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Review and Giveaway: Her Wicked Heart by Ember Casey

(AUTHOR'S NOTE: This series is a spin-off of the HIS WICKED GAMES Series. While it's not absolutely necessary to read those books first, you'll probably enjoy this novel more if you do. And the first book--HIS WICKED GAMES--is currently FREE!) 

Once, Louisa “Lou” Cunningham had everything. Now, she has nothing to lose. 

Her father’s dead. Her family’s fortune is gone. She’s drifting, and she’d rather lose herself in the arms of her sexy program director (or anyone, really) than deal with the turmoil inside of her. 

But even the wildest spirit can’t run forever. Lou knows that in order to move on with her life, she has to go back. And that means returning to the estate she once called home—even if that estate is now a luxury tourist attraction called Huntington Manor. 

At Huntington Manor, she’s no longer Lou Cunningham. She’s Addison Thomas, assistant to the hotel’s General Manager. Infiltrating her old home might be one of her crazier schemes, but she’s ready for the challenge. What she’s not ready for is Ward, the sexy Casanova of a contractor who keeps stumbling across her path. As much as she’d love to forget about her issues in the depths of his azure blue eyes, she’s here to heal, not fall back into bad habits. Even if he has the most delicious set of biceps she’s ever seen. Even if he might be the only one who understands what she really needs... 
4.5 Smoldering Stars
Review by Allison East
You know how you read certain authors, and you just have to read all of their books- they write so well. Ember Casey is one of those authors for me.
Even though I wanted more of Calder and Lily’s story because I love them fiercely, I couldn’t wait to hear the story of the infamous Louisa Cunningham, Calder’s sister.
Back in the States after working overseas in Thailand, Lou does the unthinkable, and goes undercover to work at her former home. The Hunington Manor estates has been turned into a luxury tourist attraction, but that doesn’t stop Lou from dying her hair and blending in as Addison Thomas, assistant to the general manager, Mr. Haymore. You know, from her description in all of Ember’s other books, I really thought I was going to hate her- especially from her interactions and bitchiness to Lily- but in reality, I didn’t hate her. I felt sorry for her, for all she went through, this was her way of getting closure.
She is crazy withdrawn from everyone, and to ease the pain of everything- she copes with running. There are so many memories surrounding her, and she can’t escape them. She never really had a mother figure either, so I am sure that’s tough, and explains quite a bit. That and having your father pass away at twenty three.
She bumps into Ward, a handyman fixing up the manor- and has a sweet little make out session with him, but runs- because that’s what she does. She also had a relationship- If you can call it that, with Ian, the project manager back in Thailand that she also ran from.
She thinks she is incapable of receiving love, but also giving it away. I am sure it stems from the guilt of everything she feels from her past. And she is just torturing herself by staying at the manor, but it is something she feels like she has to do.
There are plenty of little heat factors, dusted into the story- which keep it interesting. And there is a little tiny blurb with Calder in it, which I am totally ok with. 
Fun fact- when someone writes a novel, based on new characters, it is not nice to be disappointed with the new work. Everyone should be excited that Ember has decided to keep writing, because she is that good. Of course everyone wants more Calder and Lily- just like we all want more Christian and Ana. Be excited to see new characters and where there story lines will go! I, for one, am ecstatic that Ember has written a new novel, a great novel- with new characters and emotions to read about. It keeps things fun and interesting. Congrats to you Ember, on another job well done. And hurry up! I want more Lou and Ward, ok?

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