Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review: Reasonable Doubt 2 by Whitney G.

She lied to me...
She betrayed the one rule that I'm most adamant about: Honesty. Complete and utter fucking honesty.
I really wish she was someone else—someone who didn't have the ability to make me feel, someone I could easily discard like the hundreds of women before her.
She isn't.
I'm drawn to her like I've never been drawn to a woman before—completely captivated by the very sight of her. But unfortunately, with my past slowly re-surfacing for all of the world to see, I'll have to find a way to let her go.
She can never be mine.

4.5 Panty Melting Stars
Review by Allison East
Let me just say- the first book in this series was a doozy, not only was it hot and had a fantastic plot, it showed that there was depth to the characters- and that's hard to do in a short story. And the cliffhanger- I wanted to die, but I knew I  was getting the second part soon, and I was ok with that.

How is it as fans we get so impatient for books? I don't think I ever pouted like a petulant child like I did waiting on this book! 
Now the question that it all boils down to- was it worth the wait?


I mean it's Andrew flipping Hamilton- of course I would wait. He is the epitome of the anti-hero. And as much as you want to hate him for the prick that he is and can be- he is just so hot and he has the bad boy image down with his haunting back story. (or at least what we know of his background)

The chapter titles, always get me too- the legal terms, and they go so well with the story.

Aubrey is as fiesty as ever- and her parents are the absolute worst. I totally understand her need for intimacy; she desperately craves it because her parents never gave her love or affection. She picked the wrong man to try to start a relationship with though. I feel badly for her- because I  know Andrew is feeling something for her, but he won't let himself.

And we find out some things about Andrew's "wife" and what went down six years ago that has forever changed who and what Andrew is, but not enough information. I need more- I crave the last installment.

So many questions left unanswered. I am hoping these unlocked mysteries will be revealed in the third and final book. Who is EH? What happened between Andrew and his ex? Will Aubrey and Andrew have their HEA? The list goes on and on! This book is a must read for sure!

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