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Review and Giveaway: Sweet Renegade by Andria Large

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Renegade? They are only the biggest boy band in the world! 

Beau Kennedy

At twenty-three, I never thought that I would be where I am today. I live in a world of chaos, screaming fans, and temptations everywhere. There is only one thing that I truly want, but she’s constantly rejecting me. She thinks I’m too young and too immature; however, I will prove her wrong. I will show her that I can be everything she needs and wants in a man. If she will just give me a chance, I can show her how much she means to me. She has no idea how determined I can be or how hard I will fight to make her mine. 

Lizette Parrish

I’m presented with an offer that is just too good to refuse. Beau Kennedy wants one month. One month of being his girlfriend so that he can prove to me that he can be what I need. If at the end of the month, I don’t feel like he is the right guy for me, then we end things, and he will never ask me out again. One month? I can do that, especially if it means he will leave me alone when it’s over. What I didn’t expect, though, is all of the things that he brought to the table and all of the things that we end up going through during our month together, inevitably brings us closer together. 

Can I still leave him when the month is up? My mind says yes, but I’m not so sure my heart agrees.

Warning: For mature audiences only. Contains seriously hot sex scenes that will leave you wanting to fulfill your very own boy band fantasy. Please keep in mind that this is a work of fiction and I made it up from my own imagination.

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

Sweet Renegade is the first book that I have read by this author.  It was such a sweet, fun and sexy story with just the right amount of drama.  It is the first book in a series about the boys of Renegade.  This is Beau and Lissette’s story

Beau Kennedy is the youngest member of the boy band Renegade.  He is 23 years old and also happens to be a virgin.  Yes you heard that correctly.  But his reasons are really sweet and just prove what an amazing guy he really is.  It was honestly a nice change of pace from the bad boy rock star, man whore.  Beau is a little bit of a momma’s boy.  His mother raised him and his siblings by herself and he loves her and will do everything to make her proud of him.  Even if that means waiting for the right person.  And for the last few years Beau knows exactly who that person is; his manger Lissette.  It’s just too bad for Beau that she has no interest in having a relationship with him that is not a professional one.

Lissette has been Renegade’s manager for the past 5 years.  She is a very strong and confident woman and is also 7 years older than Beau.  He has been relentless in his pursuit of her.  Constantly asking her out and every time he does the answer is always the same – NO!  She has no intentions of going out on a date with him, for one she is his manager and two, she also thinks that he is too young for her.  But Beau is not giving up too easily.  He comes up with a proposition, one she doesn’t refuse.  She is to date him for one month.  And if in that time she still has no desire to be with him then he will stop asking her out.  Sounds simple enough for Lissette.  Because in her mind after a month she will break it of and that will be the end of it.  But what she did not count on was falling in love with Beau Kennedy!  Lissette is a very stubborn woman and no matter how much she feels for him, she is still determined to end things when the month it up.  Will she be able to walk away from Beau so easily or will she follow her heart?

Beau Kennedy, OH how I love him.  He is the perfect mix of sexy and adorable.  He’s a little bit country, sweet and loyal.  When you picture him with his cowboy hat, straw in mouth calling Lissette Sugar in that sexy southern drawl, you will completely swoon over him.  He knew what he wanted and he went after it.  He oozes charm and I just fell in love with him.  I like Lissette a lot, all though at times she could be a little too stubborn.  She had a tough life growing up with two alcoholic parents.  Thank god for her brother who was her voice of reason at times.  He was a wonderful addition to this story and I am hoping that he gets his own story one day. 

Beau and Lissette had undeniable chemistry and I loved them together.  Sweet Renegade was a sweet and sexy read with just enough drama to give you that nervous feeling in your stomach.  It had humor and romance and a swoon worthy hero.  I cannot wait for the next one in this series. 

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