants to prove her love to Luke.

Interview Luke & Dallas

Three Chicks:  Luke, when Red first met Dallas-she threatened Dallas not to break your heart. Red said she promised the next bitch that broke your heart would eat through a straw. Who was your first heartbreak?

Luke:  Shit. Did you have to bring that bitch up? Red always blows shit out of proportion-she can be a little overly dramatic. She was a hang-around. When some guys started giving her some shit, I took her under my wing. I NEVER made her my ol’ lady. Hell, I never even took her out. She was just somebody who helped keep my mind off of Dallas. Ever since the first time I laid eyes on Dallas-it was only her. When she felt like she wasn’t getting enough of my attention, she started trying to make me jealous by flirting with my brothers.  I didn’t want her as mine, but I didn’t want her to be a pass-around either. I wasn’t heart broken-I was pissed; pissed at myself for letting her get too close to me. She was a warm body on some cold nights, but she didn’t have a chance in hell at my heart.

Three Chicks:  Dallas, the first night you met Luke- you asked him if Red were his girlfriend. When he told you that he “wished”. How did that make you feel and do you think that if Red wasn’t married- would Luke rather be with Red than you?

Dallas:  I never felt threatened by Red. I mean, she seemed a little extreme when it came to Luke, but more like an overprotective sister. When Luke said that, I have to admit that I felt a little jealously, although I had no reason to. At the time, Luke was not mine. After seeing Red and Regg together, there is no doubt in my mind that they were made for one another. I know now that it was the yearning for love and affection-love and affection like what Red showed Regg-that Luke craved, not Red herself. Don’t worry though, he has all he can handle right here. ;)

Three Chicks:  Luke, you have kept many secrets from Dallas that have caused so many arguments and fights between you and Dallas when the truths surfaced- why didn't you just tell her from the beginning?

Luke:  I started to. More than once. I knew that if I told her everything, I might lose her. I know that sounds a little cliché, but Dallas had some serious shit going on that she wasn’t even aware of. I’m a selfish man. I wanted her to need me. I sometimes felt that was the only way I could keep her. But, Dallas is a strong, independent woman. She would have told me to eat shit and die if I told her “Dallas you need me.” I probably could have saved a lot of fights and arguments, but the truth is- make-up sex with Dallas is worth every minute of fighting with her. I’m actually plotting something big to piss her off, just so I can make it up to her… On my Harley.

Three Chicks:  Dallas, do you think Luke truly kept secrets from you to keep you safe or do you think he used protecting you as an excuse to get closer to you?

Dallas:  Nah… Luke did that shit for his own selfish reasons. I’m kinda glad he did, cause Lord knows I enjoyed every minute of him getting closer to me. But, if he really wanted to protect me, and was getting paid to do so then he could have told me the truth and still made sure I was safe. I’m still a little pissed that he didn’t tell me and I’m not 100% sure that there isn’t something else he is hiding… Surely it is to protect me though. *insert sarcasm*

Three Chicks:  Luke, when Dallas found the box and you accused her of going through your things you went over the top and sent her away. Were there other things in your house you were worried about her finding?

Luke:  Like tied up women in my basement that I could use when she was holding out on me? No. I panicked… The easiest defense is turning the situation around so that the blame lands on someone else. I wasn’t prepared to walk in and find her going through that shit. I just wanted to take her to the beach. I still owe her that trip… and she hasn’t let me forget it. At all. None. She is adamant. And it is October. I guess we will taking a trip to Mexico very soon.

Three Chicks:  Dallas, do you think if you hadn't found the box, Luke would have told you the truth? Do you think you would have been at his home instead of yours the night Frankie attacked you?

Dallas:  I believe he would have told me in due time. He wasn’t ready to talk at that moment, and frankly, neither was I. I don’t let thoughts of “what if” run through my head if I can help it. I do not blame Frankie’s attack, or the fact that I was at my home that night, on Luke. It was inevitable. Frankie would have eventually caught up to me. It was just a matter of time.

Three Chicks:  Dallas, when Charlie took you and Maddie and wanted Luke to choose- do you think he would have chosen you if you did not force him to choose Maddie?

