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Review and Giveaway: Unexpected by Dulaney Glenn

Ian wasn't ready to meet Grace Holtsen. In no way was he prepared for her. But can you ever be ready for fate to step in? Can you ever be ready to meet the one person who will change your entire existence? Ian knew that Grace would change everything he was used to, but something about her made it worth it. For the first time somebody seemed worth the risk. Will Ian jump and let fate wait for him at the bottom? Hoping that it can somehow save him...hoping that Grace can somehow save him.

I don't think Grace is like most girls.

Maybe that's the thing that I can't put my finger on.

Maybe for the first time, I've met a girl that's unlike anyone that I've ever known.

Grace, a single mother and owner of a Nashville recording company, met Ian Paul, a recent college grad and her new employee. The moment he entered her world, it turned upside down. She knew better than anyone that a relationship with Ian would never work. He was never supposed to fit into her life, and she was never supposed to show up in his. But what happened between them was something more than either of them ever anticipated. Grace was unprepared for how bad it would hurt when they were faced with something far more unexpected.

He stole the rest of my heart tonight. I know that no matter what happens tomorrow, or days from now, I’ll never want it back.
I could never give it to someone else.

4 star review by Jen Skewes
I loved this book!  I fell in love with Ian and Grace from the first page.  I was pulled in right away, after reading the prologue.  I needed to know what happened that caused Ian to be in the the state that he was in. I needed to know what happened between him and Grace.

Grace is a 28 year old single mom to a 12 year boy named Milo.  She didn't have the best childhood, with parents who really never showed her the love that she deserved.  She never seemed to be good enough for them.  So at the age of 16 she found herself pregnant and alone.  But Grace never gave up.  She managed to take care of herself and her baby and is now a successful owner of a recording company.  Grace is a strong and very independent woman who was forced to grow up too quickly.  While on her way to work one day she meets Ian Paul the hot guy who pumped her gas for her, and who also happens to be the guy that would forever change her life.  

Ian has recently moved to Nashville with his best friend Andrew and his band mates.   He just landed a job at a recording studio, yes Grace's studio.  And no working at a gas station is not his actual job.  But I can tell you that the way Ian and Grace met at that gas station was definitely an unforgettable moment and one that I loved.  When Ian walks into work that day and sees who his boss is he can't help but smile.  There is something about Grace.  He knows that she is his boss but he can't stop thinking about her, can't stop wanting her.  But those same feelings hold true for Grace.  There is this magnetic pull that they have towards each other.  This is more than just a physical attraction between the two of them.  There is this level of comfort that they feel when they are with each other.  And despite all the signs that say they shouldn't be together they both know in their hearts that they want each other.  They start out as co-workers, then friends and eventually work their way up to something more.  But sometimes in life the unexpected happens and you are not ready for it.  Honestly I was not ready for it either.  Is the love and bond that Ian and Grace have strong enough to get past it?

I loved Ian and Grace together.  From the moment they met at the gas station I knew I would love these two characters.  Ian has this adorable, cute, sexy flirtateous way about him that makes him totally swoon worthy.  He is so amazing, loving, caring and patient with Grace.  He is 6 years younger than her but definitely mature beyond his years.  The way he is with Milo and how much he cared for him and accepted him as a part of Grace will melt your heart.  I loved how he brought out the carefree side of Grace as well.  Grace had to grow up so quickly and being with Ian has helped her to live, become carefree again and most of all he makes her happy.  Ian loves being with Grace and while he seems happy there is something from his past that still haunts him in a way but being with Grace changes that.  He is genuinely happy with her.  She is unlike any woman he has been with.  They are so perfect for each other just so adorable together.  

This book has everything you want in a book.  Drama, angst, humor, a swoon worthy male and two awesome yet slightly whacky best friends.  Ok, maybe a lot whacky but that doesn't mean they aren't amazing best friends.  Nina is Grace's best friend and Andrew is Ian's.  There are really no words to describe these two but together they are perfect.  They have their own uniqueness to them that brings a lot of humor to this novel.  But in addition to the humor there is also a beautiful story.  Ian and Grace's journey proves that all things happen for a reason.  Sometimes in life the unexpected happens.  Ian and Grace weren't ready for each other, they weren't ready for the feelings that they had for each other or what they meant.  But together they embraced it, they gave into their feelings and along their journey they found a love like no other.  Ian and Grace were meant to be together and maybe it was fate that helped them to find each other.  But either way their bond that they shared was undeniable and nothing that they ever experienced before.  

This really was a wonderful, heart warming story.  I shed a few tears towards the end, both happy and sad, I laughed and fell in love with these wonderful characters.  I cannot wait to read more from this awesome writing team.  And I am definitely looking forward to more of Nina, Andrew, Ian and Grace.   

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