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Blog Tour: Save Me by Amanda Heath

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Save Me CoverSave Me can be read as a standalone.

“I don’t care! Do you hear me? I don’t care Pierce!” She screams at me. She is pissed and breathing fire. She has never looked so beautiful to me. Well when I can see her face and she isn’t turning away from me.

“You care. You can pretend you don’t, but you do. You came all the way out here.” I pause grabbing her hand and swinging her around to face me. “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care.” I’m breathing fire now myself, but I don’t care. I pull her closer, until her chest touches mine. I cup my hands around her jaw and lean down to whisper against her lips, “You made me, you broke me, now you’re going to freaking save me.”

Courtney Pierce never thought he would love anyone but Annabella Gage. She was his entire world for eleven years. Even though she was dating his older brother, he couldn’t seem to let her go. Then things shifted and lines became blurred. Pierce wasn’t sure whose bed Annabella should be in anymore.

But Annabella has secrets. Dark secrets she will do anything to protect. So like the crazy witch that she is, she rips Pierce’s heart to shreds and devastates his soul. He’s left with the emotional wreckage and no way out in sight.

Then Rachel Sanders drop kicks into his life. The beautiful brunette is utterly hard to resist and one night of intense passion leads to an unexpected surprise. A surprise that has all their friends shocked, because Rachel and Pierce couldn’t be more different.

Now he’s left with one option and it doesn’t include Annabella. Rachel, though, is full of surprises and Pierce finds their relationship so incredibly easy. Way easier than what he had with Annabella. So easy he finds he didn’t even know what love was before Rachel.

But like any twisted love story, Pierce is hiding dark secrets, too. Secrets that he feels will rip he and Rachel apart. When push comes to shove will Pierce spill those secrets? And if he does, will they separate the new lovers before they even have a chance to begin?

Much like Pierce and Annabella, someone else has something to hide. Let’s hope Rachel sticks around because when this secret comes out. , she’ll be the only one who can save Pierce.

4.5 Loved It Stars
Review by Lisa Kane
 Save Me, picks up just around the time Break Me ends. Rachel and Wesley are over at Paisley's guest house and Rachel has just taken a pregnancy test. Channing, Royal, Pierce, and Kellan have just arrived. Rachel dropped the bomb that she is pregnant, apologized to Kellan and announced that the baby was Pierce's. (He is just about to face plant onto the floor from the shock) 

Courtney Pierce is related in one way or another to a whole group of the characters. All of these people, all of them are trust fund babies. So while money is never a problem for them they don't lack for drama. Pierce (no one but Rachel calls him Courtney) is Wesley's cousin, although he thinks of himself as her brother. He is Ashley's half brother (they share the same mother) and her on/off again boyfriend Victor is the brother of Annabella, the bitch who broke his and his brother Donovan's hearts. Since his life fell apart when Annabella dumped him, he has been hanging with Royal, (Rachel's twin brother) who is also Wesley's boyfriend and Royal's best friend, Channing (who is the half brother of Ashley) and Paisley's boyfriend.  At this point I feel like I should insert a family tree! 

Seems seven weeks before the pregnancy announcement, Rachel got dumped by Kellan. Annabella had just dumped Pierce and when two lonely hearts collide-well there is lots of steamy sex, multiple surfaces for said sex and one broken condom. Pierce and Rachel don't really know each other very well. Rachel has always been part of the inner circle of Royal's friends and even though in the past, Royal's crowd and Pierce's crowd never intermingled, Royal and Wesley's pairing has changed all that. So they have had some interaction, but not the interaction that they obviously shared 7 weeks ago. 

Does Rachel want to have the baby or not? Pierce is a straight up guy, and immediately takes responsibility. Maybe part of the reason is he had the father from hell and swore no child would suffer like he did. He wants this baby, even if he has to raise it himself.
But all those weeks ago she chose Kellan, not me. I'll never be anyone's second best again. Even if I knocked her up.
 Is he over Annabella? Hmmm.. there  is no simple answer for that question. He hates how she hurt his brother and him, but she was always part of his soul, and was there for him at the  worst moments of his life. That kind of connection  does not simply disappear because you want it to. But something about Rachel makes him feel safe and good and real. He wants to explore that. Rachel is a young 18, she pulls to him and then pushes away. Hormones and youth are more than likely the culprits.  

Can two people so young stay together and allow love to grow? Can they accept the fact that they will be parents? What does this do to their future plans; considering everyone else is moving away and going to college?
"I think you both know what we want. You're both eighteen so we can't make you do anything. But there are consequences to every action. You're both going to have a child to raise now. That changes everything. It changes where you want to go to college. It changes where you want to live. It changes how you spend your time. I hate that you both have to grow up this fast but there's nothing to do about it now. And whether you both realize it or not, you're stuck together for the rest of your lives.

I love this series, the characters have such a range of emotions they are like a painter's palette, they are colorful and layered and they don't stay inside the lines. Just like people in real life. This series just gets better and better.

"I love you, Courtney Pierce. I see the things in me now that you saw. The Things I never thought were true. The things I didn't think existed inside of me. Or maybe, they were just dormant and you brought them out in me. And I hope every day for the rest of our lives, you always see these things."

Save Me Blog Tour Teaser

So when life couldn’t seem to get more complicated, life threw Rachel Sanders at me. Before that night seven weeks ago, I didn’t think much about Rachel. I just knew her twin brother was best friends with Channing Southerland.
When I say I didn’t think much, I mean I didn’t give any thought as to talk to Rachel or be around Rachel. I’ve always thought the chick was hot. Long brown hair, red and blonde highlights shining in the sun. Amazing brown eyes with flecks of gold and green. They look like they hold all her secrets, but you have no hope of finding out any of them. Then you have that body. Great tits that are followed by a flat stomach and wide hips. Plus her incredible ass, which I admit, I have checked out a million times. Then you have those legs, legs that go on for miles. I can’t help but think of those legs wrapped around me. When I say me, I mean around my hips, or around my face. It doesn’t matter, I’m not a picky guy.
I even find the way she dresses sexy. Annabella dresses like an uptight rich bitch. Her fashion choices are the most expensive and up to date. Rachel, you can tell, dresses like she has money, but it’s not in your face. Plus, she adds in a lot of skulls and pink. I find this a weird combination but it works for her.
Rachel’s voice….mmmm. The way her soft words flow through my ears and around my head, it’s like talking to an angel. Wes says she can sing, and I don’t doubt that for a minute. I also like the way Rachel’s voice sounds when she’s getting off. Mews, moans, whimpers, it doesn’t matter. I’ve never taken someone like her to my bed. Someone who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to ask for it. Everyone else is a cold bitch or way too submissive. They don’t even compare.
“Court…” Rachel would whisper against my neck. No one has ever called me by my first name with me liking it. Rachel, I’ve found, could do and say a lot of things around me I don’t usually like and BAM! I like everything that comes out of her mouth. She’s fucking funny and dorky. She talked the whole night except when I was inside her or until she finally fell asleep. And then I did something else I never do; I let her sleep there.
I’m not stupid. I knew Rachel wouldn’t stay.

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I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I've always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven't stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I'm still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.
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