Dallas:  I don’t think he could have chose between us. Maddie and Luke’s ties run deep. He loves us both, just in different ways. I knew in my heart that no matter the decision, that he would feel guilt and regret. I wanted him to trust that I had a plan-that I needed him to choose Maddie because she was more deserving of life than I was. I owed it to her. After all, she is my baby sister.

Three Chicks:  Luke, if Dallas didn't make you promise to choose Maddie - who would you have honestly chosen?

Luke:  Just the thought of that scares me. I’m not sure I could have. I knew when Charlie said I had to make a decision, or they would both die, that he meant it. I chose Maddie not only because I promised I would, but because I knew that if I did, I had a better chance at getting Dallas back. If I had chosen Dallas, and something would have happened to Maddie, I would have lost both of them because Dallas would leave me in a heartbeat. I chose Maddie because I love her, and I trusted Dallas could take care of herself until I could bring her back to where she belonged; with me.

Three Chicks:  Dallas, your time with Charlie- you had many discussions and he made you make the Ultimate Sacrifice by killing Frankie- Do you regret pulling the trigger?

Dallas:  I’m still numb about the whole situation. I don’t really feel anything. I feel guilty, but that just because I don’t feel anything for taking the life of another person. It was easier for me to pull the trigger than I could have imagined… That scares me and I’m afraid it might lead me to regret decisions I make in the future.

Three Chicks:  Dallas, what is your opinion of Charlie?

Dallas:  I have many mixed emotions about Charlie. I hate him, yet I am drawn to him. He reminds me of my father in some ways. I know he is not a good person, yet I felt safe with him. If I never saw him again, it would be for the best, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss his presence. 

Three Chicks:  Luke, you chose Dallas over your club to get her from Charlie-did you expect your club to hold your place or were you truly willing to give up your club for love?

Luke:  I chose my club and Dallas over my own life. They both make me the man I want to be. Without either one of them, I am not whole. I never expected my brothers to give me the Presidency, but I knew if I made it back alive, they would offer me back my cut. That’s brotherhood. They knew I had no other choice. I didn’t choose Dallas over my club, I chose Dallas over the position I held within the club. My brothers are the definition of loyalty. They wouldn’t let me go alone, and they wouldn’t punish me for my decisions that they all knew benefited the club more than myself.

Three Chicks:  Luke and Dallas, now that you both made it out alive and Dallas is an official ol' Lady, what plans do you have in your future? Marriage? Children?

Luke: Marriage?

Dallas: That’s what she said.

Luke: Nah.

Dallas: You’re a dick.

Luke: Watch your mouth.

Dallas: I would love to be married and have children one day.

Luke: I gave you a cut.

Dallas: I need a diamond. A big ass diamond.

Luke: Leather is softer, warmer and smells better than any diamond I have ever touched.

Dallas: Maybe you haven’t touched the right diamond.

Luke: Maybe I’m speaking in code.

Dallas: Maybe you are trying to avoid the whole “marriage” topic.

Luke: Maybe

Dallas: Kids?

Luke: I like to practice… Does that count?

Dallas: Are you serious right now?

Luke: Dallas and I have some unfinished business. Some loose ends to tie up. I want to enjoy her as my ol lady before I make her my wife and she has my children. I want her to see the world at 100 mph with the wind in her hair and nothing but me to hold on to. I want to love her fiercely, and if it takes a diamond and a kid to make that happen, then that’s exactly what I will give her.
Bonus Scene




I stood in the doorway, helpless as the woman that I had devoted my life to lay lifelessly in the bed

before me. Her nightmares were so frequent that I was afraid to even leave the room for fear she

would wake and I wouldn’t be there. It had to be well past two in the morning, and my body was now

running on adrenaline alone. Less than twenty-four hours ago my girl was being sexually assaulted by a

man that I once called my friend. I felt my grip tighten around the coffee mug I held in my hand.

Breathe Luke.


