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Blog Tour: Playing it Safe by Barbie Bohrman

Julia Boyd has dated more than her share of jerks, and she’s done even pretending to like them. Putting her dating life on hold and focusing on her event planning career is a much safer bet for the blue-eyed blonde…until she meets her newest client.
Organizing the opening for an art gallery should be a breeze for Julia, but gallery owner Alex Holt is becoming very distracting. Tall and muscular with enough charisma and sexy dimples to make Julia swoon, Alex could be the perfect man. The two of them click immediately, creating enough witty banter to ignite sparks.

But just before flames of passion can erupt with Alex, Julia begins planning an engagement party…and learns the groom is Aiden, the man who broke her heart years ago. When Aiden admits that he still has feelings for Julia, everything changes. Should she seek shelter in the familiarity of the past, or should she risk everything on a brand-new love?

4 Star Review by Jen Skewes

We first met Alex and Julia in Promise Me by Barbie Bohrman.  Alex was Sabrina’s boss and Julia her best friend.  While Alex had a thing for Sabrina in that book I knew in the end that there was a little bit of chemistry between Julian and Alex.  And boy was I right.

Julia is funny, sarcastic, loud and says what comes to her mind.  At times having no filter at all.  Her and Alex have been friends for a few years and all though they are just friends I think the flirting between the two of them proves how much chemistry these two have.  Julia is certainly attracted to Alex, honestly how can you not be.  But she has been scorned before and is afraid to take their friendship to the next level for a whole list of reasons.  One being that he had a thing for her best friend.  But truthfully they are all just excuses that she uses to hide behind her fear of falling for a man again.  She has sworn off men after her last boyfriend hurt her and the string of men she has been dating recently are nothing to brag about.  But Alex is on a whole different level than the men that she has been with.  She wants him, but she can’t be with him.  She is attracted to him but they can only be friends.  She is basically trying to play it safe when it comes to him.

Alex is sweet, sexy, adorable at times, patient and at times a complete alpha male.  I loved him.  He knew how he felt about Julia but he also knew that there was something holding her back.  He wanted more than a friendship and in time he would convince her that they were so good together.  I loved how sweet he was with her and how patient he was.  But I also loved some of the moments when he turned alpha male.  Julia may fight her feelings for Alex but at some point she listens to her body and gives in.  But the fears and insecurities are still there.  Past relationships threaten what they have built.  And that one little word that can cause so many issues in a relationship, trust.  Will Julian and Alex let the past get in the way of what they have?

This book will make you laugh, smile, swoon and at times a little frustrated.  I love Julia and her attitude.  I also really enjoyed the way this story was told, with Julia going off on a tangent every so often which just made her that much more relatable as well as loveable.    Julia and Alex were hot together and you felt the chemistry between them.  I loved the supporting characters such as Darren, Julia’s brother and Lissette, her assistant.  And I just loved that we got still see the friendship between her and Sabrina.   Julia and Alex’s story was sexy and sweet with a little bit of drama.  Oh and I almost forgot to mention Josie, Alex’s adorable and funny niece who I loved.  I think she brought so much to this story and Alex and Julia’s relationship. Playing it Safe was a great story with an epilogue that will make you smile. 

Lisette’s eyes dart to my hand as it’s flexing and tightening itself, before raising an eyebrow in defiance. “Don’t give me that look, Julia. You’ve just had a run of bad luck in the man department. Everybody goes through those once in their life before meeting their Prince Charming. But you need to actually get your ass out there to meet him and not lock yourself up in your house all weekend, doing God knows what.” She immediately crosses herself, as if what she just said implies that I’m skinning cats or some crazy shit like that, and that the power of prayer is going to absolve me somehow.
I clench my fist around the stress ball and roll my neck around like a prize fighter getting ready to do battle before I hear it crack. “First of all, I’ve been busy redecorating Sabrina’s old room.” This is such bullshit, although I have given it quite a lot of thought while watching an exorbitant amount of television. I can’t help it if I have to catch up on Jax Teller, but she doesn’t need to know this. “Secondly, do I need to remind you of the long list of losers that I’ve had the pleasure of dating over the last year?”
“It wasn’t that bad,” she says, dismissing me quickly, even though she damn well knows it totally was.
I chuck the stress ball onto my desk, and it lands smack-dab on my keyboard. A distressing amount of beeps sound off in the background while I stand up and plant my hands on my desk, ready to remind her of just how bad it really was.
“First, there was Jack, who told me he was into ‘alternative films,’ which really meant he liked to watch porn all day. Then there was Dave, who apparently thought I looked so much like his beloved ex-girlfriend that when we finally had sex he shouted her name when he came. Then there’s Ryan, who told me on our very first date that he didn’t have a bank account, had never filed taxes, and had worked on a drug farm. Let’s see, oh! Then there’s Vincent, who—”
“¡Por favor! Stop, I get it. You’ve had some bad luck.”
“Bad luck?” I say with a mocking laugh. “Bad luck is more like not winning the pick six by one number. Or when you get a flat tire. Or getting your period while you’re at the beach. This is so much worse than bad luck. This is just . . . Jesus , I don’t even know what you call this, but I sure as shit can tell you it’s not just bad luck!”
Lisette is trying to stifle her giggle fit by covering her plump, red -coated lips with her hand and looking everywhere but at me. Between her sputtering laughter, I sit down again and calmly pluck the stress ball off the keyboard and being to massage it, hoping that it will help me center my chi, or whatever you call that nonsense. After about ten seconds of squeezing it to death, I give up and throw it back onto my desk, where it lands with a loud thud, barely missing my coffee cup.
“You need to work on your aim,” Lisette says while still snickering.
“I need to work on a lot of things,” I mutter under my breath.

Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL and ultimately moved to the Garden State where she currently resides with her husband and two children. Life, and all that comes along with it and having long since given up on her dream of pursuing anything in the writing world, a prologue contest in a book club garnered her interest enough to throw her hat in the ring to see what, if anything, would come from it. From that contest came the roots of her debut novel, Promise Me. When she is not writing you can find her trying to get through the 1000+ books on her Kindle, or watching Lost or Seinfeld.
Twitter:   @barbie_bohrman
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Tumblr:  bbohrman1

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