Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Vision of Love (Infinity) by S Moose

You can say I had it all. The fancy house, top of the line car, lots of friends and more money than anyone could ever imagine. On the outside, we were the perfect family. No one knew about my abusive father and my mother who drank herself into oblivion every night. My name is Karly and I have scars, deep scars that no one knows about, and when my parents died I was left alone and on my own, to fight through life with no help.

When it came to life and happiness, I had it all until my world was turned upside down. My name is Nicholas and my wife, the love of my life, left me and our new baby girl without as much as an explanation. I didn’t want to accept it, but after our divorce was final and four long years passed, I started to lose hope that she’d ever come back. Emma was growing so fast and I needed help. My sister recommended that I hire her friend, Karly, as Emma’s nanny. I took a chance on bringing another woman into my little girl’s life. Did I do the right thing? 

As many days and nights are spent together, feelings can no longer be denied and a relationship is formed.

Life is about taking chances and learning how to fall, but when the past comes back, will they be strong enough to fight through and trust each other? Or will all they worked for fall apart?

4 Hooked on This One Stars!

Review by Allison East

After I read the prologue, I was hooked; I had to find out what happened to Karly- and why her father was such a horrible man to her. I connected with her and had to make sure she was ok. Karly is a young, funny, caring, positive, loving college grad- and has gone through so much in her life that you can't help but love her attitude and ask how she goes on after everything that has happened to her.

Nicholas is gorgeous, but also damaged in a different way. He's a 28 year old, single dad. They meet and sparks fly from their first moment. It started off a flirty and fun banter- but every now and then I wanted to strangle him for being such an ass to Karly. They tease each other- and sometimes its super angsty. He had his reasons for acting like this in some ways- namely his witch of an ex, Jamie, but I still was angry with him for acting the way he did. The chemistry couldn't be denied as they spent more time together and got to know each other bette. They both have broken pasts- Karly more so because of her family life- and that's one of the reasons why I rooted for them.

I also really liked the supporting characters; especially Emma, Nicholas's 4 year old daughter. Karly was her nanny, and they formed such a special bond with one another.

There were some shocking- OMG moments, of course- where I think my husband had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. There were just as many totally sweet, gushing, and lovey dovey moments as well. And of course there were some hot, sexy moments that made you say, "Damn!" 

It does end with a cliffhanger, and I was a mess. I did not see that ending coming! It sort of confused and baffled me- I didn't understand why Nicholas and why he was acting the way he did- or Karly. I can't wait to read the second part of this book, I have to find out what happens to them all, why did Emma's mom came back? What does this mean for Karly and Nicholas? Will they get married? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Great job by S. Moose and I am excited to read more of her works!

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