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Review and Giveaway: Waiting on My Reason by Devon Ashley

Things always happen for a reason. I just wish I knew the why behind mine.
Five years ago, graduation wasn’t what it was supposed to be. Publicly humiliated, Melanie was more than happy to kiss off her high school sweetheart. But in doing so, she lost more than just her boyfriend, she lost the only other guy she truly cared for – his best friend, Shane.

Shane loathed the idea of returning to his small hometown. He just wanted to get in, help his best friend manage a legal matter, and get the hell back out again. But he wasn’t expecting to run into the one girl who got away, who always held a piece of his heart despite the animosity that lingered. Melanie could’ve been the one, but after everything that happened, trust was a serious issue.

Melanie just wanted to do right by her son. Shane just wanted to do right by his best friend. And just when they think they can find the strength to forgive the sins of the past, more secrets and lies bubble to the surface, threatening to push them even farther apart.

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4 star review by Jen Skewes

Shane is not really looking forward to going back to his hometown but his best friend Brad needs him.  The one thing that he never expected though, was running into Melanie.  She was the one girl that he always wanted but could never have.  She was Brad's girlfriend in high school.  She was also the girl that broke his best friend's heart when she cheated on him.  Shane left before their senior year was over but he heard all about what happened between Brad and Mel from Brad.  And Brad's life has gone downhill ever since.  He has basically been drowning his sorrows at the bottom of the bottle for the past 5 years.  Shane is determined to help him with this legal matter in hopes that maybe it will also save him in a way.

Melanie had loved Brad, until he turned into a drunk and someone that she didn't know.  They had their issues and in the end they parted ways.  Throughout high school she may have dated Brad and loved him but the truth is her hearts has always belongs to Shane Michaels.  It was always the three of them together.  Brad and Melanie, and of course Shane and which ever girl he was dating at the moment.  Shane wasn't one to settle down and dated many girls throughout high school.  Melanie had plans of going away to college and getting out of this town but due to unforeseen circumstances she had to stay.  Five years have gone by since she graduated high school and the last person that she ever thought that she would see walking in the bar that she works at is Shane.  The feelings that she has had for him haven't seem to gone away.  When Shane sees Melanie those feelings still exist for him as well, but she betrayed his best friend and he is not sure that he can forgive her for that.  But there are two sides to every story and Shane only knows Brad's side.  What happens when the truth finally comes out and Shane sees that maybe Brad isn't the person that he thought he was? 

I really enjoyed this book and loved Shane.  To be honest I felt bad for him in a way.  He loved Melanie, there was no doubt.  And I think he never settled down because no one compared to her.  There was this push and pull when it came to the both of them.  He wanted her, always had but he had to pull away from her because of her past with his best friend.  I loved Melanie's character.  She did what she had to do for her son, even if it meant letting everyone believe she was the whore who cheated on Brad.  She knew the truth and what really happened between the two of them and that is all that mattered.  But she has her own secrets as well.  One that could push Shane away even more.  Shane is being torn between the woman who has always had his heart an his best friend.  They both have their own story and until he knows both sides he is not sure who he can trust and what is the truth.  

I loved this story.  It was filled with drama, angst and even suspense.  Shane and Melanie were perfect together.  I loved the relationship that he has with her son and how protective he was of Malanie.    Melanie loved her son and would do anything to protect him.  They had their ups and downs in the beginning but when the secrets finally came out you just knew they belonged together.  You could feel how much they loved each other even when they were in high school.  This was a wonderful second chance love story.  

Excerpt #1
     I gave Shane one last kiss before pushing against him. He followed my lead, but it was clear by the look on his face that he didn’t want to go. “We need to wait for Jake to fall asleep first,” I explained.
     One of his eyebrows lifted, and I could just hear the silent you’ve got to be effing kidding me. I should’ve known by the twisted smile that he had no intention of obeying. In one swift motion he pulled his shirt over his head, balled it up and tossed it onto the chair. And damn if I didn’t like looking at him, his abs all firm and defined, not to mention the muscular curvature of his arms. It was still weird seeing him standing before me like that, half-naked, half-cocked. Just for me.
     And it was completely evil that he was baiting me with that rock hard body.
     My hands found their way to my hips, just as he asked with a not-so innocent voice, “What?”
     “Here I was just thinking all these wonderful things about you and now you’re trying to strip down before we can have sex.”
     His hands casually held in the air, he explained, “I was hot.”
     “It’s seventy degrees in here.”
     His hands went to his cotton pants, thumbing the cinched band, preparing for a total strip down. Gawd, how I secretly wanted him to do it, but for some reason, the word stop came out of my mouth. At least I agreed with myself when I said, “That is so not fair.”
     Neither was the way the left side of his mouth curled up, smiling wickedly as his eyes swept across my body. “You’re right. Your ogling is making me uncomfortable. You should remove your top to compensate.”
     I bit into my lower lip and shook my head, my arms crossing across my chest to better cover up. “I am so not sleeping with you right now. My little boy is still awake.”
     He shrugged lightly, his eager eyes penetrating mine. “Doesn’t mean you can’t get naked.”
     He grabbed the remote and turned the television on to an action film before tossing it back on the dresser. Then he moved to lock the door. When that twisted smile came within feet of me, I held my hand out between us. “Not a chance. He’ll hear us.”
     He still kept coming, so I began backing up. “Oh, you’d be surprised how quiet I can be when I’m determined.”
     Next thing I knew his cotton pants were on the floor. Did I say he was half-cocked? Well, he was fully cocked now.
     Damn, he knew how to distract me. My back hit the wall, and in less than two seconds his body was trapping me against it, his mouth sucking on my left earlobe. Gawd…the tingles this man could make with just a single bite. “Well, what if I like to scream and moan, huh?” Hell, I was practically moaning just as I said it.
     “Oh, I know you do, but it’s called self-control. Now would be a great time for you to practice it.”
     “Self-control?” I scoffed playfully. Sardonically, I added, “Yeah, because you’re such a pro at it right now.”
     His mouth paused just long enough to reply, “I never suggested that I practice it.”

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