Friday, May 2, 2014

Review: Timeless (Book Boyfriend Series) by Erin Noelle

Six years. Two People. One love.

After the long awaited wedding of her dreams, Scarlett Templeton, along with her rockstar husband and their five year old twins, are finally putting down roots and settling into their first suburban home.

While unpacking, they stumble across a box filled with photos spanning the previous six years, and they're catapulted down the proverbial memory lane.

Join the couple on their reminiscent journey as they learn a picture is truly worth a thousand words and the emotions they elicit are timeless.

4 Wonderful End to a Wonderful Series Stars
Review by Jen Hagen
Disclaimer:  From the very first time we were introduced to Mason I have been a HUGE Mason lover.  This review may be biased simply because of the fact that I LOVE MASON.

Mason and Scarlett have been through a lot in their relationship but they have come out on the other side with deep love and respect for one another.  In order to get their happy ending they have to let go of the “what ifs” that have plagued them.  Through therapy and acceptance, they have embraced their road back to each other. 

Scarlett is reliving the past 5 years through photographs.  This includes a very brief history of what happened after Mason knocked on her door, her pregnancy, her life with Mason and the twins on the road touring, and ending with them filling their new home with love.  If you are looking for more of Ash, you aren’t going to find it as this isn’t his story.  It is about Mason and Scarlett riding off into the sunset, a finale to their story. 

It was a huge relief to read a story knowing the outcome was going to be a pleasant one.  I didn’t have to hold my stomach or keep the tissues handy, I could sit back and enjoy the ride; although I did have wet eyes from feeling their happiness overflow and their tender love for each other. This is a quick read told from both Mason and Scarlett that will give you complete closure on their story.

It’s hard to believe it was over eight years ago when my dark -haired, green -eyed beauty walked into my bar, exuding an innocence that first captured my attention, and later stole my heart .-- Mason

Goodbye Mason, it was a pleasure meeting you.  You went through an extremely rough patch to be where you are now, but it was all worth it to have your Angel forever.  Goodbye Scarlett…enjoy those children and your sexy hubby and never question the happiness you have found.  

And goodbye to those who were a huge part of their lives (and our lives)…
Two beautiful lives had been taken from us, but we were now being blessed with two new ones . I could only hope they were watching over us from above.

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