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Cooper Rand is the high-energy drummer for his band Ivory Tower. Everyone is drawn to Cooper; which makes him the go-to party guy for those lucky enough to call him friend. He loves the lifestyle that comes along with being a rock star and feels perfectly suited for the role. He is also a professional when it comes to the hook-up, unwilling to stick around long enough to allow emotions to enter into what he's doing. He's lived his entire life 'in the moment' and it isn't until he meets Jayson that he begins to question the direction of his life and if he's been missing out on something truly special all this time.

Jayson Keller has spent most of his life living on the island of Martha's Vineyard working as a builder. Living on a small island also has Jayson working overtime to keep his sexual orientation secret. He has mastered the art of hiding in the closet, but he doesn't want it to be a forever thing. Jayson always said if the right man came along he'd happily leave the safety of his closet and live openly as a gay man. The problem is, living where he does limits his partner options and finding someone worth coming out of that closet for seems an unlikely prospect.

A party at Alex Metcalf's island estate brings Cooper and Jayson face-to-face. Lightning strikes hot and fast and suddenly their lives take a whole new path. Has Jayson finally met a man worth leaving his self-imposed closet? Have a couple of hours spent alone with Jayson opened Cooper to the idea there is a deeper meaning to life beyond the stage and the value of a committed relationship? But, a bigoted family and the rock star lifestyle could ruin everything and keep both men searching for what was standing right in front of them: a soul mate.


4.5 Star Review by Jen Skewes

The first book that I read by Ann Lister was Fall For Me and I completely fell in love with Dagger and Ryan, the two main characters.  I was so excited to read Make You Mine, Jayson and Cooper's, story, but at the same time I wasn’t sure that I could love them as much as I love Dagger and Ryan.  Boy was I wrong.  I cannot begin to express how much I loved this story and these two characters together.  

Cooper Rand is the drummer for Ivory Tower.  We first met him in Take What You Want.  Cooper has been known to be with both men and woman but considers himself to be gay.  He knows that while he has enjoyed being with woman he will never feel a connection with one as he would with a male.  One night at his band mates party he meets Jayson.  The attraction between the two is immediate and they share one night of passion.  Cooper wanted to spend more time with him that night but after their sexual encounter, Jay was nowhere to be found.  Cooper headed back to his home in LA but found himself constantly thinking of the man that he met at Zander’s house.  So he decides to give it a shot and call Jay to see if they can maybe see each other again when he flies out to the east coast.  Cooper knows that what he is feeling may be more than he is willing to admit but for now he will take what he can get.

Jayson Keller lives on the island of Martha's Vineyard and  has always knows that he is gay but it is not something that he has really admitted to anyone.  Yes he lives his life as a gay man and has been with other men.  But he has never come out to family or friends, except for his close friend Chase.  He’s never really had a serious relationship with another man or been in love.  But meeting Cooper Rand changes that.  Jayson is attracted to Coop and there is this intense passion between the two of them.  But at the same time they are both afraid to admit the feelings that are starting to come to the surface.  These feelings that they are having scare them both for so many reasons.  For one Jayson knows that Coop is a rock star with a past of being with many men and woman,  so yes trust becomes an issue.  But they are also not sure how the other feels and then throw in the fact that they live on opposite sides of the country making things even more difficult for them.   Cooper and Jayson begin spending a lot of time together and it becomes more than just a hook up and sex for them both.  But in order for them to take that next step they both need to admit their feelings, to themselves as well as each other.

There is just something about Jayson and Cooper together that I just loved.  For one I love watching the passion that they felt for each other turn into something more.  I loved seeing them slowly go from just sex to a loving relationship.  In m/m books I tend to gravitate more towards one of the males, falling in love a bit more with one than the other.  But in this case I loved Jayson and Cooper equally.  There was never a doubt the love these two had for each other.  And as the reader you can feel that love and how deep it really as, even if they had a hard time admitting it.  Deep down they both knew that what they had was more than just a hook up but had a hard time coming to terms with those feeling.  Their actions certainly spoke louder than words.  I loved the lengths that Cooper would go to help Jayson and to want to be by his side, to make him happy.  Jayson’s step-father was not the most understanding man and quite frankly was an ass.  But the way Jay loved and protected his siblings just caused me to love him even more.  And the fact that Cooper wanted to be by his side through the whole ordeal, the way he helped his family just melted my heart. 

Being in a relationship with a rock star was frightening to Jayson but together they made it work.  Yes they had their ups and downs and both made some mistakes but they loved each other enough to work it out.  There was one moment where Coop gave Jay something that he though he wanted and needed.  And honestly my stomach dropped at that scene and my heart started beating faster, afraid of what would happen next and how this would affect them.  But in the end the outcome was perfect and just made these two realize the love they had for each other and how strong it truly was.

This was such a beautiful story and one that I loved.  This is certainly one of my fave m/m stories that I have read this year.  Another amazing job by Ms. Lister. 

About The Author:

Ann Lister is a native New Englander currently living on the island of Martha's Vineyard with her husband. She has pulled details from her years living in the New England area and uses many local settings and landmarks in her novels.
After graduating art school and raising two daughters, she established her own video production company. Her nearly two decades working in video production included work within the music industry and won her a coveted Telly Award. It was this 'behind-the-scenes' exposure to the music world that inspired many of her novels.
In 2013 she released Book One of her new rock star series: The Rock Gods. Book One is titled, Fall For Me. This novel is her first full-length gay, erotic romance and it is also a Finalist novel for the 2013 Rainbow Award.
Book Two in the Rock Gods series is titled, Take What You Want. This story is a m/m/f menage and released in early November 2013. Book Three, titled: Make You Mine, is expected to release in Spring of 2014.
When not writing, she enjoys reading, creating stained glass, and traveling.

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