Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Fight or Fall by Anne Leigh

A disgraced athlete. A tortured soul. A man betrayed. This is NOT your typical fighter story. In this arena where fame and glory are at stake. One man seeks to find the humanity he once possessed. He fights not for honor but for redemption.

He lives by these rules. Break. Bleed. Fight. Live.

For love.

4 Wonderful Stars
Review by Allison East
I love all of Anne Leigh’s stories. They are sports related romance, and centered around friends and family members. Fight or Fall is Milo’s story, and I am so glad she wrote it. I wanted to know more about Bee’s misunderstood brother.

Milo’s story is a lot different than the other books Anne has written. And as much as I wanted to hate him for all that he did to Kieran in Love Untouched, I just couldn't, when the book started, I had already forgiven him in my mind.

Then there is Ava, Milo’s sister's best friend- the Princess of Las Vegas. She has always been in love with Milo, for as long as she can remember anyway, and she wants nothing more than to have him. But her rich and powerful daddy, will never agree to something like that.

Milo and Ava’s story is such a good story. They fight each other for a while until they can’t anymore. I loved their story- it was heart breaking, to see all the obstacles that Ava had to face. I really felt bad for her.  And the fighting scenes that Milo was a part of were so well described as always.

There are some things in both of their pasts that could threaten to tear them apart. But ultimately they have to choose, will they fight what they have, or will the fall for each other? I am glad they finally tell each other the secrets that they both keep. It’s amazing how it brings them together. And it answers the age old question, is love enough?
I loved the epilogue, how sad it was- but it was also so poignant and well written, I forgave Anne for making me cry.

Fight or Fall wasn’t a chocolate sundae with sprinkles and a cherry, it was the kitchen sink of emotions, it had everything! I am hoping this book spotlights Anne and her other works.   She has this way of weaving a story so well that when you look at the clock you can’t believe four hours have gone by.  This is a fantastic story, you do not want to miss.
The books in this series may be read as stand alones, but I promise you will want to read them all. 

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