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Blog Tour: Edge by Brenda Rothert

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Book 3 in Fire on Ice Series
Brenda Rothert

One bad hit has left the career of young NHL Center Luke Hudson in question. When he arrives for rehab with a minor league team, his injury has robbed him of the edge that made him great.

Team trainer Adella Price’s job is to help Luke get back in peak condition. But their one on one sessions shake her resolve to remain unattached. Dell is hands-off to all hockey players, even one as charming and successful as Luke.

As Luke starts to get ahold of his game again, he loses his grip on his heart. Helping Luke get his edge back brings to light what Dell is missing from her life. But those who want them apart are relentless, and with their careers on the line, Luke and Dell must decide if their love is worth risking it all.

4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

banner picEdge is book 2 in the Fire on Ice series but can be read as a stand alone.  All though I do highly recommend reading the first two books, Bound and Captive, for the simple reason that they are amazing!  Edge is Luke’s book who I loved.  He is the best friend and team mate of Ryke (the main character in the first two books).  Brenda Rothert did not disappoint  with this one.

Luke is a professional hockey player currently playing in the NHL when he takes a horrible hit that threatens his career.  He is sent down to play in the minors to help rehab his knee.  The only thing that Luke has ever known is how to play hockey.  From the time he was old enough to skate until now his life has been hockey.  He is always on the road traveling and working hard and never really has time for much especially a love life or relationship.  He is a sexy hockey player who has it all, a job he loves, money and any woman that he wants.   He has no need, desire or time for a relationship.  Until he meets his Dell Price, the team trainer for the minor league team he is currently playing on.  There is something about Dell that makes him want her, but the problem is that the one woman he possible wants more with, is off limits.

Dell is a single mom and team trainer who is there to help Luke get his edge back on the ice.  Dell grew up in the world of hockey.  Her father is ButchPrice, the coach with the best NHL record but the man that people fear.  He is a hard ass both on and off the ice.  Dell has been around plenty of hockey players but for her they are completely off limits.  For one it is team rules that no two members of the staff get involved, plus not to mention that fact that touching Butch Price’s daughter probably comes with a price.  Dell has had her own experiences with hockey players in the past and she knows their game.  They are man whores who can have any woman that they want.  Some even go as far as cheating on their wives while on the road.  Dell doesn’t want that life for her or her son.  She has no desire to be with a hockey player, until she meets Luke Hudson.

Luke is off limits and Dell knows that but that does not stop the feelings that she has when she sees him.  But lucky for her Luke has those same feelings towards her.  There is undeniable chemistry between the two of them.  But as long as she is his trainer nothing can happen.  They agree to spend some time together but also agree on the “no touching rule.”   A rule that Luke has to try very hard to follow.  The more time they spend together the more their feelings become more than just physical.  Luke is only here temporarily. There will be a day when he is ready and cleared to go back to the NHL and then they will have to say goodbye.  Or will they?  Can two people who have crazy schedules, travel for a living, and who live hours apart make it work? 

Luke was such the perfect book boyfriend, except for that small moment where he was a complete jerk but we can let that one slide.  He was attracted to Dell and wanted her even if he knew anything with her was forbidden.  But as time went by he realized that maybe he wanted more.  He never thought he would be the person to want to settle down with kids.  And whenever he looked at his best friend Ryke who was completely in love with his wife and kids he used to think that there was no way that he would ever be like that.  But after meeting Dell he starts to think that maybe he was wrong.  Maybe it took Dell coming into to his life to see that he wants what they have.  He is sexy, sweet, caring and protective of Dell.  And the way he is with her son will melt your heart.  From the moment he meets Ky it’s like he is in “daddy” mode.  And I mean in the sense where he just takes care of the little things, like carrying him to the car or cutting his food.  Never thinking twice about it.  Dell was the perfect match for Luke.  It has been a long time since she has been with a man but there is something about Luke that brings out things in her, like confidence for one.  She has always been careful to get involved with men because of her son but for the first time she has decided to go with it and give in to her feelings.

Now as I mentioned earlier these two agreed to a friendship with no touching involved which is what I loved about this book.  The "no touch" rule allowed them to get to know each other on many levels.  And you slowly see their relationship build into something more.   Just because they weren't allowed to touch though doesn't mean that there was no physical attraction was gone.  You could feel the sexual tension between these two.  Can I just say the shower scene, OMG!!!  It was very creative scene and the fact that you felt the desire that they had for each other without even the slightest  touch was just amazing.  

I wanted Dell and Luke to work it all out and be together so bad.  They were just so good together.  Luke needed to realize that no matter how much he denies it he wanted more with Dell.  He needed to get past his fear.  They definitely had their ups and downs and had to deal with the people who did not want them together.  This book had it all, it was hot and sexy and had drama and angst.  The kind where you are reading along all smiles and a twist is thrown your way that you did not see coming.  And then a little more angst is added to the mix and you find yourself needing to know what happens but at the same time afraid to go to the next page, causing those knots to form in your stomach.  Edge was a fantastic read and I loved Dell and Luke’s story.  The epilogue was simply perfect.  I am a sucker for a story about a sexy hockey player and once again Brenda Rothert delivered an amazing story. 

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