The last thing I needed was to harm a part of myself in a way that would prevent me from holding

her when she needed me. My hands no longer belonged to me. My eyes were only for her, and my

heart was held in the tiny palms of the hands of Dallas Knox. I had no idea what they had done to

her. Earlier, as I had washed her broken, dirty, battered body, I noticed the way she cringed when my

hands fell to the places where she once enjoyed my touch. He had touched her. He had put his hands

on something that was mine. I knew I sounded like some kind of barbarian getting territorial over my

property, but that was not the reason I was so pissed. I was pissed because they had stole something

from her that she would never be able to get back. Her pride, dignity and her right to say who could

touch her had been taken. She was now a broken woman and I would spend my last days on Earth

piecing her back together.

“Luke.” I heard her whisper in her sleep. I knew a nightmare was soon to follow. She often called out

my name as if she was preparing me for what was to come, although I knew that was not possible. If

Dallas could control the torturous dreams she would.

I sat down my now cold coffee on the night stand and climbed into bed behind her. I was no longer

the man I once was. Many people who saw me every day in my cut, proudly sporting that Devil’s

Renegades patch would not think that I had succumbed to a man who was willing to cradle his woman

like a baby just to reassure her she was safe. Some would say I was losing my edge, or going soft, but

that was not the case. Dallas might have my heart, but the blood that ran through my veins was cold.

Frankie would die and it would be me who pulled the trigger to end his life, if he was lucky. I would

much rather cover him in peanut butter and bury him alive in an ant hill somewhere, but I would

probably be forced to take a more humane route. I felt Dallas’ small frame curl deep into the mattress

and I was pulled from my thoughts of Frankie and back into the situation at hand.

“Please.” I heard Dallas cry as her body started to convulse into shudders that made my heart clench

and my eyes fill with tears.

“I’m here, baby. I’m here.” I turned her to me and buried her face in my chest, rocking us back and

forth as I whispered reassurances in her ear. I felt her body take a sudden deep breath and I squeezed

my eyes shut at what I knew was to come.


Loud, blood curdling screams echoed off the walls of the bedroom. I pulled her closer, tilting her head

back so I could look in her face as I shook her gently, waking her.

“Dallas. Wake up, baby. You are safe. No one can hurt you anymore.” I had said the words so many

times, but each time hurt just as much as the first. When her beautiful green eyes opened up to me, I

could see the sorrow that filled them. Her right eye was barely visible through her swollen lid that was

so many shades of blue and purple that it looked almost unreal. Sobbing always came next, and this

time was no different. It was like she was ashamed to look at me, and the thought made me a die a

little on the inside. I rubbed her hair continuously until her breathing slowed and I was sure she knew

she was safe. We had followed this same pattern every few hours for the last day. I knew she would

request something to drink, and since I couldn’t leave her alone for even a moment, and she wouldn’t

go by herself, I cradled her in my arms and carried her to the kitchen with me. I had become an expert

at maneuvering around with her in my arms. With her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms

wrapped around my neck, I moved around the kitchen to service her every need.


Pain reliever.

More water.

Another round of tears, as her need for me sunk in.

Apologies from her.

Apologies from me.

Reassurances from her.

Reassurances from me.


Back to bed.

As I carried her down the hall and to the bathroom, my anger flared, just as it always did. My strong,

independent, talented, thoughtful, wonderful girl couldn’t even take a piss on her own without fearing

for her life. Yes, Frankie the Cutter was going to die, and the pleasure was gonna be all mine.

About the Author:

Kim Jones is a writer with big dreams and a creative imagination. Her infatuation with the MC lifestyle inspired her to write a short story about a love affair between a prestigious young woman and a bad-
ass biker. After falling in love with her characters, she turned the ten-thousand word short story into a novel. Juggling her full time job as a payroll clerk, her writing, and her role as ol’lady to her husband, Reggie, her first novel, Saving Dallas, was published in May of 2013.

Kim resides in Collins, MS with her husband and two dogs. She plans to write three books in the Saving

Dallas series. The final book will be released in early 2014.

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Saving Dallas (Book 1):

Making The Cut (Book 2):


Saving Dallas (Book 1):

Making The Cut (Book 2):

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