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Review Blitz: Filthy Beautiful Lies by Kendall Ryan

 **Warning: this book contains an addictively filthy alpha male who will dampen your panties and own your days and nights. Proceed at your own risk.** 

Meet Colton Drake...

I have no idea why she auctioned off her virginity for a cool mill. Regardless, I’m now the proud new owner of a perfectly intact hymen. A lot of good that will do me. I have certain tastes, certain sexual proclivities. My cock is a bit more discriminatory than most. And training a virgin takes finesse and patience – both of which I lack.

Sophie Evans has been backed into a corner. With her sister’s life hanging in the balance, the only choice is to claw her way out, even if that means selling her virginity to the highest bidder at an exclusive erotic club. When Colton Drake takes her home, she quickly learns nothing is as it seems with this beautifully troubled man. Being with him poses challenges she never expected, and pushes her to want things she never anticipated. 

A sinfully seductive erotic romance where everything has a price and the cost of love is the highest of all from New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Kendall Ryan.


5 star review by Allison East

THIS BOOK.  I'min love with Kendall Ryan for this book!

Ok, so it started off one way and by the end- ended totally different than what I had thought! It was amazingly written; the story had me hooked right off the bat. I was actually hooked at the description of it. This book, as ALL her books are, was filled with steam, seduction and also such

"œI have no idea why she auctioned off her virginity for a cool mil. Regardless, I'm now the proud new owner of a perfectly intact hymen."

Damn, seriously. I had to know everything. Why was this person buying a woman? Who was his woman? Why did she auction off her virginity? What was she getting out of it?

"Tonight I will be sold to the highest bidder"

At the beginning of this story we meet Sophie, and she is desperate to help her dying sister. And desperate times, call for desperate measures. And when she walked into that strip club dying for a job and 300 thousand dollars to save her sister- she never knew of such things as an auction for selling sex in an erotic club, it just might be her ticket to help her. she is going to sell her virginity to some sicko for six months- and it will be enough to pay for Becca's treatment- little did she know that she would go for a million dollars.

Colton Drake- my new book boyfriend, and I donĂ¢€™t share well with others. He is a complex man, we don't learn lot about him, other than he is very secretive- but protects what is his. He is so damn addictive like the description says, and you canĂ¢€™t help but want his smooth
personality. He really isn't the play boy people make him out to be and he is more of a one woman man. Especially after someone named Stella that completely screws him over and breaks his poor Alpha heart. He shows up to the auction, looking for companionship- he hadn't  planned on Sophie and certainly not a virgin.

"I've been trying like hell to hold her at a distance-to keep her separate from my personal life- but there's no denying she's all I think about. She's all I want."

And when Sophie was purchased, she didn't count on Colton Drake being the one to buy her. and she certainly didn't count on him being  so damn attractive.

"œI keep my expression neutral, even though I've never seen such sculpted pecs and an eight-pack outside of men's fitness magazines. He is positively lickable."

I will take one of those please!! And as the book progresses these two form an instant bond toward one another- which, to me was totally believable. Sophie wants to be loved and feel loved just like any one else and at that moment together- she feels it. She also begins to live
and come into her own, no longer feeling as burdened by her ill sister- she truly begins to live.

"Do you trust me?"  I ask. She blinks up at me with solemn blue eyes, "Yes."  I can tell she means it and I like that. A f### of a lot."

The anticipation in this book was palpable- I mean the sexual chemistry between them is undeniable, and they haven't even had sex yet! Even though closer to the end she desperately wants to. And by the dang description- I was thinking- man, this book is gonna be sex, sex, sex- no emotions, no plot development. Boy was I dead wrong, and I loved that about it.

I also really liked the secondary characters- Colton's brothers, and his assistant Marta. I am looking forward to seeing more of them as well, maybe get their background

 Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break.

She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading.
Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras


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