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Blog Tour: Saving Forever by Jasinda Wilder


Ever and Cade,
Sorry I vanished like I did. I’m not sure I can even explain things. I don’t know when I’ll be back. IF I’ll be back. I’m not sure of anything, except that I love you, Ever. You’re my twin, my best friend, and leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I know you don’t understand. Maybe you never will. I hope you don’t, honestly. It would be easier that way. That’s cowardly, I’m sure.
Cade, take care of her. Love her, the way she deserves. The way you always have, for forever and always.
If I could ask you anything, it’s that you remember me as I was, and forget me as I am.
I’m sorry, and goodbye, and I love you.

4.5 Star Review by Alison East

You have to read this series. (Forever and Always and After Forever) Mark out a couple of days on your calendar, get in
your pjs, sit in your bed, and read. It is a heartwarming and heart breaking story- love and also betrayal, but ultimately strength and courage to let things go. The book I am reviewing is the last book, and its by far the best in the series.

I am totally glad Jasinda released book one and two back to back- for sure. I don't know what I would have done- as they
end on a cliffhanger, both of them actually- but book three was not too long to wait for. And I was super intrigued by Carter at the end of book two, with a peek into book three.  You are left in a lurch at the end of book two- where you want to scream, what the F### did I just read? Did I read that right? And book three picks up where book two leaves off. Will Ever and Cade's relationship be the same after she wakes up from the coma? Will she ever forgive her twin Eden, and Cade for betraying her while in the coma? Why did Eden leave town so suddenly with only a good bye.

Caden really has to do some sucking up in this book for his betrayal of Ever. He is really down on himself the whole
book. He has had a rough life. From all of his family passing away- to his wife being in a coma, do having to deal with the fact he is attracted to Eden- guilt eats him alive.

Ever has to relearn everything in life- from talking to others, and eventually painting- her life line. On top of that she learns devastating news, about herself, and her relationship with Cade. And the letters to each other continue- which I love.

Eden, pregnant- leaves town to go to their mothers' lake house cabin to escape, everyone and everything- and she
meets Carter. Oh Carter- I love you so. He is just the best thing about book three, to me anyway. Eden and Carter have such a great story in this book, you will love everything about it. Cade and Ever sort of fade into the background- but they still get a resolution in the end.

You just have to read this series! Everything Jasinda writes really. I love her writing and her descriptions in her novels. They make me feel like I am a part of her world, if only for a little bit. Wounded was probably my favorite Jasinda book, along with Falling into you- but this series just blows it out of the water. How does she do it every time? Gifted, talented writers can do it with ease.

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