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Blog Tour: Sawyer Says by Carey Heywood

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Title: Sawyer Says
Author: Carey Heywood
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 6, 2014

Sawyer says…
Casual flings are the only way to go.
Everyone you trust eventually leaves.
Falling in love is for anyone, but her.

What else would she say when all she knows is loss and abandonment? Sawyer Sterling learned too young that depending on anyone else will get her nothing but heartache in the end. Never shying away from outwardly showing her love, she struggles accepting it herself. Stubbornly, she vows to never risk her heart.

Dealing with revelations she never saw coming, her impulse is to distance herself from emotional entanglements. When her past collides with her present, can Jared Keller help prove to her just how wrong her assumptions are? He is the exception to her argument that everyone leaves. Will she ever see him as something she deserves?

4 Star Review by Jen Hagen

sawyerI first discovered Ms. Heywood’s writings with Him/Her and instantly fell in love with her style.  When I found out there was going to be another book in that series I was giddy with excitement.  This book is about Sarah’s best friend, Sawyer, but it is not necessary to have read the previous 2 books before digging into this delicacy. 

Sawyer doesn’t want to fall in love; she only does meaningless hook-ups.  Her parents died when she was 10 years old and she was sent to live with grandmother.  Within 2 days of arriving at her grandmother’s, she was sent to live with her godmother for the summer.  Following that she was sent to Canada to attend boarding school.  Sawyer has always felt that she is not worthy of love because of the fact that her own grandmother didn’t want her.  Sawyer has always kept her emotions guarded, being careful to put distance between her and anybody who might be trying to get close to her. 

Jared is the son of Sawyer’s godmother and he has recently gone through a difficult relationship demise.  He is currently Sawyer’s new roommate.  Jared and Sawyer spent quite a bit of time together as children and are very comfortable with each other.  So comfortable in fact that Jared’s thoughts of friendship have morphed into something more.

How long have I fantasized about Sawyer Sterling?  I let go of any illusions of anything ever happening between us a long time.  I was so sure that I was permanently friend-zoned.

The night of Sarah and Will’s wedding takes their friendship in a new direction, one that Sawyer wants to make certain never moves further into relationship mode.

That’s not how this works.  This is sex.

But sweet, gorgeous Jared has other thoughts running through his head.  He loves her and he knows that he is putting himself out there with this declaration. He knows that Sawyer can’t return his love but he took the chance by telling her how he feels.  It’s difficult to put yourself out there and yet want to guard yourself from the unreciprocated feelings when you live together, but yet Jared and Sawyer make it work.  They are so comfortable with each other that this doesn’t put pressure on their friendship.  They both have personalities to ward off any awkward moments that ensue from any behind-the-bedroom doors activities.

Sawyer eventually comes to terms with her past and sees things from a different perspective.  She realizes that there are people that loved her as a child and still continue to love her.  She is worthy of receiving love and she should let herself give that as well.

Finally deciding to love him back, to accept his love, has released a girl from inside of me that I didn’t know existed.  She’s happy, totally and completely happy.

I enjoy Ms. Heywood’s writing style because it’s quick but yet detailed.  I can easily lose myself in her stories because I can tune out anything else on my mind as she keeps the story moving without time for dawdling.  The abundant sex scenes were tastefully done while still maintaining a sense of hotness.  I’m a sucker for a guy that loves a girl and puts himself out there knowing that her feelings may not be reciprocated and Jared did not disappoint me.

About The Author
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author with six books out and many more to come. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Ever the mild-mannered citizen, Carey spends her days working in the world of finance, and at night, she retreats into the lives of her fictional characters. Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, and their nine-pound attack Yorkie.

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