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Blog Tour: Friend is a Four Letter Word by Steph Campbell

Title: Friend is a Four Letter Word

Author: Steph Campbell

Age Group/Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: 15th January 2014


Shayna Gillan is on a mission: start fresh in a new state without the small town gossip that has haunted her since her bad girl days of high school.

Carter MacPherson has long been the most together member of his crazy family--until now. With a secret threatening to crumble everything he's worked for, he wishes he could forget the recent past, too.

The last thing Shayna and Carter are looking for is a relationship. It's best to be alone while they sort out their issues.

Friends. That's all they can ever be.
But even the best laid plans always have a flaw, and once Shayna and Carter cross the line between friendship and more, there's no turning back...

The only question left is--whose past will catch up to them first?

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

I was so exited when I found out that Shayna and Carter were getting their own book.  We first met them in Breaking Quinn.  Carter is Quinn's older brother and Shayna is her best friend.  All though you sometimes wonder how they are even friends but the truth is they are always there for each other in their own way.

Shayna is in her last year of high school and not really sure where she is going to go from there.  Her father is a minster and she has always tried to be the perfect daughter that her parents would be proud of.   But deep down Shayna is a little wild, a partier who enjoys drinking and hanging out with boys.  When she comes home one night feeling a little bummed about the way things went that night she starts drinking and makes a complete fool of herself at her parents Christmas party, and at the same  completely embarrassing her parents.  When she wakes up the next morning she overhears her parents conversation and she finds out some news that completely shocks her.  She vows at that moment to be the person that her parents expect her to be, even if that isn't the real Shayna.

Carter is home for Christmas break and one night finds himself hanging out with Shayna after dropping his sister off at her boyfriend's house.  Shayna and Carter have this instant connection.  Aside from the attraction that they both feel they also find it easy to talk to each other.  Carter knows he has to go home and that right now is the not the time to start anything with Shayna, even though he wants to.  He knows he needs to keep her the friend zone for now.  Carter leaves to go back home to Californina but him and Shayna continue to talk and text each other and maybe flirt just a little as well.  Shayna starts having feelings for Carter but she knows that he only thinks of her as a friend, even if his texts sometimes make her feel differently.

It is a year later and Shayna is graduating high school and now has to figure out what she wants.  She has played the role of the perfect daughter so well over the last year.  Even dating a boy that her parents approve of and set her up with.  But this life is not what Shayna wants, it is not who she is.  So she decides to go to California to visit Quinn and maybe start her life over and maybe, just maybe find out exactly where her and Carter stand.  What happens when Shayna shows up on Quinn's door step?  Will her and Carter cross the line of friendship and become more?

I loved Carter and Shayna together.  Carter has a lot of his own deep issues to deal with.  Issues from his past and his present.  He wants Shayna and has thought about her for the last year but he knows that a relationship is just not in the cards for him right now.  But it doesn't stop him from acting on his feelings.  Shayna is just as lost in life as Carter is.  She wants him and finds herself falling for him, but it seems as they get closer he starts acting weirder.  She still is unsure of where she stands with him.   Carter has been carrying a secret around that not even is sister is aware of.  He knows he needs to tell Shayna but fears losing her if he does.  They both have issues but what I loved was that their issues is what brought them together.  They helped each other work through them.

Steph Cambell did such a wonderful with their story.  Shayna and Carter were so perfect together and I loved watching them develop into more than just friends.  I loved how they were their for each other.  They trusted each other with their secrets and you felt that bond and closeness that they shared.  I loved that we also got to see Ben and Quinn and see the special brother/sister relationship that Quinn and Carter have.  They are there for each other and I loved see how much they loved each other.   I loved the ending but I am a little bit selfish and would love to see more of Carter and Shayna.  Excellent job by Ms. Campbell.

Steph Campbell grew up in Southern California, but now calls the Northeast home. She has one husband, four children and a serious nail polish obsession. She's repped by Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.
Steph's works include Delicate, Grounding Quinn and Beautiful Things Never Last; My Heart for Yours and My Fate for Yours (with Jolene Perry); A Toast to the Good Times (with Liz Reinhardt) and the bestselling new adult LENGTHS series with Liz Reinhardt.
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