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Blog Tour: Heart Breaker by Lila Felix

Breaker James isn’t the boy who is imprisoned in his home anymore. He’s not the guy who is afraid to leave the house. He doesn’t need Ash twenty four hours a day anymore.
Hell, he might not need her anymore at all.
He’s a heart breaker, pure and simple.
Love is easy when you’re secluded from the world within four walls.
Ash now has to learn how to let Breaker love her—without being his crutch.


5 star Review by Jen Skewes
I loved Breaker and Ash in Anguish.  And I love Lila Felix for giving us more of them.  Breaker and Ash are still so adorable and perfect together.  They are both trying to balance school, work and their relationship. Breaker isn't completely healed but he is doing much better now.  He may never be completely healed but he is taking it one day at a time, and Ash loves him just as much as she did before he started to heal.   Their schedules are so hectic that they don't have as much time for each other as they would like to.  But the ever romantic and amazing Breaker does what he can to see the girl he loves and continues to make her happy.
Breaker has such an amazing way with words and expressing how much Ash means to him.  But Ash still has certain insecurities, especially when it comes to Breaker not needing her like he used to. She has always been there for him and he has always needed her.  But she starts to wonder, now that he is out again in the real world if her will still need her.  And she's not sure that she can handle it if he doesn't.  
"She's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.  She's the mother I want for my children. She owns that arms that will once day hold our grandchildren.  Ashland Cormier is everything"
See why I love him!!
Heart Breaker was a wonderful addition to Ash and Breaker's story.  They love each other and we see that again in this novella.  We se how much they have helped each other to heal and hows strong their love is.  I fell in love with Breaker James all over again.  While I loved very minute of  this novella that perfect moment for me was the last sentence of this novella.  I cannot explain it and it is something you will have to read to understand.  But I just sat there, with a tear in my eye and smiled to myself at the words written.  Lila Felix has once again captured my heart to two amazing characters.   Fantastic job!

Character Interview with Ash and Breaker:

*What was your first impression of one another?
Ash: That he was an ass.
Breaker: She was born to piss me off.

*Most romantic gesture you've done for each other?
Ash: I think it’s always gonna be the twinkly lights in the library. I miss that place.
Breaker: She brought me back to life.

*Favorite qualities about one another?
Ash: His progression. Every day, he gets better and better at things.
Breaker: *has to be slapped on the arm by Ash* Oh, sorry, obviously her voice.

*Let's be honest now...most annoying trait about each other?
Ash: He still doesn’t clean under things.
Breaker: She cleans under my stuff.

*Do you have pet names? If so what are they?
Ash: No, but I can say I’d never call him Breaky.
Breaker: Nah, her name is beautiful enough. You can’t mess with perfection.

*Ideal Valentine's Day date and/or gift?
Ash: Um…he could just take his shirt off and ta-da, best gift ever.
Breaker: *rolls eyes* Same thing for her.

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  1. Can't choose just one. I'm looking forward to all of them. :)

  2. I would have to say all of them they all look so very good.


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