Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Lilith Scroll by B.L. Marsh

What if you discovered there was time before time began? What if everything you thought was true, was not? What if there was a beginning before, “In the beginning”? What if another story was unfolding within our time? A story steeped in loss, love, betrayal, and secrets?
On her twenty-third celebrated birthday, Lilith arrived in Scotland, following clues she had secretly collected about her past. Little did she know that her arrival at the Rosslyn Chapel would reignite one of the oldest wars of all time- The Fall. Sides will be chosen, lives will be lost, and the secret kept all this time by the Illuminati will be exposed.
Welcome to Eden. The place where magic was born, trees are gateways to other realms, and Angels aren’t what you think they are. Meet Lilith. A young woman with an incredible story; one she isn’t supposed to know, much less tell. Meet Sam. A man with an unknown past and powers that rival Lilith’s.
Go back in time. Back to the garden. Experience the magic of creation, the wonder of nature, and the betrayal that destroyed it all.

Expected release day is August 13th 2014


Raziel paced back and forth in his study. Over and over again the events of the morning played out before his eyes. He walked over the large fireplace across the room and stopped before a bluestone altar. Raziel had carved the altar himself using the same tools as the early humans. Not using any magic until the very end, he’d painstakingly hewn the stone. It had taken him twenty years to carve it. For an immortal, it was a blink in time, but Raziel discovered something during those years. Working with his hands made the time pass more quickly. It gave him a purpose in his otherwise monotonous life here on Eartz.
The cuneiform, recognizing its master’s hands began to glow. The illumination from the runes began to intensify. As the magic continued to run through all the words, it wrapped around and over the altar to a single sapphire on top.
As the light shone brighter than the sun, Raziel raised his hands and a huge blue flame shot up from the gemstone and billowed quietly.
“Show me the Taken,” Raziel commanded.
The flames crackled, morphed, and spread out wider. An image began to take form. Trees, waterfalls, the Genesis circle — all flashed before him. The images finally settled on a cab flying out of control toward the Rosslyn Chapel. Demons had taken control of the driver. He barreled down the road, throwing his passenger up against the door.
“In the name of Yahweh, I banish you!” Raziel’s voice boomed. The windows rattled in their frames. The demons fled the driver just in time for the cab to stop in front of Rosslyn.
Raziel saw Lilith slam up against the car door. As he looked up from the cab, he saw a tall man cast the most intricate invisibility spell he had ever seen. The entire chapel now crawled with what looked like an ever-growing spiderweb. The barrier was stripping away shaded powers from the immortals who entered.
“Wow. Well, will you look at that? I never thought I’d see this day,” Raziel said.


B.L. Marsh has been writing and telling stories her entire life. She is a music teacher, guest lecturer and runs Master Classes. Her academic research is focused on the L’homme arme tradition, the Dead Sea Scrolls, chant transmission in the Medieval and Renaissance, and Gnostic and Kabbalah history. Her passion for spirituality, mythology and developing her relationship with God are parts of her Rule of Life. In her reading of the Bible and other extra-biblical texts however, she began to daydream about the characters, about how life was back then, and how cool it would have been to walk in the Garden with God. Her stories weave a new mythology revolving around Genesis.

When she is not writing or teaching, she spends her days hanging out with five of the coolest boys on the planet and at night can be found doing completely ridiculous things like reading Joseph Campbell and Jane Austin and watching the same 3 movies on TV.

Publisher information: Blue Tulip Publishing

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