Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Wrecking Ball by B.N. Toler

When Brandon and Sophia met, something clicked. A guy who didn’t believe in love at first sight, suddenly believed. A girl who believed a bad boy would always be bad, changed her mind. With Sophia by Brandon’s side, he knew he could conquer the world, and Sophia had never felt more loved or wanted in her life. They were good together.

But even the strongest of foundations can be crumbled.

Sometimes all it takes is one moment, fleeting as it may be, to crush what was once strong and indestructible, like a wrecking ball.

Now Sophia has left and as she rediscovers herself, Brandon is left holding the shattered pieces of their lives, trying to figure out how to put them back together.

He loves her.

She loves him.

All he needs now is to make her remember that.

4.5 Soaring Stars!
Review by Faith Dotson
Some think that once you are married, you are married for life. The good, the bad, and the ugly; but sometimes you grow apart. It's a  matter of if you are ready to work for what you have, fight for what you love, and find out if you just grew apart or if you can find love in each other again.

This second chance at love novel keeps you pulled right from the start and the extra bonus, besides the hunky men, is that it's not your normal second chance romance. Things were perfect between Sophia and Brandon, or at least they were until they both got comfortable with their marriage. Running the motions; instead of feeling the emotions. They had children and everything was about life routines leaving neither of them with spontaneity that they both loved. Everything that they worked hard to build through the years was shattered when her husband was caught in a compromising position. This left Sophia no choice but to take distance away from her husband and try to figure out where to go from there.

"Baby, please don't do this." He slid off the bed and crawled to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pressing his head into my belly. "You are my world. Please, just let's talk this out."

Brandon was the total playboy in college until he met Sophia. He totally did a 180 when he was trying to get a date with her. Finally, after he paid $400 to an acquaintance of his so he could be the one to take the body shot off of Sophia, she finally caved and agreed. Sophia, the confident, self assured woman, made Brandon work for it because she knew of his reputation. But once they finally got together it was magic, fire, passion and all that sweaty deliciousness.

My hand is immediately in her hair, pulling her to me, our mouths crashing together like strong waves against a stone cliff. I kiss her hard, my need raw and selfish. I kiss her for all the kisses I haven't given her in the past few months, for all the kisses that I haven't given her while I've had my head up my ass busy with work, for all the kisses I wouldn't have given her if she had left me.

The story is told in alternating POV's that give us flashbacks of how they met and the present day of how they are both dealing with being apart. Brandon takes off to New York with their two daughters at the insistence of Sophia. Neither of them has told their family what is going on. But Sophia breaks down and tells her free, balls to the wall sister all that happened and Tia (the sister) takes it upon her self to take her sister to Mexico. Tia feels that Sophia needs to find who she used to be and how she plans to move forward.

"And think long and hard about it, too, Sophia. Make sure it's what you really want, because once you give yourself to me, once I make love to you, kiss every inch of that amazing body, fuck you until you scream my name, I'm never going to stop."

Sophia has class. The way she handled her life's struggles will have you thinking, why can't most people be this classy? I also, loved reading the way Brandon adored his wife. Yeah, yeah, don't think about his slip up. Once you read what happened, you will be rooting and hollering for them to get it together and find a way to make it work. I'm not downplaying the indiscretion, but you will see the crossroad they faced. And just wait! The best part is that you can actually identify and empathize with these two characters and fall in complete love with them.

"Thank you, Brandon," she whispers and then she gently kisses my back between my shoulder blades. It's not the kiss I've been pining for, the kiss that says she forgives me and she'll give me another chance, but it's a prelude to that kiss and I'm grateful for it.

I knew from the start that Tia would also be a constant character from the beginning. She is the ultimate, fun loving sister we all wish we had. But I was not prepared for the twist that Ms. Toler threw out there!Grab the Puff's Plus. The other secondary characters add so much to this read, too. Most of them are there from the beginning of Sophia and Brandon's relationship.

"I understand, and it'll never happen because you are mine. Do you understand?" I grit out. "This,"  I slap her ass and grab it, squeezing. "Is mine, all fucking mine."

"You'd do well to remember that next time temptation comes knocking. This is all yours, but if you mess up again, it will be someone else's.  Now stop talking me to death and show me what the thought of another man touching me does to you."

This story helps you realize that comfortable isn't always best; that being a couple is not following a routine but keeping alive that fire that burned when you first touched. Personally, I think every couple should make this a must read-not just the woman. It reminds you to treasure the people and things in your life and to keep rediscovering the person you promised your life with.

He quickly shuffled to his feet and wiped at his face quickly, clearing the tears streaming down his cheeks. I'd never seen him cry before and it was heart wrenching, but my resolve was firm. My own heart needed comforting and I couldn't offer him any, especially when his indiscretion was the reason we both needed it.

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