Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Feverish by Jade Jamison


Clayton “Jet” Smith has enjoyed acting the part of rock star god bad boy since his breakup with rock goddess Valerie Quinn. He’s racking up quite a score playing the field, and he has no plans to settle down anytime soon. His biggest problem these days is meeting his obligations, because he’s so busy having fun, he forgets the important things.

To help him out, he hires recent graduate Emily Brinkman to be his personal assistant, and he quickly finds a fire burning in his belly for her. There are two problems, however. The first is that Emily is engaged to be married, a fact that leaves Jet unfazed. The second problem isn’t so easy to surmount, though. Emily is disgusted and unimpressed by both sides of the man.

Will Clay find a way to persuade Emily to try him out, not just for one night, but for all time?

Feverish moves the Bullet story forward. You don’t want to miss this one!

4 Star review by Jen Hagen

We first met Jet in Book 1 of the Bullet series.  He gave his heart to Valerie, but she gave it back to him shattered.  Since then Jet has had a life of one-night stands, waking up to women whose name he can’t remember.  His nights are taken over by drugs and women, and his mornings consist of pushing the women out while remaining unscathed.

He was f*cking Jet Smith, lead guitarist of one of the best g*ddamned bands on the planet.  She should be happy he let her suck his dick.

Jet and Clay may share the same body, but they are very different.  Jet’s persona was created years ago to give Clay the confidence he needed to get up on stage.   Jet doesn’t give a crap what people say or do.  Jet lets everything roll off of him and never gives it a second thought.  He doesn’t take his feelings into consideration and definitely not the feelings of others.  When groupies get a chance at him, it is Jet they want, and a one night stand consists of Jet.  Nobody knows the real Clay.  Clay is passionate and sensitive.  Clay has been hurt before when his true feelings have been revealed.  Clay has loved twice in his life…once was his ex-wife and the other was Valerie.  He isn’t willing to put his heart on the line again so he has let Jet’s sex appeal take over in the bedroom.

Emily has just completed her MBA and is set to start a new job in a couple of months.  In the meantime she needs something to occupy her time as her fiancée has gone off to Europe to explore before they both begin work at his father’s company.   She answers an ad for a personal assistant and is hired by Clay to help keep him organized, and to make certain that his power never gets shut off again because of him forgetting to pay his bills.   Emily is a beautiful woman and of course Jet sees that, but Clay at least has the smarts not to cross the line between employee/employer.

He was already feeling feverish for Emily.  That woman had in such a short time, stirred his loins in a major way.  He didn’t just have an itch; he had a smoldering fire…

No lines are crossed until that one night…

“Just tonight?”  He nodded.  “Then we act like nothing ever happened?”

Emily is fully aware of Jet’s persona that he is a love ‘em and leave ‘em man.  Emily is struggling with her relationship with her fiancée and is finding it harder and harder to forgive him for breaking her trust.   Bryce is a clean cut guy and should be the one she could trust.  Jet is a bad-ass rocker dude who should be crushing her heart.   The tables have turned and her heart is on a platter sitting in front of Clay.  Clay’s heart has been sitting on the platter for a longer time and he is willing to finally unveil it even it means it could be sliced open.

“I love you, and if you don’t love me back, my life will go on, but I can’t go any longer without telling you.”

Emily has choices to make…Can she forgive her fiancée?  Is she willing to work at a job that will not make her happy just because she has loans to pay off?  Or can she allow Clay to claim her heart?

If you have read the first two books in the Bullet series, then you know that Ethan and Val’s story was laced with angst and heartbreak.  Ethan had a very dark side to him.  Clay may have a false sense of security with his Jet persona, but he isn’t troubled or dark like Ethan was.  I was prepared to have some moments of second-guessing my like for Clay, but he is a good guy and unfortunately has been used as a “rebound guy” and he knows it and still bears the scars.  I liked Jet/Clay when we initially met him in the first book, and after reading his own story, you will find him a guy deserving to be loved.

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