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Review and Giveaway: Intentional by MK Harkins


"Beyond exceptional!" "A real page turner" "Loved it!" "Could not put down" "Thrilling romance!" "Twists and turns" "A must read!"

"It is an honest to goodness, take-your-breath-away romance novel that is utterly addicting. It was 3 am when I finished this book. I honestly refused to go to bed until I was done reading it. There are not enough words to describe how much I LOVE THIS BOOK!" Amazon reviewer

I know this has to stop. Something has to give. A person cannot die of a broken heart. Believe me, I know. I’ve been waiting—and it’s just not happening.

What would you do in the face of the ultimate betrayal? This is the question facing the characters in MK Harkins’s riveting debut novel, Intentional. They will soon learn, however, that when love is involved, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

Mattie and Jeremy are engaged to be married and looking forward to a lifetime of love. It all crumbles away, however, when Mattie comes across evidence of a massive betrayal. Mattie flees to Washington in an attempt to start a new life and meets Cade, a tattooed engineer by day and a lead singer in a rock band by night. Their mutual attraction enflames Mattie, even as her heart still aches for her former fiancé. Just when it appears that Mattie may have found another stab at happiness, her past comes rushing back. As events unfold, it becomes clear to Mattie that things in her past may not have been quite what they seemed. Will Mattie ever learn the truth behind what really happened? And if she does, could it mean a new beginning with Jeremy, or will it be too late?

Readers will instantly be swept up in the saga of love and heartbreak that unfolds. Offering a rarely-before-seen glimpse into the heart and mind of a romantic villain, audiences will find a welcome reprieve from the typical romance novel.


4 star review by Amy Bustard

That famous saying- Keep your Friends close and Enemies Closer comes to mind when reading this story.

Who can you trust when it comes to your heart after you have already been scorned before?

Mattie Parker is a graphic design artist who moved around a lot as a kid, not allowing her to form long term friendships. When her parents finally decide to settle in one state when she entered the 4th grade, Mattie is finally able to form a bond with Sarah Bailey.

Mattie and Sarah settle in Sedona, Arizona where Sarah accepts a position at a successful law firm, Harkins & Schweet while Mattie opens her own graphic design business. When Mattie visits Sarah at work for lunch she meets Jeremy Harkins- attorney and partner at Sarah’s job.

“He isn’t a player. He told me he hasn’t been on a date for months. It’s office gossip, Sarah. I can already tell he’s not like that.”

“I have good information. You’re just seeing what you want to believe. He’s no good for you, Mattie!

Wake up! I’ll admit he is handsome, but he comes with a price. He’s going to hurt you, and I don’t want to have to pick up the pieces.”

Jeremy Harkins is as handsome as a Abercrombie Model. He is stunned speechless upon meeting Mattie.
When things start to get serious between them, jealousy & deception arises causing Mattie to make a decision to leave Arizona with a broken heart.  After being scorned twice Mattie has decided to swear off relationships and only form friendships.  After a near drowning, Mattie is rescued by a incredibly good-looking tattooed Cade.

I’ve been consumed with work for years building up my practice, excluding almost everything else around me. All of my previous relationships have been short, in part because of my work ethic. I’ve never met anyone before who has made me rethink things. I know there is more to lie-and I’m looking at the reason: Mattie.

Cade Michaels- Architect by day, rocker by night. A near-dating friendship forms and Mattie tries to heal and overcome the loss of her relationship of Jeremy. As Mattie grows closer to Cade and is ready to move on with her life and open herself up to Cade, Jeremy shows up with some shocking information. Sarah shows up unstable and ready for a fight.

Mattie becomes conflicted and has to decide between love and deception, hurt and betrayal.

Mattie must decide if what Jeremy tells her is enough to make her come back to him or if she is going to give up her past to pursue a future with Cade.

This book was SWEET! An enjoyable read from beginning to end. It was a bit on the milder side as far as language and intimacy**insert the word content**Plenty of angst and curiosity kept me sucked in. Best of all NO CLIFFHANGERS!!

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